HiCaliber May Be Blackmailing Officers at Animal Services and Humane Society and SPCA.

Below is an email sent to San Diego County Animal Services asking Officer Laurie Joniaux (laurie.joniaux@sdcounty.ca.gov) to answer this simple but important question: Is it legal to shoot healthy horses in the head with a 22 to avoid feeding them? This question has now been asked numerous time but San Diego County Animal Services employees have so far ignored the requests. We are beginning to think that HiCaliber Horse Rescue staff and employees are blackmailing the people responsible for enforcing CA cruelty laws. Why else would they be protecting the HiCaliber Horse Rescue animal abusers? Here is the text of out most recent request. Following the email you will find a small portion of the proof we have proving HiCaliber’s animal abuse. Please note that Michelle Knuttila below is the founder of HiCaliber Horse Rescue. She personally shoots rescue horses so she doesn’t have to spend the money that was donated as feed expenses for a particular horse.
Hi Laurie,
Maybe you can help me. A while back we inquired to Jennifer Hill (jennifer.hill@SDCounty.CA.gov) via emails that I asked to remain confidential. We are concerned about what we consider acts of animal cruelty taking place at HiCaliber Horse Rescue in Valley Center. We have read the CA cruelty statutes as well as the CA Dept. of AG guidelines for shooting livestock including horses. What we came away with from those laws and guidelines is that horses can be shoot only in emergency situations and then only if the horse is suffering from a SEVERE injury or a SEVERE illness. Shooting health horses for no reason other than you don’t want to feed them is a crime. If the malicious (somewhat redundant because the legal definition of malicious is intentional) and intentional killing of a horse involves the use of a gun the crime is a felony.
Even if the acts of shooting a healthy horse in the head with a 22 could somehow be construed as legal the fraud related to the fund-raising stating that the public is donating excess money for vet care, combined with the fake vet reports that look like they were filled out by a 3rd grader would make the acts malicious.
When I reached out to Jennifer Hill, in emails that I requested to be confidential, I was surprised to get the following threatening sarcastic email from HiCaliber CEO Romney Snyder. (See Below) It appears that even though I asked her to keep my correspondence confidential (we shouldn’t have to ask) Jennifer Hill shared my complaint and personal information with the very people I was complaining about.
I also asked her to tell me in her opinion if it was legal to shoot a healthy horse, in a non-emergency situation and I have yet to receive an answer. Several requests for her opinion later and still no answer to a simple question.
Please note in the threatening email from Romney Snyder that she claims it was Deputy Director Lieutenant Dan DeSousa who told HiCaliber that it is legal to shoot a healthy horse. I was really surprised by that revelation. We think the law is pretty clear and states that it is a crime. I reached out to Mr. DeSousa to get verification from him. I was sure he would come back and tell me that he had never said that it was legal to shoot a healthy animal. Unfortunately, after several attempts I still have no response from Mr. DeSousa (dan.desousa@sdcounty.ca.gov) on what should be a pretty simple answer.
There is so much fraud going on a HiCaliber Horse Rescue that we are preparing the hundreds of documents we need to file with our complaint. Their involvement in the illegal slaughter trade. Their fact that they import horses into Nevada with no paperwork. They are very good with social media which has been a curse to the horses they are needlessly killing and the general public that is getting fleeced my them every week. Below you can read the text of the email Jennifer Hill caused to be sent to us. There you can see the grandiose plans of HiCaliber where Romney insists that they could kill 5600 horses(and dogs) and I guess because they say Dan DeSousa told them it was OK and it would all be legal.
We hope Dan denies making the above statement to HiCaliber. We are living in tough times and when the wackos who have guns and pets hear that it is legal, they will certainly start killing their pets and who know what else will get caught in the crossfire. Please answer the question that Mr. DeSousa and Ms. Hill should have answered several emails ago. Is it legal to shoot a healthy horse in the head with a 22 in a non-emergency, non-life-threatening situation? Please keep this correspondence confidential.
Arrogant, threatening, email from HiCaliber CEO Romney Snyder to us. Reading between the lines it seems as though they have actually given thought to shooting thousands of horses and dogs.
Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 6:07 PM
From: “HiCaliber Horse Rescue” <hicaliberhorses@yahoo.com>
To: davidmeisner@mail.com
Subject: Poor, poor, Max

“Hi Dave! (Cool fact: we know another horseman named Dave Meisner. What are the chances, huh?! The Dave we know doesn’t even have an email yet, so you’re super lucky you snagged the account first! )

Did you forget Michelle used to work for County Animal Services? If you’re going to troll, do your homework.

We’re actually here with Lt. Dan DeSousa of County Animal Services at an ASPCA conference. According to him, it’s legal to shoot your horse ( or dog if you want to! ) so long as you do it humanely. I’m sure Officer Hill told you that though.

I’m flattered that you think it’s me who does the attacking. You should know, it’s actually our six firms legal team.

If you need any pointers (no pun intended) on Max, just let us know. Lucky number #57!  😉

Love, Romney

PS- You should know your numbers are a tad inaccurate… Nonetheless, even if we shot 5,600 horses a year, it’s still legal. Boom.”

Thank you,
Rod Marcus