Fake Story Idea For HiCaliber Horse Rescue Facebook Page.

Once upon a time there was a female narcissist who exhibited sociopathic tendencies and was diagnosed with Histrionic Personality Disorder. She was mentally and physically damaged by her drug addicted mother and for periods of time lived homeless in a car moving from one roach infested apartment to another. The physical and mental damage suffered at the hands of her mother created a psyche absent of emotional connection to people and animals. There also became a disconnect with truthfulness. All of this physical and mental damage plays an important role in how her life unfolds.

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She writes that she started her career in law enforcement at the age of 17, maybe 18. A few years afterwards, she was hired as an Animal Control Officer. Unfortunately for her, she writes that she was not well liked by her peers. That caused her to get many bad work evaluations from her superiors. Fearing being fired, she faked a slip and fall accident and claimed a brain injury which was later disproved by Doctors. She did manage to get disability from her job, but only because her bosses didn’t want her back. One thing that she was able to take away from her experience as an ACO was the ability to kill helpless animals and feel no remorse. Thousands of animals perished at her hands. She will later be able to use her ability to feel nothing when killing a helpless animal to start a con fleecing the public out of millions of dollars claiming to be an animal rescue, when in fact she had become nothing more than a horse dealer/broker.

The Histrionic Personality Disorder makes it very easy for our protagonist to turn on the water-works to make people think she really cares. This is important to keeping the con going. At one time our girl was so destitute that she had to place craigslist ads to get people to buy her hay so she could feed her horses. A rescue in Nevada was assisting her by giving her hauling and training jobs. Then she found out that that rescue had very sick horses who’s condition had deteriorated badly. She used that information to ambush that rescue and accused them of animal abuse and neglect (starving horses). They were ultimately able to show that the horses were sick, but their reputations and lives were ruined. This immoral, unjustified attack put our girl on the map. She went from being destitute to living in a multi-million dollar facility.

She teamed with a social media expert and devised a plan. They created a business model which is putting tens of thousands of dollars in their pockets every month. It works like this.
Identify horses at auction that they contend are in jeopardy of going to slaughter in Mexico. Run live feeds from the auction pleading with their followers to send them money. Not just enough money to buy the horses, but at least $650 more so they can take care of the horses for at least two months and provide vet and farrier services.

They then take the horses to their ranch, or to secret facilities, where they are shot in the head if the prospects of adoption or sale are not so good, or they are secretly sold to their friend the kill buyer criminal where they are hauled to slaughter. They have evolved into a reality-show-like rescue if thats what rescue is really about. They breed horses, train horses, trade horses with kill buyers, board horses  and supposedly rescue horses. One thing is for sure, they kill and disappear more horses than any rescue in America.

Come to think of it… maybe this is not such a fake story.