Enforcing California Ban On Horse Slaughter!

In 1998 California voters chose to pass a law banning ALL horse slaughter related activities in THEIR State including buying, selling, trading, transporting horses for or to slaughter. Unfortunately, their has been a willful disregard for the law by people participating in the slaughter industry and by the agencies charged with enforcing the law.

Some of the worst offenders are the new breed of for profit horse rescues that prey on the generosity of the public and the misfortune of horses to make their living. They do this by going to livestock sales and telling the public that their are horses in jeopard of going to slaughter if they don’t cough up enough money to rescue them.

The donation funded rescues work very closely with the sale yard owners and with people they identify as kill buyers. They won’t buy a horse, however, unless their followers give them $1200 to $2000 per horse so they can rescue responsibly. The horses usually cost less than $200. The excess is to pay for vet care, Farrier services and feed for at least two months.

The saddest part is the evil rescues take the horses to their facilities or to some secret facility where no one can visit and they just disappear. We fear that many of the horses that have disappeared have been funneled back into the slaughter pipeline that the so called rescue just rescued them from. We will get to the bottom of this but we also think it is time to get the 1998 ban on horse slaughter activity enforced in CA.