HiCaliber Will Continue To Abuse Animals If We Can’t Stop Bickering Among Ourselves.

We will go out on a limb and declare that in our opinion that Michelle Knuttila aka: Michelle Cochran aka: Chevelle Justice aka: Mi Kanichewa (or however she spells it), and who knows how many others names she goes by, is a sociopath. We know that she has been diagnosed with Histrionic Personality Disorder which has no cure. Sociopathy is a short step away from Histrionic Personality Disorder and for many years now, Michelle has demonstrated most of the characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath.

Michelle has related publicly about her up-bringing of living in a car with her drug addicted mother and also being moved from one roach infested apartment to another by Mom. Who knows if its true or not, but one of the hallmarks of both conditions listed above is lying. Reading Michelle’s writing for just a few days or a week will reveal a lot about her and her pathological lying with no efforts to be truthful regarding many things.

This is just a taste of Michelle’s cons. We will state, unequivocally, that the traumatic brain injury that she claimed to have from a contrived slip and fall accident while on the job as an ACO, and continues to garner so much sympathy for, NEVER HAPPENED. She used her fake brain injury to justify why she wouldn’t set a good example and wear a riding helmet when she rode the untested horses she “rescues”. She had this supposed serious head injury but was willing to risk further injuring her head by not wearing a helmet. She claimed that wearing a helmet when she rode made her dizzy because of her “vestibular (big words impress villagers) condition”. Funny thing though, when she kept getting negative feed back from villagers claiming she was setting the wrong example for the many novice/children viewers, she started wearing a helmet.
Now Michelle miraculously didn’t/doesn’t get dizzy anymore from her “vestibular condition”. Maybe she is attributing her dizziness to a condition she may have read about when the real reason she is dizzy is because of all the “Fireball” she drinks. Just saying.

Let’s face it friends, she wouldn’t wear a helmet because it messed her hair up. This unattractive, extremely overweight narcissist (see all the Internet photos with her peering over a horses neck showing just her eyes) was only concerned about getting helmet-hair. The salon visits for hair and nails, the eyelashes, the lip injections, the eyebrows, the dental work, the tattoos says it all. Like putting lipstick on a pig. Instead of going on a diet, she drinks herself silly every day to avoid thinking about her looks. And when people call her out for her behavior, she gets mad and shoots more horses to relieve her misplaced anger.

We see everywhere on the Internet people with good intentions claiming that they want to stop Michelle and HC because of whats happening to the horses. But then they back peddle stating that they will be satisfied if Michelle goes back to being a “good rescue”.
As Michelle and other people in on the cons have always been chronic liars and their rescue has always lacked “true” transparency, they were NEVER a good rescue and that is factually provable. As we have proven here, they actually put their “con rescue” on the map by lying and misrepresenting the facts surrounding their unjust attack of the “Starlight Sanctuary-Hospice”.

There is no cure for sociopathy. Expecting Michelle and her co-cons to behave responsibly is like expecting the current members of the United States Congress to start behaving responsibly. It’s not going to happen. We need to throw them all out on their heads, (except for Michelle, because she will claim another chronic head injury and just use it to start another con).

We are hard at work filing our complaints, but wanted to reach out to the various groups of people who are expressing their displeasure with HC. We and most of you are unhappy with HC because of all the unjustly murdered horses and all the disappeared horses. If you REALLY care about the horses, PLEASE put your differences aside so that we can try to save some of the horses at risk and get justice for the murdered and disappeared horses that HC wants you to forget ever existed after they made a lot of money off their plight. Please.

HiCaliber has Ingrid Heather Abrash on their board. She is using her position with Homeland Security to personally interfere with criminal complaints that we have filed against HC. She is breaking so many laws and violating so many of the Federal Codes of Conduct that it has become necessary to file complaints specifically against her. She is emotionally unstable, constantly discusses drinking, organized the LA Fireball Friday, talks about or displays her breasts every chance she gets, and reassures HC villagers that all is well because she was willing to break the law and state that as a lawyer she asked ALL the necessary questions and checked HC out by doing ALL required due diligence before she joined their board.

Truth is Michelle saw her coming from miles away and Ingrid uses her position with ICE/DHS to fend off any investigations into their criminal behavior. Ingrid’s interference in HC’s criminal investigations is the main reason it has taken so long to bring them to task. We were told recently, and we frankly believe, that Ingrid Abrash has stated to some HC villagers that she is going to use her ICE/DHS resources to go after some of HC’s Haters. She could go to jail if she does this, but it doesn’t seem to be a concern to this lawyer because she believes “Michelle saved my life”..

There is one more thing that we can hopefully get across to those of you that care about the horses at HC. There seems to be concern, among many of the people who care about the horses, that when HiCaliber is shut down the horses at their facility will be at greater risk. Not sure how being in the custody of a sociopath that might shoot them on a whim could be in any more jeopardy than they are today. But just to reassure those concerned about where the horses will go, we have been reaching out to horse rescues, horse sanctuaries and horse hospices that actually care for the horses they acquire. There will be homes for ALL the HC horses and you need not worry one more second about that.

Please, let’s help each other get them shut down. Let’s stop distracting from our goal of helping the horses by attacking one another. If it’s credit you want, just let us know. We don’t care about credit for anything, we just want to stop HC from murdering and disappearing horses.

Thank you.


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