Taking Down HiCaliber or Protecting Your Friends.

We have been involved in this effort to protect the horses from abuse and neglect at HiCaliber. We have always been involved in this effort because we want HiCaliber to stop the useless murder of horses that they supposedly rescued. We have known for years that Michelle and Romney demonstrate the attributes of sociopaths. By operating on social media where they totally control the dialog they have been able to con their way into a $2,000,000 facility, get gifted new trucks, cars and horse trailers, have unfettered access to the donation money that they illegally use for their personal purchases and all on the backs of horses, they claim to rescue, that they shoot and disappear.

We have been at this for years. So when we see others who claim to be HiCaliber detractors more interested in protecting their friends from being included in complaints and possibly prosecuted for their participation in HiCaliber fraud, tax fraud, animal abuse, animal neglect, misuse of funds, interference in criminal investigations we question whether they are really in this fight for the horses.

There is a group that professes to be trying to stop HiCaliber but they refuse to join forces with other camps because they want to protect their friends. Friends, by the way, that are complicit in many of the HiCaliber crimes. Friends that left HiCaliber because of the crimes being committed there. The same friends that could have helped stop HiCaliber from killing and disappearing horses but were more concerned with their own necks.

Well, we have named ALL of the past leaders and Board Members in our complaints. We think that law enforcement should be the people to sort out whether someone is involved or not. Besides, the only argument that HiCaliber leaders, officers and Board members can really claim is ignorance. If crimes were being committed on their watch, we hate to say but, they are as guilty as Michelle and Romney. There is a past board member who actually held proof of Michelle’s and Romney’s crimes since 2014. How many horses could he have saved if he had only stepped forward in 2014?

So here is the question for today. When hundreds of horses have been murdered, sold to slaughter and otherwise disappeared, should we worry about protecting our friends in our efforts to save the horses?

One camp goes so far as to undermine our efforts by distracting, bullying our members, name calling and phishing. Certainly not the people I would chose to look out for the wellbeing of any animal not to mention the horses Michelle Knuttila murders every week for no reason, other than her personal greed.

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