HiCaliber is spiraling down! What faux rescue should we take a good look at next?

HiCaliber horse rescue is on the verge of being closed due to the many crimes they are committing. The complaints have been sent and the investigations have begun.

We wanted to reach out to the public to get their thoughts regarding many of the other animal rescues that are emulating HiCaliber or possibly that HiCaliber emulated. We have a short list of our own, that we developed while looking at HiCaliber’s crimes, but we know there are more out there.

You see, the people who are supposed to protect the animals in San Diego County have friends in the rescue world. It appears that if you are a friend of San Diego Humane and SPCA and San Diego County Animal Services you will get a pass for any animal abuse you commit.

Because we care about the animals and always will, we think people that abuse or neglect animals, especially those that they committed fraud to obtain, should be in jail.

As HiCaliber continues to spiral down, it is sad to see the deteriorating condition of many horses that they claim to be caring for. Our hearts break when we think of all the horses Michelle Knuttila and Romney Snyder, alone with their band of thieves, will kill and disappear while State and Federal agencies complete very involved investigations. To be clear, if you were ever a Board Member of HiCaliber, a key volunteer, or a part of the elaborate HiCaliber propaganda machine, you have been named in complaints. In our opinion, it would be in your best interest at this time, to reach out to authorities and cooperate with their investigations.

If you have information that will help expose Michelle and Romney but are afraid of retaliation from HiCaliber, you can reach out to us at rodmarcus@journalist.com. We will be happy to pass your information to the appropriate authorities and put in a good word with the investigators on your behalf.

Please let us know if you think a particular rescue needs to be looked at. In the meantime, we thought you would be interested in the following. The first thing you will see is a screen grab of a statement posted by Rene stating that the State Vet was at their facility and they were in complete compliance and there were no violations. For the longest time we had difficulty comprehending how the people at HiCaliber could constantly lie. We now understand; the leaders are sociopaths and pathological liars. They lie about everything because that is what sociopaths do. So below you will see Rene’s statement followed by TODAY’S email from the legal department at California’s Department of Food and Agriculture.

Rene wrote:

HiClaiber Post About State Vet

CDFA Wrote:
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 4:58 PM
To: “Rod Marcus” <rodmarcus@journalist.com>
Subject: PID 8904: RE: Investigations of HiCaliber Horse Rescue
Hello, Mr. Marcus,

The investigation is still ongoing.


Legal Assistant
California Department of Food and Agriculture
Legal Office
1220 N Street, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95814

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