HiCaliber: Why They Will/Can Never Change and Fly Right! Trying To Connect the Dots!

For the record, HiCaliber has been on our radar for years. They have always been an organization built on fraud, supported with constant lies and misrepresentations. We have been filing complaints in order to get the government to stop them from killing horses. Many others have come to recognize the evil patterns of behavior at HiCaliber but interestingly, many of the new detractors think they were once a good rescue and seem to indicate that they will, with their pressure, somehow make them straighten-out and behave like the “good rescue” they once were.

We are here to assure you that they will not fly right because they cannot fly right. We are here to tell you that the principle participants at HiCaliber are mentally ill and the types of mental illness they have been diagnosed with and / or we believe they are afflicted with, are for all intents incurable.
Michelle Knuttila and Romney Snyder are, in our opinion, sociopaths. We believe there is ample proof that they are sociopaths seen in their actions and their writings. If we are correct, they are suffering from an incurable mental illness.
Expecting them to get better is not realistic and continues to put horses at risk. If egos and distractions were set aside, we could have saved a lot of horses already. So, we forge ahead with our complaints and without others working with us some even working against us. As a result bringing down HiCaliber will, unfortunately, take longer and more horses will suffer.
So, while we had a few moments, we wanted to discuss the characteristics, treatment and behavior of sociopaths. We thought it apropos to relate the crimes of a sociopath that we are pretty familiar with. The person committing the crimes was given a pass over and over again because she was a married woman with six children to take care of. People that she stole from had many reasons for not pressing charges against her and we think there are many parallels with her behavior and with HiCaliber’s ongoing cons. Many HC “marks” wish they would straighten out. For the sake of the horses please study sociopathy and you will see that there is no cure.
Our example sociopath case involves a woman whose name is Renee Hammond. She was a married woman with six children. The marriage and the children were given as excuses for why several of her victims never pressed charges. Similar motives are causing HiCaliber detractors from supporting our efforts to stop HC, even going so far as to undermine our efforts. So let us discuss Renee’s crimes after which we will show you why Michelle Knuttila and Romney Snyder are incapable of changing.
The crimes we are detailing below occurred while Renee was in her thirties. Her mother had a bookkeeping business which Renee used to create credibility with her “marks”. This is similar to Michelle using her former career as an Animal Control Officer to create credibility with her villagers, most of whom know little to nothing about horses and/or running an animal rescue.
1. Renee H. is a sociopath. She has no emotional connection to the people she steals from, which has included her own children. One of her daughters was a middle school cheerleader. Her squad wanted to attend a cheerleader camp in Northern California. They ran car washes and other fund-raisers to pay for the trip. A meeting of the parents was called to collect the monies that had been raised. A couple of parents asked “Who do we give the money to?” Renee stepped up and told the other parents about her bookkeeping background and offered to take the funds, open a bank account to deposit them, and provide an accounting for free. The parents were happy to have an experienced person handle the finances. Unfortunately, they had never dealt with a sociopath. Mrs. H. disappeared with all their money. The parents forked over the cash to replace the stolen money and we are told that her daughter was too embarrassed to continue to participate. Maybe the parents were too embarrassed, or maybe they didn’t want bad publicity associated with their kids and the school, but for whatever reasons, they never went to the authorities.
2. The above con worked so well for Mrs. H that she was happy to handle the money for her son’s Little League team. They raised money by selling candy and having car washes. Mrs. H presented herself as a bookkeeper and offered to handle the groups accounting issues. In this case, she not only stole the money from her son’s Little League team, but she also managed to steal all of the unsold candy. The same reasons, for not going to the authorities, were given by this group as were given by the above group. In this case HC might be a little different. Many of the people that have become disillusioned with HC were directly involved in promoting their cons and/or were Board Members or friends of Board Members that might, maybe should, be held as responsible for the fraud and the animal abuse as Michelle and Romney.
3. Mrs. H got pretty creative with her next con. She took some money, that more than likely she had stolen, and purchased a complete set of high end cookware. This was cookware that was normally sold at house parties. For the next month, she held house parties and from accounts given by people who attended the parties, she sold $20k worth of cookware because she was a very convincing liar. The problem was that she was never a rep for the company. This occurred in Oct. and Nov. and people who bought cookware were buying it as Christmas presents. When no cookware was forthcoming, one neighbor threatened to file charges, so she gave him his money back. She was able to play the con out long enough for her and her family to move and nobody else got cookware or their money back. This was a pretty creative con. It reminds us of some of HiCaliber’s creative cons such as the “Turn The Truck Around”, “The OTTB20” and the “LA 57”.
4. Mrs. H took a job at Payless Shoes. After several weeks, Mrs. Harmon was fired by the store manager for stealing money. It was reported that the amount the manager claimed she stole was about $900. The management at Payless shoes felt it more costly to have their lawyers get involved trying to prosecute Mrs. H. They were satisfied that she was no longer employed by them. Michelle uses her past life as an ACO to justify a lot of her criminal behavior. She mostly deals with people who know little about rescue or horses, so it is pretty easy for Michelle to convince people that her actions are justified. The problem is that she was a terrible ACO. Her work evaluations were mostly very negative. We believe she was on the verge of getting fired. That is why she choreographed a “slip and fall accident” and faked the brain injury that she used to go on disability. SDCAS knew she didn’t have a head injury, and just like Payless Shoes was happy to see Mrs. H. go away, SDCAS was just as happy to get rid of Michelle.
5. Next, Mrs. H went to work for one of her communities more established Insurance Agencies. The owner, a very nice man, had a rather severe disability caused by a battle with polio as a child. He never married and relied heavily on his mother as a support system. A month before Mrs. H went to work at the Insurance Agency, the owner’s mother died. He was emotionally damaged. Enter Mrs. H. We believe the timing of Mrs. H’s hiring was no coincidence. We believe that as a sociopath she was always looking for opportunities to run a con. It appears as though Mrs. H. started stealing money as soon as she started working. Over the next three months she enlisted the help of another Agency employee and between the two of them they were able to steal tens of thousands of dollars. One day an insured came in to report a claim. It turns out that his insurance was not in force. Mrs. H. had pocketed his premium. He went to the State Division of Insurance and filed a complaint. The State did a 3 month investigation and concluded that the missing money was taken by the owner. So much money was missing from his trust account that he was constantly having to put his own earned money into the trust account to cover discrepancies. Once, he paid his personal mortgage payment from the trust account. He replaced the money, but because of that violation he lost his license and his book of business was taken over by the State. Mrs. H., the sociopath was so helpful, personable and conniving, she was able to deflect her crimes onto the distraught owner.
This villagers, is a trait that all sociopaths have. They have the ability to be VERY personable in person. This is part of the reason they are able to con investigators into looking the other way and even excusing their crimes. It was no coincidence that Mrs. H. went to work for the Insurance Agency at a time when the agency was in disarray. Sociopaths are always looking for an opportunity to run a con. When HiCaliber started rescuing in Louisiana it wasn’t because people with horses, in Louisiana, materialize one day. They saw that they could use the OTTB20 to con donation money away from donor “marks”. It’s just that simple. Michelle and Romney keep their ears and eyes open and are constantly looking for and creating opportunities to con. Anyone familiar with animal rescue knew the Louisiana OTTB20 was not normal and was likely the con it turned out to be. As we now can see the cons get bigger and bigger.
6. Mrs. H. showed up at her community’s premier accounting firm. Coincidentally, this was several weeks after it became known that one of the two CPS partners contracted Lyme disease. But this was no coincidence. Mrs. H. showed up when she did because she heard that the partner who was not sick, was struggling to run the business. With all of her accounting and bookkeeping background, Mrs. H. seemed like a perfect fit. She kept volunteering to take on more responsibilities and when she developed the trust of the working partner she started stealing. She hit the firm for over $70k in just over thirty days. The firm chose not to have her arrested because they were not sure how it would play with their clients if they announced that they allowed a new employee to steal their money.
7. Mrs. H. agreed to keep the books for a man that owned several apartment buildings. All of the utilities were in the building owners name because most of the renters were undocumented. After she had earned his trust, the building owner took his wife on an extended two month world trip to make up for the honeymoon they never had. The building owner was scheduled to return but decided at the last minute to stop in Vegas and see a couple shows before returning. The primary trip was prepaid. The added trip to Vegas had to be paid for at the time. When they tried to pay with a credit card the card was overdrawn. Turns out all of their cards were maxed out. Mrs. H. had gotten replacement cards for all of the building owner’s cards. She applied for additional cards. She maxed out the replacement cards and all of the new cards. She pocketed the cash utility payments and cash rent payments totaling tens of thousands of dollars. She did not pay the utility bills so power, gas and water were turned off to all of the apartments. Renters complained to authorities and Mrs. H. told the authorities that the owner was traveling around the world and spent the money that was supposed to pay the utilities and mortgage payments. So to add insult to injury, when the building owner was able to get home, he had a message to contact the police. He contacted the police who arrested him for not paying the utility bills for his apartment buildings. He later discovered that Mrs. H had disposed of 8 file cabinets of records, making it impossible for him to reconstruct what she did. Mrs. H. disappeared. And a broke building owner paid a heavy price for Mrs. H’s crimes.
Before Michelle actually founded HC, she filed sexual harassment claims against two men in two different situations. So, if the HC villagers will open their eyes and brains for a minute, explain to us if you believe any man would sexually harass Michelle. Let us remind you that Michelle is very unattractive. Remember that you have paid for her hair, nails, teeth, lips, eyebrows, sunglasses, Fireball, vehicles, etc. and in our opinion you have paid to put lipstick on a pig. Nothing would make her attractive in our opinion. And just for the record villagers, all of the money she spends on herself, while at the same time shooting horses so she doesn’t have to feed them, could have actually saved some horses. Remember also that Michelle regularly talks about sex, is sexually explicit or attacks people with words that have a sexual connotation. What we all know from watching Michelle’s sexual antics is that if anything she sexually harassed the men she accused of sexually harassing her. It would be reasonable for anyone, even a villager, to assume that Michelle was willing to destroy the careers of two men by making up sexual harassment accusations. This is exactly the type of behavior sociopaths exhibit. We believe there is plenty of evidence that Michelle is a sociopath. Those detractors that want Michelle to straighten up and run her rescue properly are living in a fantasy world. She has been exhibiting sociopathic behavior for decades and sociopaths cannot be cured.
8. Eventually, Mrs. H ripped off the wrong person. Working as a bookkeeper she embezzled $12k from a company that fulfilled Internet orders. That owner had her arrested and didn’t care that she had 6 kids. Finally! She was convicted, sentenced to 6 months in jail, 3 years probation and had to pay $12 thousand dollars in restitution. We haven’t heard about Mrs. H. for a while now. Being that she is a sociopath, we are pretty sure she is stealing from someone as we write this post. Sociopaths cannot be cured.
Here is a little side note about Mrs. H. A young woman stopped-in at the accounting firm mentioned above. She was a cousin of Mrs. H. and wanted to express her compassion and apologize on behalf of what her relative had done. She told them what a wonderful person Mr. H was and that he had no idea what crimes his wife was committing. She told them that she had helped Mr. and Mrs. H move the previous weekend but was asked to not disclose where they moved to. She mentioned how difficult it was to move the stuff in their garage because it was full of Napa auto parts that were still in the boxes. She wasn’t sure why they had so many auto parts especially when they weren’t parts for their vehicles. She sounds like a HC villager. We know that Mr. H worked at a Napa Auto Parts store. So even though people thought he was a great guy and Mrs. H was the criminal, it appears that Mr. H was just as big a crook as his wife.
While the reason Mr. and Mrs. H were moving might have had something to do with her crimes and moving to somewhere she was not known, it was disclosed that they were being evicted from the house they were renting from a local Sheriff because they had not paid rent for over 6 months. Because of the kids the landlord kept delaying the eviction.
So what is the point of all this? The point is to keep writing about HC in different ways to try to help people who are having a difficult time connecting HC with the various crimes they commit so freely and so regularly. We are just trying to connect the dots for those who are willing or able to see past the sociopathy clouding the issue of their crimes.
First, sociopaths will always be sociopaths and there is no cure for their sociopathy. Con women are sociopaths. They not only are incurable but they are always on the make to create their next con. Mrs. H is no different than Michelle and it turns out Mr. H is no different than Romney. Michelle and Romney are both involved in the HC crimes and use each other to deflect from their involvement and to deny knowledge of any wrong doing.
We are not psychiatrists, so it is more appropriate to say we believe Michelle and Romney are sociopaths. If we are correct, they have mental illnesses for which there is no cure. Like the H.’s, Michelle and Romney is a team. They have been committing crimes individually for many years and they teamed up to take their lies, misrepresentations, abuse, fraud and their con to the next level. They have never been honest and therefore HC has never been a good rescue. People expecting them to get better and start acting like “the good rescue they used to be” are either ill informed and/or naïve or even worse, they are looking to protect their friends who have been complicit in past and present HC crimes.
We just sent out several very detailed complaints and are looking to see what happens with them. We are now preparing to file the most important complaints. We won’t apologize for including anyone who helped HC commit their crimes. We intend to list everyone that was, or is a leader and/or Board Member. If some of these people had not been jerks to us and also expressed a true concern for the animals that have been killed, abused and disappeared on their watch, we probably would have not included them. But we didn’t get that response from ANY of the former HC leaders and Board Members. As far as we are concerned, they should all go to jail.

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