HiCaliber Horses In Greater Peril Than Ever Before.

As the HiCaliber empire begins to crumble, the safety of the horses in their care becomes more and more perilous. There are increasing signs of neglect and abuse every day. Horses being underfed are losing weight and while this is not always a major concern, at HiCaliber the founder is prone to murder horses that start to look thin.

Recently, Board members, volunteers, vets, villagers, fosters, etc. are jumping ship. Rhiannon Huppert told the story of why she jumped ship, which seemed to set Michelle off, causing  her to retaliate by shooting several horses. Its great that she’s now at odds with HC, but it would have been more helpful if she had jumped ship sooner.

Let’s face it, we have been trying to get government agencies and the public to stop Michelle and Romney from committing fraud, tax fraud, misappropriation of funds, etc. But the real reason we have been at it for so long is the horses. The 100 plus horses that Michelle shot in the face even when individual horses had adopters stepping-up to take and care for them.

Then there are the hundreds of horses that have gone missing. We know from Michelle’s own words that she sent horses, that their villagers paid to rescue from slaughter, back into the slaughter pipeline.

Michelle and Romney are very good at the con game. Michelle has been diagnosed with a mental illness that exacerbates her con woman skills and Romney has no problem lying about anything. And while horses keep getting murdered and disappeared, Michelle and Romney, somehow, ALWAYS end up the victims.

To the villagers that still support them, please evaluate the reasons you have for supporting HC. If you are in it for the weekly, even daily entertainment, then you are contributing to the demise of hundreds of horses.

HiCaliber Horse Rescue has reached an impasse. They are going to be shut down and many of their leaders and supporters are going to go to jail. This includes people who helped them back when they built the empire with lies and misrepresentations. So sorry if some of the earlier supporters get caught up in their criminal investigations, but you were there. You supported them, you lent your names to give them credibility and when you recognized how evil Michelle and Romney are you bailed. Problem is you said nothing. Some of you even helped get complaints against them dismissed. You even berated our efforts to protect the animals at HC from abuse. From our perspective you (and you know who you are) deserve to pay for your part of HC’s crimes.

The horses deserve way better than a bullet in the face. They deserve way better than being traded to a kill buyer and shipped to Mexico. They deserve to be with people who love them. They don’t need perfect. They don’t need level ground or daily grooming. They deserve to be fed and given water. But what they need the most is to be loved by people who respect life above money and fame.

Please help speed up the closing of HC so the horses that find themselves in the perilous environment at HC can get to new homes where they can live happily ever after.

Thank you – CAHS

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