It’s Difficult to Get Off A Moving Train!

We just sent two complaints regarding HiCaliber to Federal Agencies. These complaints were well researched and documented and consisted of over 80 pages of text and documents. These complaints were very time consuming and costly to compile. We are not complaining, mind you, we are just disappointed that our requests for readers to sign on to these complaints are mostly ignored.

Don’t get us wrong, we have 45 people signed on to our complaints, which we are sure is more than other complaints that are being sent to various agencies (we don’t say this to be “competitive”. However, it is a fact that complaints with more complainants carry more clout). With all the people jumping ship these days, we wonder why, if the horses are really important, that we don’t have 450 people trying to stop the horse abuse and neglect, the horse murdering and disappearing at HiCaliber.

We have been at this for nearly a year and we have no intentions of going anywhere until Michelle, Romney, the Hicaliber key personnel and board members, past and present, are held responsible for any crimes they committed or turned a blind eye to. We have been abused over the past year for speaking up.

Many former key personnel and board members who disassociated themselves from the illegal and abusive activities at HC not only refused to speak out against HC, but attacked us for trying to stop their criminal behavior. This behavior prolonged the process and how many more horses have suffered because former HC leaders, volunteers, board members and villagers were more concerned about their own necks than the animals they professed to care so much about.

JOO: People who left HC because of the abuse and crimes being committed there and who said nothing are not animal lovers. And not only are they not animal lovers, they don’t even like animals from our perspective of observing them for several years.

We do know that it is difficult for speak up. Like a moving train, speaking out against HC is like jumping from a moving train. It can be injurious as HC is quite capable and willing to retaliate against detractors.  If you learn to distinguish good people from con artists, you can make the world a better place. As we prepare our next series of complaints you might review the following characteristics of con people so the next time you will not support fraudulent animals abusers like Michelle and Romney.

While Michelle has been diagnosed with a mental illness, we believe that Michelle and Romney demonstrate the characteristics of sociopaths. Con men and women are often described as sociopaths. Take a look at the list of characteristics of con people and see how many apply to Michelle and Romney. Copied from

  1. Fun, charming and entertaining. Super polite when meeting people face to face.
  2. Display impressive knowledge or skill at something – it proves to be limited or fake.
  3. Have primal perception; later, it’s scary, they seem to know our minds like telepathy.
  4. Are easily offended. They fluster and bluster when offended and lash out.
  5. Lie always. About all things – .01% of what they say might be true – like their shoe size.
  6. Believe they’re better than everyone – and hold others in contempt.
  7. Crave a good reputation. Defend their reputation with outrageous lies – see #5.
  8. Crave status & power via possessions & money – yet exist at any level of society.
  9. Have delusions of fame and importance – though they might live in the Metro station.
  10. Mimic our authentic emotions & sincerity – mimic any & all of our positive emotions.
  11. Have no capacity for care, concern or love. They are faking it. They imitate us.
  12. Think of themselves as victims. They can cry fake tears at the drop of a hat.
  13. Are sexually promiscuous and often simultaneously avoid sex with a primary partner.
  14. Do any horrible, illegal or immoral thing they want to do to absolutely anyone.
  15. Think their prey should be grateful.
  16. Take pride in their scams. Run several scams simultaneously. Many women; many men.
  17. Believe everyone deserves what they do to them.
  18. Smear their victims when things end: loudly, publicly, online and in court.
  19. Have outbursts of rage. Can be violent. Talk about killing themselves or dying.
  20. Know they are monsters – and enjoy it.

We cannot find ANY of these characteristics that DON’T apply to Michelle and Romney. Let us know if any of these things don’t apply to Michelle and Romney in your opinion. We can only hope our Blog wakes people up to save the horses. Please.

We still want to see more people sign on to future complaints such as the complaints to the AG alleging major conflicts of interest between HC and San Diego County Animal Services and San Diego Humane and SPCA which led to obstruction of justice. They should have passed the complaints up the ladder declaring their conflicts of interest but instead, they did nothing to protect the animals in HC’s care while stating opinions that they REFUSED to discuss with the complainants.

Let us know if you will sign onto our complaints to show your solidarity with our 45 members to stop HC from abusing, murdering and disappearing horses.

Thank you,




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