Christmas For HiCaliber Leaders? – While Horses Still Facing Doomsday!

We have spent a lot of time this weekend trying to understand the motives behind some of the activity on the Internet. Those behind the activity, including us, claim to be in it to save the horses at HiCaliber from further abuse. While espousing this noble purpose, the actual actions of some are unclear and make it difficult for us to understand what the game plan of others is. With all the talk about how evil HiCaliber, Michelle, Romney, Rene, Ingrid, etc. are, there is very little actually happening to legally stop them from abusing horses.

While stopping horse abuse is our “end game”, it seems as though there is a general disregard for the fund-raising fraud and tax fraud being committed every day at HiCaliber (the collection of donations is what primarily powers HiCaliber). There is a general lack of a call to action by many people writing to expose Michelle and Romney.

Michelle and Romney are con women. They are not going to stop their con games over written words. Even if they went to jail, they would get out and start a new con. We believe all of there crimes are important because the fraud is used to support the con.

We are also disappointed by the constant deflection from the stated goals over to Rick and Laura Bell. They were investigated criminally for 5 1/2 months. They were able to demonstrate to authorities that they had a number of severely/acutely ill horses and also several aged and chronically ill horses in herds and in corrals solo. The horses were being fed, they were being treated by Laura, Rick and their Vet and they never went without water. 23 water troughs the day Michelle trespassed and she makes a big deal about a rubbermaid trough that was used as a feeder because it had no plug in it.

What people keep saying about them starving and abusing horses wasn’t and isn’t true, but no matter what they do, you keep punishing them for taking care of animals that no one else would.

We asked Rick if we could post some of the proof that Michelle lied about nearly everything in her videos and posts and he reluctantly agreed. So below you will see a few of the thousands of reasons why HiCaliber’s “six office legal team” fought so hard to get the Bell’s case dismissed. They knew Michelle couldn’t prove what she said was true, going so far as to say she would be happy to go to Court and restate everything that she said about them.

But first, I wanted to reply to todays post on “Shedrow Confessions”. In reading the post, Ms Confessions talks a lot about Snuggles and the Bell’s. We are not really sure why. Seems to be a distraction from the blog’s stated purpose. We are sure HiCaliber actually gets gleeful when you all divert attention away from them and continue to defame the Bells. Way to go. Ms Confessions also talks about Sue Wallace and we are confused by that nearly four year old stuff. Sue died years ago. Ms. Confessions wrote a couple blog posts after her death but then disappeared for years. Ms Confessions only reappeared in May of this year. Just for the record, we have been at it since 9/16.

Although we were quite confused by todays SC post, we were encouraged by this discussion of Sue Wallace because Ms Confessions reminisces about how four years ago rescues and bloggers worked together with a common goal. We saw this as an olive branch being extended by her to work with us. We hope it is. It would benefit us both and would move the goal of stopping Michelle forward.
We also get pretty regular comments about her writing style. While I kind of enjoy it, it is clear to us that your writing style is not for everyone. Let’s face it, things that Ms Confessions writes in her blog are not always accurate either.  Just look at her accusation that Laura writes our blog. We have stated several times that they are our friends and they contribute. THEY DO NOT WRITE THIS BLOG!

Ms Confessions, you can reach us at

Our strategy has been pretty simple from the beginning. We had to file complaints locally to keep our State and Federal complaints from being kicked back to local Law Enforcement. It’s a process and help would be appreciated even if it is just allowing us to add your name to the complaints. Now we have what we need to file conflict of interest complaints resulting in obstruction of justice against SDCAS and San Diego Humane and SPCA (Just a comment about San Diego Humane and SPCA. They are one of the RICHEST humane organizations in America. They have assets of $65,000,000. They do not need your money. Please find a more deserving organization to donate your money to. Also, HiCaliber board member, Kat Tarnowski is one of their employees and this has become a real conflict of interest).

The next piece of the puzzle is to recognize anyone that might cause complaints against HiCaliber to not be taken seriously. We are working in these areas at this time. Next is filing the complaints about HiCaliber with ALL appropriate Agencies. If any of the people who were “with” Michelle for a while get caught up in her mess now, too bad because they could be culpable in crimes that were/are committed. Most of them are AH and deserve what they get.

It’s no secret that HC is breaking the law. They are breaking many laws. We are filing with the appropriate agencies regarding ALL the laws they are breaking. Again, we are REALLY confused about why the Bells are used to deflect from your purported purposes. We surmise that others might actually be worried that their friends will be caught up in the investigations that arise from our complaints.

Others talk a good game, but have done nothing to actually stop the abuse except expose some truths. Michelle and Romney have total control of what their followers get to see. Negative comments are immediately deleted and the commenter banned. Posts won’t stop them. Posts that expose them AND have a call to action will accomplish something. Sitting back and letting other people do all the hard work, if anything, is making some readers numb to the severity of HiCaliber’s crimes. Read Dr. Julia Shaw’s book “Memory Illusion” to get a feel for how this might occur.

Now back to The Bells. Many of you Bell haters have watched Michelle’s videos. We hope you Bell haters can remember the things Michelle said and wrote. Then maybe you can reconcile you anger for the Bells with the facts. Michelle is a good liar. She is an experienced con woman. You see her faults today but refuse to admit you were conned during her attack of the Bells. That does not speak well for the character of those that still defame them and distract from efforts to stop animal abuse. We blame egos in some and insecurities in others. Sad really.

Comments and transcripts from Michelle and Romney. In the early days, Romney was a spokesperson for Michelle.

  1. “Holy f**in shit… <sigh>Starlight Sanctuary alright… tryin to get the hell in and outta here before she (Laura who was hiding so much that she invited Michelle to her home when she wasn’t there) gets back, but this is the condition (starved) of every f**king animal on this property.”
  2. “There’s not a well fed horse on this property”.
  3. “I was so upset (by the condition of the animals) I threw up in the road.”
  4. “I went to animal services but there was nobody there.”
  5. A couple hours into the 12 hour haul of “Guinness” to California Michelle had a flat tire. Note: the horse that was hauled with “Guinness” had a severe upper respiratory infection with a severely snotty nose. Michelle reached out via PM to Linda Hackney who was in a meeting. Linda responded back and asked how things were going? Michelle replied ‘Everything is fine. We had a flat tire but we will be back on the road shortly.’ NO MENTION OF ANY ISSUES WITH GUINNESS OR STARLIGHT. Michelle hadn’t formulated her attack yet. But several hours into a 12+ hour haul she was prepared to pounce.
  6. “We offered to help but they refused any help from us”.

Now, follow along and you will see that there is a major gap between what Michelle said and what actually happened.

  1. Michelle NEVER contacted Lyon County Animal Services. Laura Bell invited LCAS to Starlight Sanctuary/Hospice Saturday in a voice message 8-17-13 and also another voice message on Sunday 8/18/13 and then she called them back first thing Monday morning 8/19/13 and got AS to her property at 9:00 AM. When asked if anyone else had called in regarding Starlight, the reply was “no”. They viewed and took photos of all of the horses, called Laura’s vet, discussed the illnesses and realized that some of the horses, while sick, were being treated. This angered Michelle so she followed through with her extortion threat and “went public” with a vengeance. She had her goons calling the County officials at two in the morning, every day, to harass them into “doing something”. To protect themselves more than any horse or organization, the county opened a criminal investigation which was conducted for the next 5 1/2 months. Thanks for the help Michelle. The purpose of the investigation was primarily to see that what Starlight was saying about the horses being sick and being treated was true. As the horses recovered, the County began to see that the reports of abuse were falsely reported.
  2. On 8-17-13 Romney wrote in a PM to Laura… (after viewing pictures Michelle was passing around to her cohorts Niki, Amber, Romney and a few others) “I was just completely overwhelmed and very emotional. I don’t even know what to say. I know you’ve been struggling with the bots and lice but that can’t explain Guinness who was a pretty decent weight about 2 months ago” They keep saying Guinness was at Starlight for 2 months but he was only there for 33 days. The reason he was there was because in a conversation when Guinness was still at the feedlot, Romney related to Laura that Linda Hackney had said to Michelle after she took a better look at his lacerated hind legs at the feedlot “if I had known his hind legs were that bad (he came to the feedlot with horrible lacerations on the front of his hocks) I probably wouldn’t have rescued him”. Laura became concerned that Linda was going to have him euthanized because of his hind legs being lacerated so she said that he might be a good horse for her husband Rick (this info is documented). Rick and Laura paid the $180 board bill at the feedlot, paid for a hoof trim, and took him to their place after he was at the feedlot for a little over a month. He was in ill health when he arrived at the Bell’s. Romney: “He looks horrific. I know you’ve been feeding him, but obviously there was a much bigger problem than bots and lice. And I know you would never intentionally let the horses get this bad”.So readers, let’s take a step back and realize that this was written by Romney. Four years ago she didn’t know the difference between a sorrel, a chestnut, or even a palomino or buckskin lol. So for her to imply that she is able to diagnose the ailment of a horse without actually examining it is beyond ridiculous and part of the contrived setup of Starlight. (BTW, Laura got a call from Zena who manages the Fallon Feed Lot and her message was “you were set up”). For anyone who is interested, you can read about mange in horses that was finally diagnosed correctly in late August here to see just how ridiculous Romney’s statement is or was at the time. Mange In Horses
  3. Romney wrote “she (michelle) has video footage of a bone dry water bucket”. What a crock. The problem is that Michelle and Romney are such good liars they got a lot of mileage out of this one. If you watch her video, she is identifying a dry trough lacking a bottom plug. It had been being used as a feeder since its purchase a few years earlier at a yard sale. Her claim that horses had no water caused HiCaliber follower whack-jobs to write that “the Bells should be shot”, “I have a friend that is a sniper” and “they should be tied up and burned to death”. Michelle and Romney let these comments stand.
  4. Romney wrote “I know Michelle is extraordinarily upset and feels she is mandated to report. (But Laura had already called Animal Services and asked them to come out and take a look. She wrote that at the beginning of the PM conversation with Romney). “This scares me to death. Whether you would ever be prosecuted, I’m afraid you would be hung in the courts of public opinion. (Romney wasn’t afraid for Rick and Laura. She conspired with Michelle and others to steal Starlights following. What they did is still working to this day almost 4 years later) “The last thing I want is for your reputation and Starlight’s to go down after all the amazing good you’ve done.” (Didn’t do enough good to get a chance to explain or show proof that the horses were being fed and treated) “And even if you have vet records to show care, I think public scrutiny of photos (and lack of any article/reports suggesting bots and lice could do this) is going to outweigh any explanations you can give.”
    Again, Romney didn’t, and still doesn’t know anything of value about horses. Read the article above. Sarcoptic mites/mange which was finally diagnosed correctly, although there were also severe bot and lice issues that were initially diagnosed, is such a severe debilitating disease that until 2006 it was on the list of mandatory reportable diseases.
  5. Romney wrote;  Everyone has seen Sanctuary photos from last winter where your horses were all of good body weight and healthy and I think its they have a general consensus that your pre-Shasta count was a more manageable herd size. Michelle is needing to see an immediate decrease in the numbers and have and an agreement from you that you will immediately relinquish the horses determined to need it the most”. Excuse us, but who the hell does Michelle think she is? She doesn’t carry a badge anymore. She wasn’t an ACO anymore. For someone who talks about obeying the law, she is pretty oblivious to the actual law.
  6. Laura Bell wrote;  “Romney, I’m calling animal control first thing Monday morning and having them come over here. I will also be giving them my vets number too. And the bone dry water buckets Romney…..gosh Romney, I went to the bank for Gods sake and then spent the afternoon watering. This is what I mean about you and Michelle; I guess its fucking life and death if horses don’t have water for 2 hours? Really? And if Michelle thinks Atlas (the 18 hand warmblood that was called Titan during the feedlot rescues. Atlas is sound most of the time now, but would not be able to handle the rigors of dressage competitions because of the repetitious training movements of circles) is skinny, she is delusional.””You all can’t be bothered to take in the types of horses we do and would rather not have to look at them because it hurts you to look at animals with issues” (now they just shoot them)…..”so be any way you want to be Romney, but since you do not have enough respect for me to have called me, I guess we are done here. And tell Michelle that once animal control has come out and looked at my place, I will post their findings (the county issued a press release that the afflicted animals were under a vets care and the issues were being dealt with. THAT really tipped Michelle over the edge and she went ballistic). People like Michelle that won’t get off their asses to rescue the horses that really need rescuing are disgusting because in her world, and I guess yours too, everything must be perfect.”
  7. Laura wrote; “So either call me or don’t Romney, but thanks for nothing if you are the typical “pretty pony” rescuer who thinks old, sick chronic animals should be dead rather than …alive.”
    “And yes Romney, we need to make arrangements to get some of these horses out of here. I am not letting any of my horses who are fat and shiny and in good health that I’ve had for years go anywhere even though those are the ones people will want. But if we can make arrangements to find homes for the ones who are old, lame, have issues, than I’m good with that. So let me know when someone can pick them up. So please let me know which of the horses that no one wanted that someone will come and pick up….. if you can find homes for them that would be great…..and if they put them down just because they don’t want to take care of old horses, I will go after them.” (remember Michelle writing that they refused ALL help. Michelle was even offered several horses in a public post, but no, she wouldn’t take them either because of the condition that she couldn’t kill them if she couldn’t sell them. Well as you can see, she was full of it. But you wise haters keep making the Bells pay for her lies.)
  8. Romney writes; “I was trying to help before Michelle went to the authorities or public.  And saying the only horses you’ll give up are the ones that actually NEED sanctuary doesn’t make any sense. But you have a lot of younger, sound, healthy horses”. (no one is talking about taking your “fat-and-happys”). (What? There were fat-and-happys? But Michelle said EVERY F…ing animal on the property was starving. How could that be? As you can see, if you open your eyes, Michelle is a fat-faced liar. Extortion anyone?)“Laura, Michelle is not worried about being sued. She’s going to go public with the photos…..please reconsider.” Reconsider what? The Bells already said she could have the sick horses.


  9. Laura wrote; “So Michelle will “let us” keep the old skinnys, and horses with chronic issues that make them unadoptable for the most part, and horses I’ve had for a lot of years, but I “have” to give up my younger horses, or good looking horses that don’t have issues, or our horses that look fine? Is that right? (Classic Seizure Scam!)And what is the point of having a rescue if rescues don’t take in horses with chronic issues with no where else to go? I’m not getting this because I’m wondering what kind of rescuing Michelle does that she hasn’t seen some rescues that look like some of the horses here….So which horses in Michelle’s opinion do I HAVE to re-home?”
  10. Romney wrote: “Laura, I don’t know exactly which horses she is saying/thinking need to go. That was the problem last night/this morning as I couldn’t figure out what solution was needed. I was trying to figure it out before I went to you with nothing but questions and no answers. This has been hell for me. And not that I’m the one that matters in any of this, but it’s absolutely awful. (Romney is yet again the victim.)”I don’t think they know exactly who they feel needs to go until they get there to assess. This isn’t about putting their money where their mouth is……. (Laura had challenged Romney to tell Michelle to “put her money where her mouth is” and come and get several horses)…..they are not a sanctuary, they are a rescue. They’re not able to take in horses necessarily with long-term problems or no hope of being rescued out. (So exactly what was she upset about?) The Sanctuary-type horses should stay with you.” (WHAT?)

    I’m not pretending to be an expert in horse health (but these days, every Tuesday, you do pretend to be a horse health expert) and this is not my doing or in my control. I can only hope and pray you understand the horrible position I’m in trying to help.” (Again, playing the victim-cardRomney and Michelle are always the victims. Doesn’t matter what the Bells were put through because Romney is the real victim here. Not once did Romney try to stick up for Laura and Rick publicly, but kept telling everyone who asked how difficult it was for her. )

  11. Laura wrote: “Oh, well we are NOT just a dumping ground for horses Romney, and in fact have rescued and re-homed if it was safe to do so for over 20 years. So I get it now, we only get to keep the horses who are in bad shape and she doesn’t care about them being skinny if they are old or sick as long as they aren’t suffering? REALLY? She is outta her mind and her being shocked by our junk yard as evidenced in writing that I will show animal control about manure on the ground, one dry trough ( feeder) she’s just being nuts at this point Romney, but let me show you more photos of horses she said were skinny….. (Laura sending Romney many current photos of healthy horses really pissed Michelle off)
  12. On August 17th Romney was threatening the Bells with Michelle going public with videos, but the videos had already gone public. Also, on this Michelle wrote, “I confronted Laura and offered her our help. She made excuse after excuse and never acknowledged the severe conditions found.” “… it took a good 12 hours for it to sink in.” “…the cost of triage and care for these animals will be extreme. If you can help PLEASE send funds to The financial aspects of this project will be transparent as EVERYTHING we do here at HCHR.”
    Michelle NEVER confronted Laura in person or in a phone call as any normal person that cares about animals would do. Ask her to show a record of a PM or phone call with Laura. The only thing she did was text and when Laura asked her to call, she wouldn’t do it (made an excuse) and Romney took over the next day via PM. Her attack on Starlight was a setup and a conspiracy with Romney. Romney left Starlight after the Shasta Horse and Kill Pen 10 Plus 7 rescue. But 6 months before the attack she returns. Documentation reveals Romney making a Freudian slip 6 weeks after the attacks on the Bell’s began which are very telling. We think it is curious that the attack occurred 4 days after Laura announced to Romney that she was discontinuing the feed lot rescues. The politics and the heartaches were getting too much for Laura to handle. Laura also refused to participate in stripping babies off their mama’s, rescuing the babies and shipping the moms that the feedlot was proposing they’d do. Michelle says it took a good twelve hours for it to sink in, but while she was still at the Bell’s, she said that as soon as she got back to her truck she threw up by the side of the road because she was so upset. One thing that Michelle is correct about is the costs. Problem is the costs were not her’s, they were the Bells. The total cost of the attack on them was over $30,000. Michelle has a lot of nerve raising thousands of dollars to “save the Starlight horses” and then put every penny into her own pocket. The money could have sped up the healing process for the horses, but she did nothing to help Starlight horses with that money.
    She is a con woman, nothing more, certainly nothing special. She has no connection to animals, making it easy to kill them or send them to slaughter if she chooses to do so. She has histrionic personality disorder which among other things, makes it easy to conjure up fake tears and set the stage for her to claim victim status. So you readers should see by now that Michelle is the perpetrator and many horses and people that cross her path become her victims. Plus don’t forget they were telling people they were donating to a “pending” 501(c)3 organization during this period. They didn’t even create their organization until the end of October. FRAUD FROM DAY ONE!

The Bells don’t need your pity, but they do need you to stop defaming them. This blog post contains only the tip of the iceberg of documentation exposing Michelle, Romney, HiCaliber and other people involved with them lying, bullying, committing crimes, and other things will see that there is much that was said about them that was and is not true.

For the rest, we can just acknowledge that you are nasty, mean spirited people and most of you wouldn’t say shit to their faces. You are only brave when you are hiding behind the Internet. Yes, their place was a mess, but is that reason enough to continue to abuse them? Compassionate empathetic people won’t think so.

Thank you for reading.


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