Michelle Leaves Dead Bodies in Her Wake!

Figuratively speaking that is. Michelle not only murders horses, but there is collateral damage to humans to go along with her many crimes.

Response to 2/2/17 response to San Diego Humane and SPCA Chief Stephen MacKinnon.

Our communication with law enforcement began 9/22/16. We were initially trying to get an opinion from San Diego Country Animal Services on whether it is legal to shoot healthy horses. We thought then and still think that based on CA laws and guidelines that it is illegal. The fact that HC has decided to post the response from Chief MacKinnon to us we feel it is now warranted to comment on Chief MacKinnon’s response letter and officially file complaints against San Diego County Animal Services and San Diego County Humane/SPCA, as well several of their employees. Here is how it played out:

9/22/16 – We sent an email to San Diego County Animal Services, SDCAS, asking if it was legal to shoot ones own personal property horse even if there was nothing wrong with it. We used the name Dave Meisner to avoid being harassed by HC in the event our question was shared to HiCaliber. We had heard that there was no respect for the privacy of complainants within SDCAS and as it turned out, the rumors turned out to be true.

9/22/16 – The response we got was from SDCAS employee Jennifer Hill. Instead of answering our simple question, she proposed we contact one of several rescues to give our horse to. In a move that really concerned me, we were contacted by Jennifer Hill who said “ Hi David, Great news, I was able to speak with a rescue who will take your horse! Please call Romney at +1 (949) 683-4766, they are HiCaliber Horse rescue”. The very people we were trying to stop from shooting healthy horses!

9/22/16 – As it became apparent that SDCAS was not going to answer a simple question, we decided to file an official complaint against HiCaliber for illegally shooting healthy horses. The complaint was turned over to San Diego Humane/SPCA stating a conflict of interest as Michelle had once worked for them but had a so-called “slip and fall” accident that she collected disability payments off of for several years. Our complaint and our contact information were also given to HiCaliber prompting them to send a couple of threatening emails. In the emails, Romney states that because Michelle was an Animal Control Officer for 14 years, she knew it was legal to shoot healthy horses. If they wanted to, they could shoot 5600 horses (or dogs) and it would still be legal. She told us that Dan DeSousa at SDCAS told them it was legal to shoot healthy horses. She made a backhanded threat to sue us and advised us that San Diego Humane/SPCA would do nothing to them because employees of that organization volunteer and foster for them. Another gross conflict of interest that should have caused Chief MacKinnon to kick the complaint up the line to the DA but instead, he conducted a fake investigation, would NEVER take our calls, or discuss our complaint, or reach out to get evidence we advised he and his investigator, Sergeant Laurel Monreal we had. Not once from 9/22/16 to 2/2/17 did anyone from San Diego Humane or SDCAS answer the simple question we originally asked, and asked 14 times after that.

2/2/17 – Over 4 months went by before Chief MacKinnon reached out with his absurd response showing VERY clearly that he does not like animals. He may use them or dominate them, but we don’t think he likes them. This is a typical hire these days, done by Humane organizations and SPCA’s. Lots of COP background, but little, if any, animal cruelty enforcement. Because HC chose to post his absurd response, we have decided to respond to it here. We are also being forced to file complaints with the proper authorities claiming their biases, resulting from their relationships with HiCaliber, composed serious conflicts of interest which resulted in obstruction of justice. Mr. Mackinnon acts quite arrogantly in his response letter. He seems to have very strong opinions about our complaint, but it took over 4 months to compose his response. We have reached out to him 6 times since then and he is never available to speak with us. He doesn’t respond to emails and will not respond to recent objections of ours about Kat Tarnowski working for San Diego Humane and being on HiCalibers board.

Early in his response, Chief MacKinnon accuses us of restating our causes of action as if we were bothering his investigation. We originally reached out with our complaint using their on-line form. We were VERY clear that we had substantial evidence to prove our allegations. With that said, let us be clear: SDCAS and SAN DIEGO HUMANE/SPCA NEVER reached out to us in any way until Chief MacKinnon did so 4 months after we filed. We called several times during those 4 months. The investigating officer was NEVER available, but as late as two weeks before Chief MacKinnon emailed his response (this was a response to us, so sharing it with HiCaliber stinks of conflict), we were being told that the investigation of HiCaliber was ongoing and they were waiting for documents from HiCaliber. In his response, however, Chief MacKinnon indicates the investigation was completed months earlier. This made us think that there was no investigation, so we asked Chief MacKinnon to provide the name of the custodian of records for his organization so we could file a request using the California Public Records Act.  Chief MacKinnon responded by telling us that his organization would not share it’s investigation documents because they were a non-profit. So even though they were investigating a complaint filed with a government agency, SDCAS, and they were doing the people’s/taxpayer’s business, they refused any oversight by the very people they serve. We intend to work on this loophole with the CA legislature and AG.

Chief MacKinnon’s response took our various questions individually. First he attempted to answer whether it was legal to shoot an animal in non-emergency situations? He felt it necessary to first chastise us by stating out question was too simplistic. We guess he chose one of our later requests to get an answer where we were getting frustrated and shortened the questions so that he could understand what was being asked. Then he equates the crimes being committed by HC with legal hunting. What an ASSHOLE. Then he states that there are organizations that euthanize animals all over the Nation. Does he not know that HC is in California and subject to California Laws? What Michelle and HC do is not euthanasia. What they do is shoot horses in non-emergency situation to make room for more the next auction day or whatever other crisis they are planning.

In 2012, the California Court of Appeals ruled that “animals are special, sentient beings, [and] unlike other forms of property.” Unfortunately for the horses at HC, Chief MacKinnon does not follow the lead of California’s higher Courts.

Let me take a moment to tell you something about San Diego Humane and SPCA. Did you know that they are one of the richest humane organizations in America? Well, they are. They have $65,000,000 in assets. So if you are looking for a place to donate money, please look for an organization that needs your money and is run by people who actually like animals.

Next, Chief MacKinnon answered the question of ours asking if they had arrested Michelle and Romney. His reply would be humorous if it weren’t for all the murdered and disappeared horses at HC. And what about the fact that we told them over and over that we had proof of HC crimes and legal theories that should be considered. He states there was no proof, but he never asked to see the proof offered to him. We hope you can see a pattern here. We can assure you that this will not play out very well for Chief MacKinnon because we need people charged with looking out for animals to actually care about animals.

Then, Chief MacKinnon, gave us his opinion on whether the use of a firearm to commit heinous acts of animal cruelty make those acts felonies. His response to this question came right out of left field. He felt it necessary to give us a lesson in the incorrect use of a word. He wrote that “heinous” is not a legal term. He went on to give us the definition of heinous as being hateful; odious; abominable; or totally reprehensible. At first, we thought he had come around and was describing the acts of murdering horses by shooting them in the face at HiCaliber heinous acts. But no, he was officially stating that shooting horses in the face was not hateful, reprehensible, etc.

Readers, put your thinking caps on for a minute. First, Chief MacKinnon contends that while the use of a firearm to commit a crime can turn a misdemeanor into a felony, in this case, Michelle and her cronies didn’t commit a crime.

Chief MacKinnon then tries to give us a few facts that caused him to make the decision he made to give Michelle and Romney passes. Remember that it took 4 months to answer what was really one basic question; Is it legal to shoot a healthy horse in a non-emergency situation? This is what Michelle does, so we wanted an official opinion on that question.

We realized that the reasons Chief Mackinnon’s claim that it is legal to shoot a healthy horse in a non-emergency situation is because he had no supporting statutes or guidelines to suit his predetermined opinion. There, even though California Department of Food and Agriculture CDFA has published guidelines for how and when it is acceptable to shoot a horse, Chief MacKinnon chose to cite guidelines from a pro-slaughter organization in Indiana.

The Chief uses AVMA guidelines to justify his incorrect assessments and ignore the CDFA guidelines that CLEARLY state it is acceptable to shoot a horse only in an emergency situation. The emergency should be the result of a SEVERE INJURY or a SEVERE INCURABLE ILLNESS. They also go so far as to say that even in emergency situations a vet should be called if available. Nothing Michelle does follows these guidelines. We are just making a case for obstruction resulting from a conflict of interest that even Chief MacKinnon, with all of his police background and even considering his failure to realize he is in California and should be enforcing CA laws, should have recused himself and his organization from this investigation.

Please note also that AVMA is NOT a regulatory Body, while CDFA is. It’s great the Chief MacKinnon can pull a comment from a website that seems to say it is OK to shoot healthy horses, but AVMA actually says that is is OK to shoot horses in emergency situations to avoid a horse’s continued extreme pain.

Let me take a moment to tell you something about San Diego Humane and SPCA. Did you know that they are one of the richest humane organizations in America? Well, they are. They have $65,000,000 in assets. So if you are looking for a place to donate money, please look for an organization that needs your money and is run by people who actually like animals.

Chief MacKinnon then answered our question where we asked if animal cruelty crimes were in fact to be considered individual crimes? His basic answer was yes. He states that we assume HiCaliber committed crimes, but his organizations *extensive investigation* (likely a phone call to michelle the liar) determined that there were no crimes. How can you complete an investigation without collecting the proof of crimes offered to you by the complainant?  Answer – You can’t.

Here we have to apologize because we cannot explain to readers how we can show that Michelle committed animal abuse/cruelty. It revolves around whether or not her actions were malicious, a requirement of the law. This is being looked at by State and Federal Agencies currently, so we would like them to get finished giving their opinions before we actually file additional complaints.

Chief MacKinnon asserts that an organization, that states over and over that they have nothing to hide and are an open book, does not have to provide documents when asked, has NO obligation to provide requested documents. We will prove him wrong on this issue.

Chief MacKinnon goes on to reassure us by telling us how much experience and training he has, but NONE of it enforcing animal cruelty laws.

Chief MacKinnon writes that all kinds of rescues reduce their fees for special events or overcrowding.  I guess Chief MacKinnon is unaware, or maybe he is just not concerned about the perils facing horses, especially slaughter, for horses adopted out for fees below kill price or for free. No “responsible horse rescue” would ever do this. Selling a horse for $1 is putting the horse right back into the situation HiCaliber supposedly rescued them from. Also, for Chief MacKinnon to argue that they shoot horses because they are *overcrowded* fails to take into account their constant flow of  more horses into HiCaliber. Shoot some to make room for next week’s auction purchases. Pretty sure the extensive investigation never happened based on Chief MacKinnon’s ridiculous arguments.

And do you know how we know? We know that a proper investigation was never done because they never reached out to us to get information that we told them we had and that since he sent the response that took 4 months to write to us, he wouldn’t reply to any of our requests to discuss his reply.  Believe us, there have been MANY attempts to talk to him. Maybe he can deny that so we can post all of our sent emails.

Sorry we are getting tired of reading Chief MacKinnon’s ridiculous reply motivated by a major conflict of interest, resulting in Obstruction of Justice.

Let me take a moment to tell you something about San Diego Humane and SPCA. Did you know that they are one of the richest humane organizations in America? Well, they are. They have $65,000,000 in assets. So if you are looking for a place to donate money, please look for an organization that needs your money and is run by people who actually like animals.

Rod Marcus- CAHS

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