HiCaliber Has Never Been A Good Rescue!

We keep seeing people around the Internet saying that it is too bad that HiCaliber Horse Rescue has become a criminal organization because they were once a good rescue.

Any of our readers that are being confused by this type of comment, thinking HCHR was once a good rescue, we can assure you that the leaders at HiCaliber have been committing fraud, bullying donors and abusing animals from the very first day Michelle and Romney teamed up to con the rescue world.

We are putting things together to start posting documents from their early days. We will start posting these damning documents tomorrow.

You might ask why people who are filing complaints with local and State Agencies would say that HiCaliber was once a good rescue. Well, we think there are two very good reasons why.
First, many of these HC detractors were once HC supporters. Their egos just won’t allow them to admit they got conned like everyone else. All these people who think they are so knowledgeable about horses and horse rescue. Sad that people just can’t admit they were wrong.

The second reason many current detractors claim that HC just went bad but was once a good rescue; What if they and their friends were right smack dab in the middle of HiCaliber’s crimes? What if they have been sitting on proof of HC’s crimes for years and are worried they will be dragged into HC investigations?

We know there is a firestorm getting ready to descend on HC. HiCaliber insiders from the past see the firestorm coming and now they are shaking in their boots that they will be caught up in the firestorm. We think this in the reason why they are soooo secretive about their activities and the complaints they are filing. They are behaving this way to protect each other and their friends.

The mistake they made is not really knowing who their friends are. Anyone that was a leader, admin or board member for HiCaliber that did nothing to speak up as a voice for the murdered, abused and disappeared horses better watch out. Our complaints aren’t secret. Our complaints will include all of the above people.

Yes, many have seen the evil truth about HC, but instead of speaking up for the horses, they simply walked away. They had evidence of crimes and sat on it. Michelle is mentally ill, but ex-board members who sat on proof of crimes are disgusting.

We want them all to know that their secret plans to file complaints omitting their culpability are not going to protect them. Our complaints will list everyone that was involved with HC from the beginning.

Shedrow posted a bank statement showing misappropriation of funds by HC principles. The person who secretly shared those documents with them held them back for 3 years. How many horses suffered because of their selfish self-serving omissions? We however don’t care about anyone who was on the management team and board. If they all went to jail it would be OK with us. Behind the scenes, these are some of the nastiest people we can imagine.




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