HiCaliber Founder Michelle Cochran Lowest Form Of Human!

Update: We read in another blog that one of the horses below was Snuggles. Snuggles is safe and is not one of the horses Michelle is talking about below. We apologize for the confusion. Please note that Michelle is talking about multiple horses that she sent to slaughter.

So villagers, those of you that reach out with support for HiCaliber, Michelle and Romney, here is a bit more proof of what disgusting POS they are. After you see the screenshot below you will have to decide “do I really care about the horses or will I close my eyes to the truths about HiCaliber and the murdered, abused and disappeared horses?” If you continue to support HiCaliber, you are saying that you do not have compassion or empathy for the horses and you support them because you are hooked on the reality show circus environment used to hide and deflect from their crimes.

Michelle talking about horses she sent to slaughter

The comments in gray are written by Michelle Knuttila, HiCalibers Founder and Executive Officer. The comments in blue are being written by someone in Michelle’s team or VERY close to Michelle. They are discussing several horses that they traded to the kill buyer David Meisner (remember villagers, this is the kill buyer aka “Voldy”, “V”, “Voldemort” and a few other “code names” that has been breaking the law by illegally shipping horses in California to slaughter, those are HiCaliber’s words, not ours).

For all you “village detectives” you should know that the the profile picture in the above discussion was in use on Michelle Knuttila Facebook page only from March 7th, 2017 to April 8th, 2017. That will narrow the window for those of you that want to see what horses were being discussed and that they betrayed so horribly.

You WILL see that Michelle is trying to deceive her villagers, writing that she hopes that some villager doesn’t try to adopt, “picks them”, or “notices them in there” at Meisner’s lot because “they are very recognizable”.

Michelle writes that she hopes they “ship” before a villager knows what she did with them. David Meisner is a criminal. They gave him horses that their villagers paid for and they hope he ships them before any villager finds out what they did.

Kill buyers ship to slaughter…period. Horses that are going to a new home are “transported” not “shipped”. Here you have Michelle writing that she gave horses to a kill buyer, not only knowing they would be shipped to slaughter, but hoping it would be sooner rather than later to cover her own ass.

Now a final note for the person who recently released the above screenshot. If you, or anyone else, have other documents that the public needs to see, please make them public. How many other horses has Michelle sent to slaughter since she had the above conversation with “blue”? How many souls could we have saved if we had this information sooner. Please don’t hold on to proof of their crimes any longer.

Snuggles, Gorgeous George, Ariel etc. deserved better. And Michelle is just a con, liar and criminal. Villagers, please read about Histrionic Personality Disorder and you will see why she is able to lie so effectively. We think she is a sociopath, but that diagnosis is yet to be determined. We think she is an alcoholic and possibly a drug addict, which could explain her bizarre behavior.

There was some information floating around that HiCaliber lent $12,000 to Michelle which would be illegal. We have not been able to verify that loan but do know that one of the enabling donors lent HiCaliber $12,000. We are mentioning this because as complaints go into various agencies it is important that they are factual. It is a fact however that HiCaliber is delinquent with their filing with the Charities Division of AG’s office. Most likely they are delinquent because they are trying to figure out how to file their taxes without committing tax fraud and going to jail.

Thanks for reading. Please try to make the horses, all the horses, more important than the circus.

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  1. Snuggles is at Tracy Acres living the good life with Shrek


    1. We removed all reference to him. Michelle was obviously talking about other horses she sent to slaughter. We do believe that Snuggles was traded for with V so even though Snuggles wasn’t a horse included in the horses Michelle was discussing she did trade a horse to V for him. One more of the disappeared horses at HC. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Snuggles is at Tracy Acres. They post videos of him constantly. He is safe. That being said, this is super sad and also is really messed up for donors who donated to save those horses.


    1. Got it. We removed all references to Snuggles in the post. BTW Michelle is talking in her PM that she sent multiple horses to V and hopes they ship before any of their villagers see them at his lot. Anyone who can support these criminals after seeing these little tidbits of proof is beyond us. Thanks for your comment!


  3. Yes, this is about my horse Snuggles. Yes, Michelle did trade him for another horse from Voldemort. Yes, she thought it was dangerous to have Snuggles around the volunteers at the ranch. Yes, she told the village. Yes, HCHR understood why she had traded Snuggles for another horse. Yes, the village agreed to buy Snuggles back for $750 from Voldy. Yes, the village agreed to pay $800 per month to train him so he could be handled. Yes, he spent several months in training until he could be adopted.

    In December we adopted Snuggles. He was terrified by humans because of the abuse he suffered. Now he is a happy healthy horse. All made possible by HiCaliber Horse Rescue and the village. We are so grateful they did a live video and explained why they made the decisions they did and how they needed the help of the village if they were going to invest in retraining him. The village answered with their wallets and stepped up to the plate. We are so in love with Snuggles and he is so happy here. He may be our horse now, but the village will always be his family. They made an investment in him. They believed in him. They wanted to see him recover from his abuse. This is just one of many HiCaliber success stories.

    One of my Christian friends sent me the link to your blog. I want you to know that I am praying for you. Everyone reaps what they sow. Those aren’t my words, but God’s words. I hold myself accountable to Him. He directs and guides my life. I choose happiness. I choose to spread joy. I choose to love everyone. I hope that you too will find joy. It is the only way to live in happiness. God bless.


    1. Thank you. We have removed all reference to snuggles. One success story, however, does not excuse the abuse , neglect, murdered and disappeared horses. Michelle wrote the PM in the post and clearly talks about sending them to slaughter. I don’t know what kind of Christian you are that isn’t bothered by horses rescued from slaughter sent to slaughter by their rescuers. In your case, the other horse that she saved from slaughter was sent to slaughter for Snuggles. We guess that’s OK too. You choose love, you just choose who and what you will love. Anyway, you should save your prayers for Michelle, Romney, Ingrid, Rene etc. Most of our members are Christians who seek justice for ALL the murdered and disappeared horses. Thank you


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