We Got Scammed By HiCaliber Horse Rescue! How About You?

If we told you that the leaders at HiCaliber lie about nearly everything and their lies are designed to make us and other villagers donate money to support their cons, money many of us can’t afford, would you believe it? Money that we and you need just to live and take care of our family’s are buying Michelle’s expensive sunglasses, expensive eyelashes, lip injections, her teeth getting done, and obviously her alcohol and food.

Hey, people that shoot horses in the face need to look good doing it, right?.

Don’t worry about Michelle, Romney, Becky, Rene, Ingrid feeling bad about conning us and you out of your hard-to-come-by-money because con women are immune to feelings like compassion and empathy. That is why it is soooo easy for them to kill and disappear horses. For a good con to work, there has to be some good being performed along the way, although horses being treated fairly is happening less and less at HiCaliber.

Below we have attached a few screen-shots about a recent hay purchase at HiCaliber. You will see a photo of the truck delivering the hay, then a couple screen-shots of comments, including HiCaliber telling their village how much the hay cost and how long it would last.

filename-1 (1)

filename-1 (2)

So as you read above you might think about the truth. Is it important in our society to be truthful? What about a non-profit organization? Is it important for a non-profit to be truthful?

We know that the leaders at HiCaliber lie constantly as we have thousands of documents detailing their lies. It’s just sad that people who support them either don’t think they lie, or just don’t care. Horses are being murdered and disappeared and we just get requests for proof. All the proof is out there in hicalibers own writing, but if you are a person who won’t read sources like this blog and “Shedrow”, you will keep supporting them and horses will continue to suffer.

As documented in the screen-shots above, HiCaliber purchased about 450 bales. They state that the rear trailer has alfalfa and the front trailer grass hay. If they would post their invoice (now that they’ve played their guessing game and have a winner that will get a sticker for guessing the closest) for the hay, including what they bought (their main hay source sells MANY different types of hay with MANY different prices) then everyone would know what they’re getting and what it costs. Then if they post a load of hay like this one coming in 1 week from now parked in a different location at their facility so we know its a new photo, we will apologize.

Responsible rescues would do the above as a matter of recourse to assure the public they have nothing to hide. But hicaliber would have to cop to how many horses they’re feeding with that hay too. Or maybe Michelle would feed for a week and then sell the rest to someone like kill buyer Dave Meisner. Their villagers would certainly not clue in based on the ridiculous estimates they were getting in for the cost of this load and how long it would last. One lady guessed $25,000 and 4-6 months.

Note that a HiCaliber Admin states that the hay cost $8400, which is probably pretty accurate based on some of the current hay prices at HOS. Then they go ahead and lie. The same admin states that this load of hay will last them one week. Now the thing that HC has always had going for them is that most villagers know nothing about horses. So lying to villagers who don’t know they’re being lied to has been pretty easy. The problem for Michelle and her team is that lying, puffing, misrepresenting facts, exaggerating expenses is fraud.

Why bring these things up? We are bringing these things up because if their villagers knew anything about horses they would know that 450 bales of hay will feed 100 average sized horses for about a month. Considering all the horses that are thin in their 5 “pastures” (another lie or puff making their facility appear to be something it is not is calling their larger, but not really very large, dry paddocks, pastures. Pastures are grazing areas where animals are feeding on growing grass. There is nothing wrong with having horses in large dry paddocks or pens, but it is a misrepresentation to call them pastures. These embellishments are used to deceive readers by giving them the impression that horses are grazing there) and 50 small corrals and the barn, the hay should last them a month.

So while they are actually spending about $100,000 per year on hay (an amount they raised on one fund-raiser by the way) they are claiming to spend over $400,000. This, villagers, is fraud committed on you to con you out of money.

These are just a couple examples of the constant shenanigans going on at HiCaliber every day. We probably wouldn’t give a hoot about Michelle, Romney, Ingrid, Rene, Kat, Brittany, Richie conning you villagers out of money that many of you can’t afford, but they are abusing, killing and disappearing animals and for that reason alone they will be stopped. So, villagers, keep giving them money, you are only prolonging the inevitable.

Thanks To the dozens of animal lovers that have signed onto our complaints!


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