HiCaliber Spiraling Down

Our Blog name has been changed to “HiCaliber… Their Final Days” to reflect the more accurate status of HiCaliber’s crumbling organization.

This blog has always been a call to action. The members of our group have seen for years that HiCaliber was playing loose with non-profit laws and animal cruelty guidelines. Because of their expert use of social media and the never ending supply of social media users, they have been able to kill and disappear more horses than any horse rescue in the history of the world.

Recently, actual proof has been offered that shows fund-raising fraud, misappropriation of donated funds and past and ongoing animal abuse. Other sources like Shedrow have been helpful in documenting the crimes and anti-horse behavior with some provable facts. Unfortunately, we don’t see the call to action from other resources that one might expect we see from people expressing concern for the horses.

Action is our end game. We want to thank everyone who has helped us connect the dots as our complaints are nearly ready to send.

First, we are going to file complaints on Ingrid Abrash for her complicity in fund-raising fraud and illegally interfering with ongoing criminal investigations. HiCaliber was also calling her “the mole hunter” trying to find moles and spies in the hicaliber village. Some people have come to their senses, finally, and are providing proof of illegal crimes being committed at hicaliber.

Questions also need to be asked regarding Ingrid and whether she has used government resources in her role as mole hunter. She is a Senior Attorney at Homeland Security. We hope Ingrid is not using her position with the government to investigate people that hicaliber has recently started identifying on their “haters” list.

After Ingrid has been removed from the picture and prevented from running interference for HiCaliber behind-the-scenes, we will turn our attention to fraud, fund-raising fraud, tax-fraud and animal abuse of Michelle, Romney, key spokespeople and admins for hicaliber, and all current and past board members. We have everything we need to file.

It is clear that the criminal behavior at HC has been going on since they were founded. Evidence of crimes back in 2014 are proof of that.  With that said we believe that NO current board member or past board member has gone to the authorities to get them straightened out. It doesn’t matter if a board members was unaware because he or she didn’t take their board position seriously. If crimes were committed under their watch they are as culpable as and Michelle and Romney.

Too bad board members that left the group because they didn’t like what was going on never said a word. Imagine how many horses could have been saved if they had stepped up years ago. Maybe only minor adjustments would have been required then in stead of the likely jail time facing nearly two dozen people today. Crazy.

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