HiCaliber Horse Rescue Animal Abuse Growing In Leaps and Bounds!

Posted by and for proud members of HC “Haters” list. Thank you HC criminals for putting together a list of people that are going to take you down.

This post will be very short but not very sweet. To all HiCaliber followers please look at these photos and if you are still a HC villager after you do you need to look deep into your soul and start to question your own character. You are always looking for proof of HC’s animal abuse and fraud even though there is tons of proof out there. Well here is some proof. We don’t know what else to say.

HiCaliber Horse Abuse Pinto Horse

If you can take only one thing after seeing the deteriorated condition of this horse while in Michelle Cochran custody for 9 months, it should be that Michelle and Romney have no right to talk about the way other people care for their animals.

If you REALLY care about horses this photo should make you sad, so sad.

We have major complaints going out next week to several State and Federal Agencies. Any reader that will allow is to add their name to the complaints please comment your approval to us. Your name will be added to complaints but will never appear in this blog.

Thank you!

Credit for above photo to Shedrow.


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