Horse Killers Never Stop, And Neither Do Horse Lovers

A few things to cover today regarding hicalibers illegal activities, gathering information, putting information out there for people to ponder, and also some observations. Its obvious by watching and reading about the willfully ignorant behavior of most of hicalibers villagers that they are a lost cause and won’t allow themselves to be deprogrammed by reading the truth.

Most of them either believe everything their Svengali’s at HC tell them, or they’re too embarrassed to admit they’ve been duped and they just slink away. They are un-willing to do anything constructive to save horses. Unfortunately, social media marketing keeps hicaliber supplied with an un-ending cavalcade of newbies that have just discovered them, so they keep motoring along.

As some followers get wise and drop out, more cycle in to take their place like flies attracted to shit. Then there is the phenomenon known as “push-back”. The harder people try to convince some people to open their eyes, use logic, and actually behave like people that love horses and want whats in the horses best interest, the more they will push-back and resist seeing the big picture, with some going farther out of their way to support HC.

Rather than focus on converting people, its time to go forward aggressively with those people with their eyes open and their hearts filled with love for the horses. We’re sure everyone has seen that no matter what is really happening at HC, the hicaliber hustlers never stop hustling. They are persistent in forging ahead and keeping the show going because they’re stuck with their deceitful, lying business model that relies on crisis, drama, and lies to generate large sums of money.

Their business model requires that they say and do whatever it takes to keep “marks” engaged. Here are a couple of interesting links with articles that explain the “cons and how marks are identified and used”.

Included is how creating the sense of immediacy is used to manipulate “marks”. Part of the con is putting people on a guilt trip for questioning or doubting them. Cons will always play the victim. They include their “marks” in their “saving of animals” with the use of “we”, “us”, “a village”, “a team”, and they adapt by constantly evolving when they are “outted” by others (they have to be inclusive because without people sending them money, they are dead in the water. Even if they have money of their own, they won’t spend it on rescue).

Pointing out their alleged transgressions and crimes, with hearsay as some people do, can be enlightening and useful information. However, it is only useful if it can be proven factual. Information broadcast from Canada, Australia, Spain, South Africa, etc is of little use to law enforcement unless it is proven as factual. Filing complaints that aren’t based in confirmed facts can damage the credibility of those filing complaints. Filing complaints that are chock-full of information that they won’t share with law enforcement can taint an investigation. Just as someone that is testifying in court is caught in a lie, anything they say or write after that is suspect.

Through observation, it appears that the primary reason so many animal lovers are engaging in attempts to stop HC is because they actually care about the innocent horses being abused, killed and disappeared there. Horses are being used to raise money from donors. That money is used to buy horses. All activity at HC is designed to make money. Horses are sold or “adopted for a fee” if they have value and/or can be moved quickly. Fees have been as low as $1. Anyone in the horse world today knows that selling a horse for $1 puts that horse in jeopardy of being sold to slaughter for profit.

All “responsible” horse rescues offer horses to the public for prices over kill buyer rates. NO truely “responsible” rescue would sell horses for a dollar, ever. Other horses they can’t sell quickly or for high enough fees are killed or disappeared to get them off the feed bill and make room for new inventory.

Were HC to deal in inanimate objects like cars, the only people that would likely care about what they’re doing are the people they were ripping off. That isn’t the case here and people are literally watching in horror as the freak show continues to play out day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.  Horses are continuing to die and disappear at an alarming rate. We cannot stress enough that complaints need to continue to be filed. The more people who get involved, the more seriously law enforcement will consider investigating.

If the agencies charged with enforcing the laws aren’t doing their jobs they need to be motivated to do their job. If law enforcement tries to sweep HC’s crimes under the rug, or if they are trying to give HC a pass, law enforcement needs to hear how important it is to protect HC horses from HC leaders.

The filing of complaints is a process. It is important to start at the bottom so that when you go to State and Federal agencies you can show that the local agencies refused to act. Otherwise, the State and Federal agencies will refer the complaints back to local agencies. Which brings us to the next point that should be clarified for people that want to get involved but don’t think they can file complaints because they haven’t donated to HC.

Since HiCaliber Horse Rescue is a tax exempt organization, they get to use public infrastructure that other people’s tax dollars paid for, at no cost. This allows any citizen of the United States, who observes them breaking the law, to file a complaint. You don’t have to be a donor to file a complaint in other words. Only your real concern for the horses is what matters and dealing in factual information that HC puts out there themselves should be enough proof that they are committing fraud and cruelty.

They are also reaching across state lines collecting donations. They recently conducted business outside California when Romney traveled to Louisiana to conduct business in person. The FBI will now be interested in the fund-raising fraud and tax fraud.

They are also receiving money from people in other countries, using fraud and false statements to convince people to donate. That makes their crimes International and complaints can be filed with Interpol. Complaints can be justifiably filed locally, regionally, at the state level in CA, in every state they have received donations from, with the DOJ, FBI and IRS Federally and even Internationally as they are so proud their con is without borders. Another Chance 4 Horses committed WAY less fraud than HC has and the link below tells you what the FBI did to their fraudulent rescue and it’s leaders.

We have read that some people are creating spreadsheets of the horses HC has “rescued” since they started attending the Ontario Auction.  There are of course many more horses that have come and gone from HC before late 2015 that were attained using thousands of dollars in donation money.  Since late 2015 HC’s crimes and disregard for laws, rules and guidelines established to protect animals and the public have become common place. A list of horses, beginning about the time of the commencement of the Ontario auctions should suffice as evidence of fraud and animal cruelty.

There are hundreds of horses that they have been asked to account for and they ignore the requests. Usually when they do respond, they will acknowledge the request for factual information with outrageous bullying, name calling and banishment. Documentation showing their pattern of illegal behavior dating back to early-mid-2013 proves they have been operating unethically and illegally with a large percentage of their dealings.

We actually see people writing that they were once a good rescue. They started their rescue in 8/13 by stating that they were a pending 501(c)3 and later that they were a 501(c)3 yet they hadn’t even filed with California as an entity. Michelle’s excuse; I filed as an individual and didn’t know that was not acceptable to the IRS. This coming from a person who had previously founded, not one, but two 501(c)3 dog rescues. They have been cons and liars from the very start. They were NEVER a good rescue.

People want to believe they are participating in a noble cause by sending money and supporting rescues that are “saving” horses from slaughter. It actually is a life-saving, noble cause if the participating rescues are willing to share all of the information attached to those rescues (financial’s, vet records on all horses, invoices for services, etc). Unfortunately, that is not the case with HC. It all sounds nice to their social media followers when spoken or written fabricated stories are told.

Please try to understand the following statement: unlike dogs, horses given away with no stringently enforced adoption contracts, or that are sold for $1, are in jeopardy of going to slaughter. That is a fact. It shouldn’t be that way in California considering the law banning horse slaughter has been in force for nearly 20 years. Unfortunately, there is a disappointing lack of enforcement, so around 10,000 horses still ship to slaughter annually from California.

When one also considers that these free or $1 horses are probably horses with physical and/or behavioral-training issues, they are being given away free or sold for $1 because the rescue hasn’t been able to sell them for at least a little above kill price. But HC is bent on getting these poor souls off their feed bill. So much so that they are literally willing to expose these horses to the very fate they supposedly rescued them from, a slaughter death sentence.

It is also completely irresponsible for any rescue to do this and against the law for them to pocket money received from designated fund-raisers meant for those horses. We believe it is reasonable for us to speculate, due to the incredible greed exhibited by HC’s Leaders and their requirement to make money on EVERY horse, that they are giving horses away that are then sold to a kill buyer. And we all know what kill buyer that would be, their best friend, criminal David Meisner.

Considering all the lies, crimes and bullying that goes on at HC, would it be unreasonable to think that they actually are funneling horses back into the slaughter pipeline and getting illegal kickbacks for their efforts. We don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that at all. As discussed above, we are concerned regarding their choice of people to funnel horses to for a dollar.

One such person is the “outed animal abuser”, “trainer” Andrew Fice. We know that Romney and Michelle are unscrupulous and in our opinion, they only care about horses to the extent that they can use them to make money. We see how important it is that “rescuing horses” makes them celebrities looking like “super-heros”. It also feeds their out-of-control narcissism.

We’ve been trying to enlighten their followers for going on a year now. We have been trying to get people to care about the horses that have disappeared at HC. It has been an uphill battle, mostly, because of the weird “competition” that goes on on written pages and behind the scenes between rescue people, so called animal lovers, bloggers and commenter’s.

We think some of the people in the mix of HC detractors are actually shills for HC. They say a lot of negative stuff about HC, but are usually hard at work trying to get their fellow group members to not contact law enforcement. What’s up with that C, J, J, J, etc.? All that aside, Michelle shoots healthy horses in the face, at least 56 of them, and we are hearing the actual numbers are much higher. We’re getting closer to attaining accurate numbers, but until that time, we’ll stick with what is factually provable.

Do some feel it is unwarranted that they are getting a lot of unwanted attention? Some still do. But most of the people think for her to re-direct horses to a middleman, say their “go to” (abusive? sure looks like it in the videos) “trainer” Andrew Fice, is highly questionable? Just another bad decision hurting horses in the long list of her decisions causing horses to get abused.

Opportunists abound in the horse industry, inclusive of the new age social-media-marketing-rescuing which has been a trend for quite some time. HC’s lack of transparency regarding exactly where horses currently are, combined with a “trainer” that, in our opinion, is scraping the bottom of the barrel speaks volumns about HC true lack of compassion and empathy for the horses donors buy for them. Fice bucks out horses in his archaic and backwards attempt to train them.  In doing so, he is broadcasting his complete lack of knowledge of the modern non-abusive progressive, foundation based training methodology. The fact that Michelle chooses Fice to give horses to is VERY telling about her lack of concern for horses.

If anyone working on those spreadsheets recording the horses HC has attained using donation money would be so kind as to share that with us, we assure you we will put it to very good use working with authorities.

As many people are aware, HiCaliber is in line for more donated funds via a fund-raiser organized by The Rotary Club of Bonsall on June 17, 2017. Here is the link for that fund-raiser:

Any reader that really cares about horses would be helping save horses by contacting The Bonsall Rotary Organization and insist they stop supporting HiCaliber.

The ASPCA had given thousands of dollars in grant money to HC, but as soon as they were made aware of the fact that HC is killing horses (at least 56 they’ve admitted too) and disappearing horses by the hundreds, (if thats not anti-rescue, than what is?), they dropped them. By showing them the real HC, we were able to get them to disengage.

You can help make a difference. The only way to get to the bottom of what is occurring at HC is to keep up the pressure on government agencies vested with conducting investigations and enforcement of laws. They must not be allowed to ignore activities that are unlawful, not be allowed to enable HC to keep doing what they’ve been doing for years.

Beginning in 2015, HiCal became more blatant and arrogant about their lawbreaking and cruelty to animals. We believe their end game became acquiring the money to buy the $2M facility they are in. In 2015 they devised the cons that worked for them for a while, but things started to close in on them this year, so they devised cons that took them out of state. Their activities, however, date back years before 2015. They show a pattern of behavior that is far from recent (factual documents exist and will be sent to authorities at the appropriate time).

Because of their several year pattern of unethical and also illegal manipulations, Michelle and Romney should not be allowed to get a “pass” because they know what the laws are but chose/choose not to follow them. What is written in this blog is factual and can be verified with written, photographic, or video-documentation.

90% of our documentation comes directly from HC’s own writing. Sure, the temptation to exaggerate and embellish are mere keystrokes away. You know, it kind of livens things up from somewhat dry material. Other blogs may be more exciting to read, but in the final analysis, they don’t include a call-to-action and actually hinder the efforts of others to hold HC accountable for their crimes. They fail to ask their readers to help with actions, not just words, and further hinder the efforts of others by belittling their efforts and even going so far as to libel them.

We also won’t engage in innuendo, gossip, and non-factual information because we have members in our group that have been on the receiving end of lies and exaggeration that were designed to destroy lives and that isn’t how honest, fair people behave.  Writing and saying false information that can be directly traced to hearsay that originated with people with agendas is one of the surest ways to lose credibility with agencies and investigators. It’s almost funny when people tell others that a groups writings are not credible because they had viciously attacked them years earlier with lies and misrepresentations that can be proven as just that. Maybe that person should just come out and say what’s on his or her mind and state who he or she is instead of referring to a post he or she wrote which was factually untrue and based on statements made by the very people he or she now attacks.

Maybe they should actually get called out for their blanket statements that other people’s writings are not factual. Maybe instead of the ridiculous blanket claim that other’s writings are not factual they should be held accountable and have their readers demand to know what part of their writings are not factual. That would beg the question; why are you trying to undermine the effort of others to stop HC from committing more crimes by filing complaints. Maybe that should be the real question.

Quite frankly, from speaking with an array of government employees, many of them already think rescue-people are a bunch of petty, kooky, whack-jobs sinking to the level of lying, embellishing, and dealing in drama. Dealing in hearsay, rumors, and lies is the surest way to lose professional investigators when they observe fiction being presented as fact. We wonder about others that claim to have the inside track on HC, but refuse to produce their sources in order to stop HC’s crimes.

HC is perfectly aware of the laws and rules, but when exposed, they always play the victim card to the “n”th degree.  Michelle always plays the “I was an ACO for 14 years” card to justify actions like shooting healthy horses, but always ignores her history as an ACO when it comes to her and HC knowing the law. She certainly gives Kill Buyer Criminal David Meisner a pass. She also goes to Ontario every week where people haul in crippled horses and never tries to get them arrested for abuse/cruelty. She uses badly crippled horses to rev up donations then makes them haul hours back to HC on all their windy twisty roads when she should have the owner arrested and get a vet out to euthanize the poor animals in the parking lot. Let’s face it folks, actions do speak louder than words. Michelle’s and Romney’s actions speak volumes about how little they really care about the animals. It’s all about the money for them! So maybe instead of asking “WWJD?”, we should instead continue to file complaints and also find out “WWDPD?” – now that would be very interesting!

Thank you for reading!


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