HiCaliber “Is” Being Investigated!

We just received the following correspondence From California Department of Food and Agriculture in response to our request for the documents related to their investigations of HiCaliber. As you can see they are really being investigated so call CDFA and file your own complaint. The more of you that make the phone call and complain about HiCaliber illegally importing horses into California the better chance we will have of getting them cited. As you can see HiCaliber has created a con about 53 horses they are trying to get you to pay 3 or 4 times their value so they can get giant kick backs from Thompson’s in LA. Sad they won’t step up and tell you they broke the law and stop themselves from abusing horses but they are con women and con women con.

Sent to us 6/09/2017

“Your Public Records Act (PRA)  request with regard to Hi Caliber Horse Rescue was received by CDFA’s Inspection Services Division and the Animal Health & Food Safety Services (AHFSS) Division; it was forwarded to me as the Department’s PRA coordinator.  My apology for the late reply.

The Inspection Services Division has determined it has no records responsive to this PRA request.

As there is an open AHFSS investigation being conducted involving Hi Caliber Horse Rescue, the Department cannot release any records from AHFSS at this time.  We will notify you when the  investigation is complete and when we can release records responsive to your request.

Please contact me if you have any questions, and refer to PID 8904 in any communications regarding this matter.

Thank you for your courtesy and patience in this matter.



Legal Assistant

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Legal Office

1220 N Street, Suite 400

Sacramento, CA  95814”

The name of the person who sent this email was removed to avoid them from getting harassed by HiCaliber goons.


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