HiCaliber Crimes Rest In The Hands Of Egos Competing For The Credit…and Not Law Enforcement.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are privy to most groups and individuals who are at least voicing their disdain for Michelle and Romney and the rest of the HiCaliber team. What we see is becoming less and less encouraging and constructive.

What is most disturbing to us is that it appears that people are more interested in taking credit for bringing HC down than they are about the abused and missing horses. They are actively competing with each other to get the information about HC’s crimes out and in some cases even competing with other people filing complaints.

Are your egos so large that you see the efforts to stop HC’s crimes as a competition? We know, you don’t like someone in another group, so no matter what HC does, you WON’T join forces with them to stop HC from continuing to kill and disappear horses by the hundreds after they’ve collected the donation money they bring in.

We also see people who want to blame Romney, but give Michelle, Ingrid, Richard Price etc. a pass. Michelle a pass? What is wrong with you. She is the anti-Christ. She is illegally shooting horses and has been eliminating horses A VERY LONG TIME; for years actually. She is acting as a vet without a license. She is complicit in the tax fraud and fund-raising fraud. She filed two sexual harassment complaints again former employers. Look at her, listen to her, can you imagine any man being attracted to her.
She was involved in two non-profit dog rescues, but they threw her out because of her propensity to use animals to feed her narcissism and then kill dogs when they weren’t useful to her anymore. She claimed she filed HC as a personal entity because it was a “rookie mistake” and she didn’t know better. During this time she was claiming they were a pending non-profit and later a 501(c)3. Look at the facts. She was a co-founder of two 501(c)3 dog rescues previous to 2013, but claimed in 2013 that she didn’t know that she had to file with the State as an entity, not as an individual. Let the lies begin on something big (illegal for people say they are a “pending” nonprofit when they’re not even filed).

She lies well because she is a con woman. And she and Romney are able to control what information gets to their followers. Michelle claims she was beaten by her ex, yet she was the one the cops arrested. She doesn’t know shit about training horses, but covers with her followers by saying she psychically communicates with them and the horses psychically tell her how they want to be trained(?!?!)
We guess the circus will always be more important to her than the circus animals. One of our favorite is the head injury she claims was the result of a “slip and fall” accident while working as an ACO. State Doctors who examined her said their were NO SIGNS of ANY permanent damage and her MRI and CAT scans were normal within a day of the injury. Yet she still to this day cons her followers for sympathy for her head injury.
Do you know how we know she lied about her supposed traumatic brain injury??  The reason she said she couldn’t wear a helmet to protect her injured brain? Because she said she has a vestibular condition that caused her to get dizzy if she wore a helmet! Really? Then why does she wear one all the time now? Yep, because people kept questioning why she wasn’t wearing one to protect her injured brain (besides collect disability from the county, she also had a personal injury lawsuit filed against a business in regard to her “accident”. It was dismissed when it was exposed that the brain injury story might not be true) in 2013 into 2014. She got A LOT of mileage out of the “head injury” playing the victim as she always does. She actually got people that had had real head injuries to commiserate with her (kind of like she recently did when she had a “broken back” and would have to “learn to walk again”. That played well to people that actually had/have serious back issues).
Her followers commented that she was not setting a good example and suggested she wear a helmet to ride, or stop riding, so then she started to wear a helmet. Did she appear dizzy? No!
Her lies are constant and people giving her a pass is telling her that she should continue to buy, sell and shoot animals that donations attained for her under false pretenses that are supposed to be SAFE.

We’ll go more into Romney’s exploits in another post. But suffice to say, when Michelle and Romney joined forces in late-2012/early-2013 their plotting and planning behind-the-scenes began and gained momentum. They’ve never looked back and the lies have been written and spoken for several years now and will continue unless people stop both of them. You see, they need one another in order for the manipulations and schemes to work. One without the other, and their empire built on lies will collapse.

The bottom line here folks is why can’t you put the egos and the competing aside in order to stop HC from illegally shooting more horses? Instead of one person filing with one agency and another person filing somewhere else, you could have already stopped them if you would work together.

We will offer our blog as a clearing house for complaints and you can take all the credit. We know a lot of government employees and what we hear over and over is that rescue people are whack jobs that can’t work together to save their lives. Please consider working with others to stop them. Please.

We get a lot of posts and comments shared with us and we are certain that Michelle and Romney have placed shills into most of your groups. We actually had a couple join our groups. If you have people in your group that just want HC to behave better, or stop shooting horses and that will satisfy them, they might be working for HC.

Animal lovers shouldn’t accept anything less than Michelle and Romney being run out of rescue entirely. Ideally, Michelle and Romney and their inner circle key players should be behind bars. If people will unite for the good of the animals, that is attainable if people stay on point and will work together for the horses and other animals.
The basic fact is that people that are perfectly willing to use animals to gain money and material things and also to become “celebrities” in their own shallow way and than they kill and disappear horses by the hundreds (or thousands because they’ve always done this dating back to their unifying in 2013), will NEVER CHANGE. They will keep rolling along, or will shift to another scam involving animals that they can make money off of and gain celebrity from because of their narcissistic tendencies.

No animals are safe in their care and custody. That is the bottom-line. Compassionate animal lovers know this and they know giving anyone a pass thats involved in HC’s plots and schemes using animals is just not acceptable now and never will be.

*Our next blog post will tell why the Chief Investigating Officer at San Diego Humane Society Stephen MacKinnon won’t do anything to stop HC/Michelle and who knows who else from committing cruel acts against horses. Officer Dan DeSousa at San Diego County Animal Services passes every complaint to him stating a “conflict of interest” because used to work for SDCAS, but MacKinnon also refuses to follow the laws in California that protect animals.
Its time to go over Stephen MacKinnon’s head and up the ladder of authority because of the fact that Mr. MacKinnon has allowed many more horses to be illegally shot since the filing of complaints began with him back in September 2016.

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