Stopping HiCaliber. What Do You Think?

We have been at this for a while now. And we do have a strategy in place to document the issues that concern us with the activities going on at HC. Things are finally starting to work but could never move along fast enough for our liking. Every day they are allowed to operate horses get abused, killed and go missing while Michelle and Romney sock away hundreds of thousands of dollars away in their secret accounts. With the public starting to flip on their view of HC we thought it was time to take suggestions on how to speed up the demise of HC from our thousands of readers and followers.

So here it is. What would you propose as a means of getting HC stopped and out of rescue for ever? Do you have any ideas? We really would like to hear your ideas. Anything you can think of that might help stop them. Even our haters can tell us why they hate. When we know why you hate us we can adjust our message to be more palatable to our haters.

We really hope to hear from the thousands of people who’s comments are keeping us going.

Oh, in case people don’t know it, the FBI can and does get involved in fraud and conspiracy cases that cross state  lines as happened with HiCaliber appearing to fraudulently collecting funds for the Louisiana Thompson horses (the OTTB20) and be in conspiracy with the operators at Thompsons feedlot. It appears to be happening again with the newest sham of yet more horses at Thompson’s feedlot in Louisiana.

Below are two links to just one case of several in animal “rescue” of the FBI getting involved when fraud and conspiracy were being committed crossing state lines. This happened with an outfit called Another Chance 4 Horses (AC4H).
We will post more information regarding contacting more local, state, and national agencies in order to file complaints:


Thank you!

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