HiCaliber Board – Treasurer Brittany Lindell And Our Request For Financial Documents!

Update: We will post the status of our request for HC’s financial docs daily. Based on past experience we won’t be holding our breath waiting to receive their financials or where we can go to review them. So far no reply.

We were just informed that Brittany Lindell is the treasurer of HiCaliber, not Kim Roeh. We apologize for this error, but a few days ago Kim was listed on the HiCaliber Website as their treasurer. No worries, as Kim was the treasurer during times that there was so much apparent financial fraud being committed Kim will likely still need to be included in upcoming complaints. Maybe if she flips on HC and testifies against them she will avoid prison.

Now to current HiCaliber Horse Rescue treasurer Brittany Lindell. As you are now the keeper of the records and as HC touts their organization as being both responsible and transparent, please immediately post the following and if you won’t post the requested documents please tell us where we can examine them as prescribed by CA and Fed law:

1. Income Statement
2. Balance Sheet
3. Cash Flow Statement

4.) Cash balances in all bank accounts.

5.) An accounts payable aging report. This shows all bills owed to vendors, listed by date. We want to see this because one way nonprofit management teams get away with financial fraud is by avoiding paying vendors, particularly small, powerless vendors.

6.) List of all credit lines, including letters of credit, and amounts borrowed.

7.) List of all confirmed receivables, such as obligations for payments, donations, and loans.

5.) Fixed costs per month, broken into “USAIR”: Utilities, Salaries, (And) Insurance, Rent.

Now Brittany, please try to absorb the following. If you fail to respond to our request for these documents you are complicit in their fraud. Now that you took the job, if you think they have committed fraud (lying or misrepresenting the facts of your organization or its fund-raising efforts is fraud) you should disengage and run away as fast and far as you can. They are setting you up to actually take the fall if we can prove, or we should say if the AG, Tax Board and IRS can prove fraud, you will be labeled a criminal. How do you think Ryan will feel if that happens. Good luck.

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  1. weezer730 says:

    I am not here to disagree, but have you considered not every board member is privy to all information? Calling out good people in such a “damned to jail” manner ruins lives. As they believed in HiCaliber and helping horses, I hope you believe not all are guilty by accociation.


    1. Look Weezer730, we have reached out to all past and present Board Members and what we get in return is abuse and denial. As far as we are concerned they should have been the checks and balances to stop abuse and fraud but they did nothing. Therefore, they can make their cases for not being culpable to the authorities because they chose to ignore what was happening.


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