HiCaliber’s Rene Williamson.

We’ll keep this short. Rene is the main spokesperson and question/ answer gal for HiCaliber. She lives in the Carson City area of Northern Nevada. She has a picture at the top of her page showing two overweight horses. She is VERY inexperienced with horses and probably doesn’t know that it is far more dangerous for a horse to be overweight than to be mildly underweight. Sad for the horses. Pretty much the same with people who end up with all sorts of issues from carrying too much weight. Recently, Michelle fell off a horse and got some bruises. This spill could have been caused by her excessive weight combined with her poor riding skills.

Rene writes on her FB page that she is the Director and head teacher for a business in Nevada that doesn’t exist. The idea of her stretching the truth is obviously not foreign to her, so she is a great fit for HC. Problem for Rene is that as their spokesperson she will likely be the person most accountable to law enforcement for the continuous lies and misrepresentations used to fraudulently collect donations. There goes your license to teach. Even if you keep your license, what people would entrust their kids to an animal abuser that commits fraud Just our opinion. When the investigators come a-calling maybe you can save your butt by flipping on HC. Because we assure you, Michelle and Romney will not hesitate to throw you under the bus.

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