HiCaliber Board Of Directors – Jessica Anderson DVM

Update: We have had Dr. Anderson reach out to tell us she is no longer a Board Member at HC. We would like to believe her but she is still listed on HiCaliber.org as a Board Member. Never the less, she was a Board Member. She helped support their con by joining the board. We will let you know if HiCaliber removes her name from their Website.

We will have a lot more to say about Dr. Jessica Anderson in a couple days. In the meantime we have a couple comments that need to be put out there.

HiCaliber is committing gross animal cruelty and also CONSTANT fraud in their fund-raising cons. Why would someone who has spent years becoming a vet jeopardize her career and future by having anything to do with them?

What makes a person like you think that it is OK to kill rescue horses that were bought with fraudulently acquired funds?

Why would a newly licensed vet risk their license by becoming a board member of the most fraudulently run rescue in America. You do know that it is illegal to lie or misrepresent the facts of a non-profits fund-raiser.

Just so you know, the major player (you at this point) at HiCaliber are committing tax fraud and fund-raising fraud on a daily basis. As a board member, when they go down, you will go down. Read “Shedrow Confessions Blog” for more information. Wake up, get smart and disengage from them ASAP if you want to escape unscathed.

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