HiCaliber Board Members – Treasurer Kim Roeh and Cowboy Hunter Ingrid Abrash!

Hey Villagers, where have all the volunteers and board members gone? It was very recently that we started calling out the hicaliber board members for their complicity in the organizations (in our opinion they are officially horse broker/dealers, so we will no longer refer to them as a rescue) fraud and animal cruelty. In just one week, we seem to have caused Treasurer Kim Roeh to disappear. Last week she was listed as The Treasurer of HiCaliber and also as a board member. Today she is no longer on their Website. Good decision Kim. You may still be on the hook for the financial fraud that occurred while you were their treasurer, but if you make a deal with the Federal investigators that come around you might stay out of jail. In our opinion that is.

Ingrid Abrash is a whole different bird. We asked her to stop associating with HiCaliber and participating in their fraud. We also asked her to stop using her resources at ICE/DHS to search for HiCaliber’s mole (called their mole hunter in several posts) and using her status at ICE/DHS to intimidate agency personnel and illegally influence the outcome of criminal investigations of HiCaliber and it’s personnel.

Well, it appears that Ingrid Abrash got the message but hasn’t taken it too seriously. She has removed all posts from her FB page where she was participating in their fraudulent fund-raising, but she replaced them with a post encouraging people to buy tickets to the first Fireball party in Los Angeles. Apparently you don’t get it Ingrid, but we assure you that you have a lot more to lose than most people associated with HC do. You should have disengaged completely.

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