HiCaliber Board of Directors – Ingrid

Attention Readers: This message has been added as an appeal to Ingrid Abrash. We know the cons at HiCaliber read our blog because they are constantly adjust their cons to close the barn door after the horses got out. You know it is illegal to use your position at DHS to intimidate complainants and agency personnel and you also know that it is illegal to say things to raise money that are not true or are misleading. Time to CYOA and let Michelle, Romney, Rene Williamson and others pay for their crimes. Michelle has left a trail of fired and demoted people in her wake and she couldn’t care less. When she met you see saw how she could use you. Plain and simple. Same with Becky. They will throw anyone under the bus but somehow they will always be the victim.

We have come to the realization that the continuation of criminal activity at hicaliber is not only caused by Michelle Cochran (Knutilla), Romney Snyder and Rene Williamson. We now realize that members of the Board of Directors are not only complicit in their crimes, but are often actively participating in the promotion of each fraudulent event.

As a result, we have decided to discuss the various Board members and how they are also responsible for the their crimes. Their Website currently lists Ingrid Abrash, Brittany Lindell, Kim Roeh (treasurer), Kat Tarnowski, Jessica Anderson, DVM and Richie Price. We thought we should just proceed alphabetically so today we will tell our readers a little bit about Ingrid Heather Abrash.

Ingrid Heather Abrash

We don’t really know much about her. She lives in Los Angeles where she is a senior attorney for Homeland Security where she represents our government in immigration cases. She seems to be a bit of a Dressage Queen and takes lessons from Lehua Custer who trained under Hilda Guerney as did one of our members.

In her own words, we know that Michelle Cochran “saved her life”. We know that for a while she was on the hunt for a cowboy. She wanted to get a cowboy for a boyfriend. Obviously her love life is her business, but when you put it out on the Internet as much as she has, we think she is acting a little desperate and we worry that entering a relationship out of desperation might not bode well for the relationship.

We also know that she is obsessed with her breasts as she often mentions them in her posts. She assumes she will win all the big breast contests because she claims her breasts are 34G in size. She also is prone to post her own head-shots quite often. Studies we have read seem to equate this type of behavior with narcissism, but we will let you be the judge of that.

So this is really all that we know about Ingrid Abrash, well, other than her involvement with hicaliber. Her involvement with HC is well documented and it turns out there might be a few issues that she should be concerned about.

First is the fraud. When one lies or misrepresents facts to the public to raise donations, you are committing fraud. We know Michelle and Romney commit fraud nearly every day, but we haven’t talked about the board members. In the case of Ingrid Abrash, we are surprised that she would possibly jeopardize her cushy $150,000+ per year job with ICE/DHS by participating in a fraudulent organization, much less being a board member. Crazy.

There is also the use of her position with the Feds and her possible use of ICE/DHS resources to intimidate agencies investigating complaints against HC. This would be a big no no. We think she has, and does, and could lose her job if we can prove it.

If we can offer Ingrid Abrash some advise it would be this; drop HC completely. Stay away so you don’t get caught up in the coming firestorm. Stop using your position with ICE/DHS to intimidate the agencies investigation HC. Stick with your Dressage and don’t jeoparize your job any more than you already have. When you say things like Michelle saved your life, talk about finding a cowboy and post lingerie photos while talking about your huge breasts, you sound a bit like any other “nutball”.

We have had an amazing response to this post. Turns out there are a lot of people wanting Ingrid to disappear from the HC scene. If you are interested in adding your name to future complaints regarding Ingrid Abrash please comment or email us at rodmarcus@journalist.com. Thank you.

Next blog post will be discussing Dr. Anderson.

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