Horse Lovers Asking Questions Doesn’t Equal “Hater”

HiCaliber Horse Rescue wants people to believe that people asking reasonable questions makes them a “hater”. That is complete rubbish and anyone with an average IQ that isn’t all wrapped up in the chaotic drama they entertain their staunch, unquestioning followers with knows it.
People that ask reasonable questions are often horse/animal lovers that are concerned about the horses that are being “rescued” by HiCal. Quite frankly, people that refuse to ask questions are the real haters. They are horse haters because they just don’t care to know what’s happening to innocent horses that don’t have a voice. You know, the horses that were attained using other peoples money and not HiCaliber’s. We know its not their money because according to Michelle, Ingrid, Rene, Robyn, Becky, Vicki, all of their board members and a host of others, everyone except for Romney Snyder are volunteers and many of them don’t have jobs outside of rescue.
The followers that tune-in to be entertained by HiCaliber from the comfort of their own homes can’t all be dense, gullible and naive. However, since they’re so invested in the drama and charade of rescuing, they refuse to ask questions that would burst their little bubbles if/when HC won’t answer them. No, they prefer to keep their heads firmly buried in the sand, do no critical thinking, and make excuses for all the double-talk, fabrications and lies spewing forth from the bottom of a Fireball whiskey bottle.

For the horse lovers, below are reasonable, responsible questions people should address to primarily/entirely donation-funded HiCaliber that runs designated fund-raisers several times every month.
This type of rescue (primarily or completely donation-funded) cannot operate without a lot of help from the generous public. They have at the very least an ethical responsibility to the public to answer questions when asked that go to accountability and to verify that what “they say” is the truth and they will produce documents to verify that.

Please copy and paste the questions below into the comment areas under HiCaliber’s numerous posts, send them to HC via PM and also send them via email.
These questions are based on what HC is posting publicly and there should not be any issues regarding why they won’t answer unless they are lying on multiple fronts.

This also creates a paper trail that can be sent to law enforcement agencies if/when these reasonable questions go unanswered to illustrate that the questions that responsible donation-funded rescues will answer were ignored and went unanswered.

HiCaliber – Please post the financial information itemized below. ALL responsible rescues post this information monthly. As you assert so often that you are responsible rescuers please post immediately. Thank you.

  1. Cash balances in all bank accounts.
  2. An accounts payable aging report.
  3. List of all credit lines, including letters of credit, and amounts borrowed
  4. List of all confirmed receivables, such as obligations for payments, donations, and loans.
  5. Fixed costs per month, broken into: Utilities, Salaries, Insurance and Rent.
  6. Monthly income statement.
  7. Balance Sheet.
  8. Cash Flow Statement

FYI: It has been widely documented that corrupt management teams tend to engage in bullying.


Additional Information Requested:
 Please publicly post:

  1. health certificates and coggins test results for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) for horses transported into the State of California from out of state, most recently Louisiana (37 according to your current postings on your Facebook page). This includes horses transported to your main facility at 11223 Calle Oro Verde, Valley Center, foster home facilities, adoptive homes, quarantine facilities, trainers, vet hospitals, etc.
  2. Veterinary reports and invoices for veterinary examinations done upon intake for ALL horses attained within California AND from out-of-state – i.e. auction/s, feedlot/s, private parties, Craigslist and other classified ads, etc.
  3. Veterinary reports and invoices for ALL horses that were/are surgical cases treated off-premises at veterinary hospitals.

Your rescue page admins are very active regarding postings on Facebook, so we trust this will not be a problem to publicly post all of the requested information.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to these requests.


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