HiCaliber and the “Louisiana Purchase”

Update 5/22/2013: more horses have arrived from Louisiana and Michelle is playing vet again, deworming weakened and debilitated horses (advised against on most dewormer packaging), running IV fluids (if the horses are so sick that they aren’t drinking enough to hydrate themselves, their current veterinarian should be called immediately), and generally harassing horses after a long trip they never should have gone on it the first place. The horses aren’t being quarantined and are co-mingling with horses at hicaliber.

Experienced horse people know and understand that these horses should be put in appropriate quarantine areas located a distance from the current resident horses, with plenty of water, monitored amounts of hay, given probiotics, and also electrolytes if necessary (observation will indicate if they are necessary, or not). 24 hour observation should be noted for at least 3-5 days, with notes documenting the day and time of observation making notes of the horses physical and mental condition. This would be in order to keep proper records to present to their veterinarian if the vet needs to be called out.
There are other things they could do for these horses that aren’t all that exciting in order to settle those horses in, but since excitement and entertaining their conned followers is their paramount concern and goal, too bad for the horses.

The reason michelle & company won’t do what’s right for the horses is because their followers must be entertained in order to keep them focused on hicaliber, and to keep the money rolling in. Money sent by followers that know less than she does about horses (i.e. most don’t know much, if anything, about horses because they’ve not been around horses and this is their opportunity to play at being rescuers even though its from afar.)

As usual for hicaliber and the egotist michelle, this is not about the horses and is mostly about keeping their groupies engaged on social media, entertained and sending MONEY.


ATTENTION TRUE ANIMAL LOVERS: If you are at all interested in stopping HiCaliber, Michelle, Romney, Rene and Ingrid from continuing to commit fraud to con the public out of their hard earned money please read the entire post and the material contained in the included links. There is also extensive proof of their crimes in other posts included in this blog. You will see that they use money from their deceived donors to buy horses that they claim to be rescuing. They then take them home and shoot them to make room for more. This is not rescue. This is how cons and kill pens operate.

At the end of this post you will find phone numbers and email addresses for the officials that have the authority to stop them. If you cannot find the time to make a call or send an email they will never be stopped – its as simple as that.
We have tried, but their close relationships with local officials have created roadblocks. State and Federal officials need to be contacted to get outside Michelle’s sphere of influence. Ingrid Abrash is a Federal Attorney for ICE and Homeland security. She thinks they saved her life (?!?!). We believe they saw a person they could use because of her job. We think they have actually made her complicit in their crimes, we think she should be VERY careful continuing to use her position to get them off the hook.   Just saying! Thank you.

For equine transportation requirements to enter California and Arizona, click on the link for the US Department of Agriculture and also a complete list of state requirements provided below.
There is also a link at the bottom of this post this page to contact the Department of Agriculture regarding calling the various Stateline inspection stations to alert them about the fact that many horses are crossing their state lines transported by haulers that don’t care about the rules, they use fake paperwork, they re-use paperwork all the time, and they also often get waved through without even looking at paperwork according to some of them:

California Horse Transport Laws






In 1803 The United States of America made a deal with France to purchase 828,000 square miles, known as the Louisiana Territory from France. Today we see California faux horse rescue, HiCaliber (faux) Horse Rescue reaching out to a horse dealer/broker in Louisiana to purchase 20 faux Thoroughbred horses. There appears to be no good reason why HiCaliber is purporting to rescue horses 1700 miles from home, but I’m sure if we think real hard we can imagine some reasons.

Romney is in Louisiana on this less than important horse buying trip, but we wanted to make the following observation. It might upset some viewers that we even mention this, but it goes to the ridiculous HiCaliber and it’s Principle players. As you will see below, there is no good reason for HiCaliber (Romney) to go to Louisiana. Years ago, Romney became the guardian of two autistic children. See seemed devoted to them for quite a while, but now we think she took them in for the government checks she lived off of.

Things seemed to change when Romney became a HiCaliber “celebrity”. The children that Romney should be devoted to for life seemed to take a back seat to her “stardom” (as low-rent as it is). Her mother was watching the kids more and more. Then she got engaged to Reality TV personality Darrel Sheets. The kids that were once Romney’s meal ticket became even less important. Maybe Darrel didn’t want them around. Who Knows. All we know is the one boy who was never reported being sick started getting sick. Often. This was right around the time Romney and Darrel’s engagement was announced.

A few months later, he is dead. Maybe he got sick because his mother was abandoning him. Whatever the reason, he died. A few days later, the mourning mother was in a parade with HiCaliber. That leaves one remaining autistic child. Then, a month after his brother dies, his mother goes to Louisiana on a horse buying trip. A totally unnecessary trip as you will find out in the following paragraphs. If Romney can be involved in killing healthy horses without batting an eye, maybe she could abandon her children, or even worse. We have felt sorry for the kids for a while now. We now are thinking the remaining son could be at risk.

Back To The Louisiana Purchase

Lets note here that Southern California has plenty of horses that need to be rescued. About 10,000 California horses go to slaughter every year even though horse slaughter activity has been illegal since November of 1998. Michelle and Romney are on the wrong side of this issue as they trade horses with a known slaughter kill buyer, and have stated many times that they are not interested in getting the ban on slaughter law enforced in California.

Then we get to May, 2017. Maybe its because Michelle and Romney have burned so many bridges and offended so many people in South California that they had to re-invent themselves once more and shop for crisis rescues in Louisiana. They became aware of some horses in Louisiana that were owned by a low-end dealer whose a convicted felon. The horses were not in jeopardy of shipping to slaughter because the current owner has no contract with any Mexican or Canadian Slaughter facilities. With that in mind, Michelle and Romney lied to their followers telling them that the horses were OTTB’s (Off  the Track Thoroughbreds) and were in IMMEDIATE jeopardy of being shipped to slaughter.

Interesting information is that the Louisiana Racing Commission has committed to keep registered TB race horses from going to slaughter. They were already working in the background to buy these horses. Instead of local Louisiana rescues asking for “help” as Michelle and Romney lied and said happened, instead, local Louisiana rescues reached out to Michelle and Romney asking them to stand down because arrangements were being made to rescue/buy the horses they were interested in. But instead of standing down they continued to lie to their followers and conned them into donating $40,000 to rescue horses that were already rescued. Louisiana rescues suggested that if they wanted to cover some of the local rescues expenses rescuing these local horses, they would appreciate donations from the money HiCal had already raised. Again. Michelle and Romney demonstrate that money talks and horses walk (Or actually get hauled 1700 miles in cramped trailers, in the heat, in supposed bad condition, possibly incubating diseases, to feed Michelle’s and Romney’s egos and pocketbooks).

Yes, we accused Michelle and Romney of lying.

First lie, they said that if they went to Louisiana, the horse owner required them to buy all 16 horses, a number that eventually increased to 20. Yet it has been proven as a lie on the blog “Shedrow Confessions”. The blog writer called Thompson Sale Yard in Louisiana where the 20 horses were still for sale, one or all.
Then there were 15 more horses mentioned in Michelle’s TV interview with a non-fact checking local TV station in San Diego, News10, which she said they’d need another $30,000 to rescue 15 more horses.
Michelle and Romney tried to justify the high cost of their rescue by identifying the first twenty horses as OTTB’s. Turns out that was a lie and maybe, we stress maybe, 2 of them had raced.

Michelle and Romney stated that Louisiana Horse Rescues reached out to them, but we don’t think they can prove that because we are being told that it never happened. If they do haul 35 horses to California, how many horses will they shoot to make room for the 35? How many of the 35 will they decide to shoot? How many horses will mysteriously die while being unnecessarily shipped 1700 miles? How many will arrive sick from disease or stress or both? Again, horses are not really important, just the money, because Michelle and Romney are greedy.

You can read more on the blog “Shedrow Confessions” at: https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2017/05/13/when-good-rescues-go-bad/





and one more


(the beauty of this is that with every lie Romney, Michelle, Ingrid Abrash – the federal homeland security senior attorney that’s helping hicaliber commit fraud, that Ingrid – rene and a host of other admins and players that can’t keep their stories straight because they’re liars committing all kinds of fraud, even when romney admits publicly that they’re scamming, albeit sarcastically as she’s scrambling and digging that deeper and deeper hole, she’s actually admitting the nonprofit scams and the collection of donations under false pretenses, and now that law enforcement is finally looking at this, its been obvious for years they’re committing fraud, but now with this con its federal fraud because they reached across statelines – keep lyin’ and yakking romney, you’re doing great. LOL)

So let’s talk about Louisiana horses. This is a state that has recently experienced several outbreaks of EHV-1. Investigations are ongoing. Why any rescue would jeopardize the wellbeing of horses in their home State of CA by hauling in possible EHV-1 disease carriers is unconscionable. Romney and Michelle know little about horses, so they are getting ready to possibly endanger every horse in California. They are proposing to buy upwards of 35 horses from a dealer that has regular outbreaks of “strangles”. Why? Greed is why.

I did read today that some people think that Romney and Michelle are getting conned by the Thompson horse dealers. What we know about HiCaliber over the past several years is that Michelle and Romney are the master cons. “Go for the no” and all that. If anything, they worked out a deal with Thompson’s and are not paying anywhere near $1,000 per horse. Really, the people getting conned are their deceived donors. An extra 15 horses. Well maybe they can be added to the original 20 to make a full truck load.

Let’s speculate a bit. What I believe to be true about Michelle and Romney is that the only thing that matters to them is money and maybe fame. If that is true, maybe the following makes sense for them financially. There were 20 horse originally, but they have to take them all (we all know that is a crock unless they are getting a low price. That is the only way that would make sense).

What is the least expensive way to transport horses? Well, that would be a large livestock trailer. Rough on horses, but who cares, right? They can haul more than 20 horses though. Maybe 35. Well, now Michelle and Romney are considering 15 more. Hmmm. Now they are at 35 horses. Let’s say they pay a hauler $5 per mile, a fair rate, to haul 35 horses 1700 miles. Well that would only be $8500. And let’s say they make a deal with Jacob Thompson to buy all 35 at $500 each. That would be $17,500. If you add the freight to the cost of the horses you get $26,000. Then add $3500 health cert and coggins and we’re at $29,500. Michelle and Romney require at least $70,000 from their donors. That is a $40,500 profit rescuing 35 horses that didn’t need to be rescued. That my friends is a pretty good payday and an exceptional con (read on, thats only if they get away with it because the horse loving public doesn’t stop them). We only worry that they will kill many horses to complete this con.

Michelle and Romney can only con those people that allow themselves to be conned. Wake up please. Think about what is going on and stop living for the entertainment value. The horses deserve your concern. California has become a hotbed of dissension for Michelle and Romney, forcing them to look to States 1700 miles away to perpetrate their cons. Hundreds of people see the truth. If you haven’t seen the con by now, why not?

Are you ready to help? Well, here are a few easy things that you can do. The only thing standing between the still living horses at HiCaliber and their unnecessary deaths is you. We tried San Diego Humane and San Diego County Animal Services. We were ignored by SD County Animal Services and were finally told, after 4 months, by Chief Stephen MacKinnon at SD Humane/SPCA that it was LEGAL for Michelle to shoot healthy horses. He used guidelines from a pro-slaughter organization in Illinois to come to his conclusions. He ignored CA guidelines and laws in the process. He did mention that he thought it was unethical and immoral and that higher powers should be contacted. In other words, he’s passing the mess to other agencies. Because shooting healthy horses is not legal, and neither is using them to commit fraud, if you will help make some phone calls, send emails and faxes and fill out a few on-line complaint forms, we can stop the obscene murders of additional horses at the hands of Michelle and Romney. Social media is fine for sharing information, but to really have an impact, law enforcement that oversees investigations and enforcement of laws must be contacted by as many horse lovers and concerned citizens because they don’t know crimes are happening unless they are notified.

HiCaliber Horse Rescue, Inc.
EIN #: 46-3960722

California Attorney Generals office:

Complaints call: 916-445-2021
FAX: 916-444-3651

Complaint Form for Charities:

The complaints should include fund-raising fraud regarding the fact that they are misleading and lying to the public regarding the collection of funds for 16, or 20, or 35 (which is it?) OTTB’s, but they are not all, or even primarily, off the track Thoroughbreds, which is fraud.
They are also misrepresenting the situation regarding they must buy them all, which is false because they didn’t even know which horses were which when they began the fundraiser.
They have also “misplaced”, and maliciously shot to death several hundred horses (which are considered assets) from 2016.
They need to be investigated regarding all of the horses whereabouts that they already attained through the use of donation money on fraudulent fund-raisers using the threat of horses shipping to slaughter to collect donations.

An audit is also in order regarding the past 3 1/2 years since when they first registered with the state of CA and the IRS as a nonprofit (October 16, 2013).

Louisiana Attorney General


Department of Transportation


Please contact the the DOT offices in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California and advise them that horses without the proper paperwork and haulers without proper licensing are traveling through their States, as we speak.

Louisiana State Veterinarian


Advise them that horses without the proper paperwork and haulers without proper licensing are traveling through the above mentioned States, as we speak. They originate at Thompson’s Feed Lot and are headed to HiCaliber Horse Rescue in Valley Center CA.

Louisiana Bureau of Investigation

225-326-6197 – FAX

Advise them that horses without the proper paperwork and haulers without proper licensing are traveling through the above mentioned States, as we speak. Same complaints as to the California Attorney General regarding the commission of possible fraud, misrepresentation, racketeering, conspiracy, etc. HiCaliber is also dealing with a convicted felon whose on probation (Jacob Thompson).

California Department of Food and Agriculture
Animal Health and Food Safety Services
Animal Health Branch

916-900-5333 FAX
Karen Ross – Secretary at CDFA: karen.ross@cdfa.ca.gov

916-654-0466  office hours 8 am – 5 pm  Leave voice mail from 5 pm – 8 am
916-654-0462  Public Affairs

Complaints are regarding:
1. Advise them that horses without the proper paperwork and haulers without proper licensing are traveling through the above mentioned States, as we speak.
2. The previous alleged illegal transporting of the “turn the truck around” horses episode. No paperwork was ever posted regarding the owner of the horses when 9 horses allegedly left California to go to slaughter, which was then changed by HiCaliber as going to a sale. These documents include the horses health certificates and coggins reports to leave California and enter Arizona. On the return trip when HiCaliber indicated they had taken ownership of the horses, they would have been required to have brand inspections to leave Arizona to “go back” to California. NOTHING was ever posted regarding any documentation.
2. Complaints regarding the transportation of 20-35 horses in debilitated condition from Louisiana to California that may be incubating communicable diseases which could cause an infection outbreak of EHV-1 (http://www.thehorse.com/articles/27373/neurologic-ehv-1-the-top-five-things-you-need-to-know), strangles (http://www.bendequine.com/documents/Strangles.pdf), vesicular stomatitis (https://www.thespruce.com/vesicular-stomatitis-in-horses-1886433) that could endanger the lives of horses in California.

CDFA State Veterinarian:

Dr. Annette Jones, DVM

Complaints, same as above to the CDFA. This vet did nothing regarding securing paperwork for the turn the truck around horses that in that episode left the state with 9 horses but somehow came back with 11. Heres a link to their GoFundMe fundraiser for this faux rescue: https://www.gofundme.com/stopthetruck.

This fundraiser was also run under Romney Snyder’s name; did she pay income tax on the money she received? Something else to include in complaints to the California Attorney Generals office.

This is building a paper trail that authorities have been apprised of the situation in November 2016 and are being notified again.

GoFund Me                                                       

Their current fund raising scam are at the links: https://www.gofundme.com/OTTB20 and  https://www.gofundme.com/KillPen10. GoFundMe should be informed that these are fraudulent fundraisers and should be discontinued and the accounts frozen until the AG’s office has a chance to look at them.
They are both also being run under Romney Synder’s name again (see below for filing complaints with the IRS and possibly be paid a reward by the IRS for reporting possible scams and income tax fraud) and should also be reported to the California AG’s office as fraud regarding the lies being told in order to receive donations.

Share the blog posts by Shedrow Confessions and also this blog post in order to illustrate to the Attorney Generals office and the CDFA what is occurring with this rescue and also Romney Snyder who started these fundraisers.
GoFund Me must be notified that it is a fraudulent fundraiser because these horses are not in a killpen and are not in danger of shipping to slaughter from this location where they are owned by low-end horse traders, not kill buyers.

Emily Thode
Reporter at 10News


619-237-1010 – main office
619-237-6383 – News desk

News Director: Tiffani Lupenski

General Manager: Joel Davis

She ran a false story and helped HiCaliber in the collection of who knows how many thousands of dollars in donations. You can read the story and watch the video here:

Her story is chockfull of falsehoods (horse slaughter is black market? We all know its a multi-billion dollar industry that is legal, well, except in the state where HiCaliber operates) and it should be demanded that they retract their story and provide a truthful story.
Emily Thode and News10 are literally helping HiCaliber commit fraud, and other crimes, which begs the question regarding what connection might Emily Thode have to HiCaliber that she is helping spread lies to the public and is enabling them to break laws with her Seal of Approval.

Contact news media local to Jacob Thompsons facility where the horses are at and apprise them of whats going on and get them to do a true story on the situation.

Stephen MacKinnon – San Diego Humane – Email: SMacKinnon@sdhumane.org

This is the amazing, not, man that is a close friend of Michelle and Romney who claims it is legal to shoot healthy animals.

HiCalibers Board of Directors includes:

  1. Michelle Cochran – Founder, President
  2. Romney Snyder – CEO
  3. Kimberly Roeh – Secretary
  4. Ingrid Abrash
  5. Brittany Lindell
  6. Kat Tarrowski
  7. Jessica Anderson, DVM
  8. Richie Price

These Board Members are equally responsible for the operations and functioning of this 501c3 charity. Drop them a line on Facebook, post the list of their names with a link to these blog posts, and they will be unable to plead ignorance of what is occurring.
If/when they are contacted by the AG’s office, the IRS, and other law enforcement agencies, they will be unable to plead ignorance and will be culpable in the possible/blatant commission of fraud, misrepresentation, conspiracy, racketeering, felony cruelty to animals, etc.

For people that have been attacked and defamed by Michelle, Romney, Ingrid, and any other hicaliber cohorts in crime that reside in CA (several other states also allow defamation suits in small claims court for varying amounts and the plaintiff must sue the in the defendant/s court where they reside), be aware of the fact that the victim of their defamation can file a small claims action for defamation for up to $7500. You must file within a year of the defamation in most small claims courts.
Of course, it is available to anyone that feels they are being wrongly defamed, so be careful what you write (libel), or what you say (slander) and if you don’t have facts and proof to back up what you’re saying is true, probably better to not write and/or say it.

We will be posting the details to include in complaints to various State Attorney Generals and Charities Commissions as well as the IRS and CA Franchise Tax Board. We are looking for their 2016 990 filing and CA tax filing. If they are anything like their 2015 filings there well be a lot of interest from both agencies.


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