OK, HC, You Win.

Rick and Laura Bell are fed up. You keep referring to the unjust attack you made on them and their Sanctuary in 2013. You won’t let it go! They have tried to handle things in Court. Michelle, you said that “you would go to Court and stand behind everything you said about them”. Why won’t you go to court Michelle? We know why you didn’t show up.

Anyone who knows how to get a hold of Michelle’s ex-husband, please let us know. There are many, many reasons why Michelle should not have kids or animals to abuse. Her alcoholism is just one reason.

When you attacked the Bell’s, you were doing so as an individual.  HCHR was not filed, in any way, with California or the Feds. If you used donation money to defend yourself, as Ingrid suggested in her most recent attempt to garner sympathy, you committed fraud. Things have been set in motion to prove that allegation.

You had your opportunity to go to Court, but you illegally used donation money, that should have protected animals, to weasel out of appearing. Now you are continuing to abuse them by calling the Bells nutjobs. Well, you have been taking your abuse of them too far. You will go to court. You, Romney, Ingrid, and anyone else that has continued to defame them. There are several HC followers that the Bell’s are preparing to sue. A word of caution to the rest. NOTHING Michelle said about The Bells and their Sanctuary was true. If you repeat things about the Bells that you heard from Michelle, you should know you are defaming them.

They are preparing a more in-depth post, but do all of you know that the Bell’s were never accused of any crime by law enforcement? They were never charged with any crimes, they were not prosecuted, and they most assuredly were not convicted of anything.

Their records proved that the horses were being fed and watered daily. The empty water trough Michelle used to defame the Bell’s was actually a feeder. It had no plug in it, Michelle, you asshole.

There were 70 horses on the property and approx. 20 that were acutely or chronically ill, with a few that were terminally ill. The Bell’s had reached out to everybody, including Michelle and Romney, for help and to get information. Michelle and Romney stated that they knew the horses at The Starlight Sanctuary were sick and that most of the animals looked great, even though Michelle stated on her staged videos that every animal on the property looked the same. Michelle is evil. She lies as much as Donald Trump.

She changed her story and wrote after the attack began. When some people questioned her about the horses that looked fine in the videos when Michelle didn’t keep her camera held down as she was huffing and puffing around the property. Michelle quipped that the Bells “put their good looking horses in the outside (perimeter) corrals”.  Romney stated in a written conversation with Laura Bell on 8/17-18/2013 “we’re not talking about your fat and happy’s” and “he’s handsome” when Laura sent photos of some of the nice looking horses on the property.

Michelle states over and over that the Bell’s refused help. Yet when the Bells offered her 8-10 young adoptable horses for free, Michelle ignored the offer. Maybe it was because they required Michelle to sign a document stating that she wouldn’t kill them if she couldn’t adopt them out. When the Bells discussed the 20 sick horses going to HiCaliber, their response was that they need to stay with the Bells because they run a sanctuary and are better equipped to care for the sick horses (that were un-adoptable and would be a hindrance to HC).

Michelle and Romney actually ran a fund-raiser to “Save The Starlight Horses” (documented in screen-shots). They collected thousands of dollars to “save” the Bell’s horses, and not 1 penny went to the horses the donations were collected to help/save. The Bell’s want to know where their money is Michelle? Oh, thats right, a new sprinkler system appeared at Michelle’s property that she got free rent on from the monks at the monastery. Mere days before the attack on the Bell’s, it is documented that Michelle was broke and her home was in foreclosure, so what’s up with the new sprinkler system?

To reiterate, the Bell’s were found to be adequately caring for all the animals they had in their possession. The sick horses were being treated and were under vet care. They were providing adequate food, water and maintenance. At the time Michelle set them up for her untruthful attack, they were struggling to identify and cure the parasite issues with approx. 20 horses. An original diagnosis was incorrect. A vet determined they were infected with lice when they still had their long winter coats. Turns out that they had sarcoptic mites (mange). While the treatment of the horses is the same whether it is lice or sarcoptic mites, the mites require far more work to kill them in the soil and on equipment. Rick got a scabies infection on his index finger that took three months and 14 treatments to cure. This should give any reasonable person an idea how difficult sarcoptic mites are to get rid of. IMange used to be a reportable disease requiring quarantine.

They were never charged with any crime or had any animals seized. They take in animals that nobody else wants, or that disgusting people like Michelle and Romney just kill after the animals ability to get them more crisis donations has run out. Animals that get to The Starlight Sanctuary/Hospice are given a home for life.

Michelle lied about calling animal control as soon as she left the Bell’s property. She NEVER called animal control on Friday. This was verified by Animal Control. She didn’t call them until after Monday, and only after she and Romney were unsuccessful in extorting the Bell’s nice horse from them. Michelle’s offer was for the Bell’s to give her the horses of her choosing (cherry-picking) that were not sick and she wouldn’t go public. The Bell’s refused and called animal control themselves on 8/18/2013 (left a lengthy voice mail because they were closed) and again first thing Monday morning asking them to come to their property asap (two animal control officers arrived at approx. 9 AM on Monday, 8/19/2013). This pissed Michelle off because her seizure scam wasn’t going as she had planned. Even though Michelle was sill threatening to  go public on 8/19/2013 she had already gone public on 8/17-18/2013 while Romney was still trying to convince Laura to knuckle-under “or else” (conversation is in writing).

Michelle talked about Atlas, the big Dutch Warmblood that the Bells found at the Fallon Feed Lot. He had a chronic injury which had him headed to slaughter. Laura was concerned that others would try to use him hard too soon and exacerbate his injury. Michelle lied and said he looked thin. Laura posted a picture of him asking people if he looked thin. Of course he didn’t and many people were leaving comments such as “no, he looks great”, “wow, awesome horse and he’s not thin, who said that?”, and many other positive comments because Atlas looked fine. This angered Michelle too according to Romney’s comments in writing to Laura.

A large part of Michelle’s attack on the Starlight Sanctuary had to do with Guiness. She told people that she had to roam the property looking for him, yet he was in a corral right at the street and she parked the truck and trailer right next to him when she drove in! He was in a corral that was set up specifically for Michelle so she would have no issue finding him. Additionally, Laura said she would leave a can of lice spray in front of the corral. AFTER she loaded him (with a mare picked up at the feedlot that had a severe upper respiratory infection, snotty nose, etc), she went on a search for him trespassing on the Bell’s property. Such a liar!

Here are some more facts about Guiness. Michelle states that he was with the Bells for two months. In reality, he was with the Bells for 32 days. Michelle and Romney said the owner paid $900 for him, when she actually paid $400. He had badly injured hocks when the feedlot bought him, and the Bells were told by Romney Snyder that the owner of Guiness stated that if she knew the severity of his injuries, she wouldn’t have purchased him.

The Bells went to the feedlot to pick up Guiness where a months board was due. They paid the $180 board out of their own pockets, paid another $40 for his hoof trim while at the feedlot and took Guiness home under the promise that he would be picked up by owner. The owner of Guiness never offered any refund to the Bells for the $500+ the Bells spent on him. The Bells were feeding him 30 to 40 lbs of hay plus grain every day, but he kept losing weight. After two weeks of no word from the owner and no idea when he would be picked up, Laura starting treated him for parasites including oral dewormer, mite/lice spray and pour on dewormer. She also treated and bandaged his hocks. After another week he started showed signs of adding weight and his hocks were looking much better than what they were at the feedlot where they were not being treated.

Here we have a sick horse, so Michelle loaded this guy up and hauled him with another horse that had a severe respiratory infection (witnesses have verified this). He was hauled for over twelve hours with no water or feed. When he arrived in Southern California, he was obviously sucked up and looking thinner than when he left Nevada. Michelle then used his deteriorated condition to further abuse the Bells. To bad for Michelle that the owner of Guiness had a falling out with her. A photo of him was attained which Michelle took of Guiness while still at the Bell’s. The photo shows Guiness in much better condition than when he arrived in San Diego after his 12+ hour haul. Funny, but the Bells also have a picture of Guiness several weeks after he arrived in San Diego. Still doesn’t look as good as he did at the Bell’s. Michelle is such a liar. Go ahead and sue us Michelle. You would if we were lying wouldn’t you? You sue everyone else.

She said she threw up after leaving the Bell’s. Mind you, blog readers who actually care about the truth, Michelle she spent 14 years killing dogs and cats at San Diego Animal Control and speaks about all the abuse cases where she arrested people and seized their animals. If she threw up, it was probably from drinking too much, not from seeing 20 sick animals, along with 50 fat and happy’s (Michelle’s and Romney’s words written while still trying to extort animals from the Bell’s).

Now here is the real telling thing. The Bells have a printout of an PM between the owner of Guiness and Michelle written a few hours after she left the Bell’s. Apparently they were unaware of the fact that Laura had been included in the PM conversation earlier and was never removed. The owner of Guiness asks how things were going (she was in a meeting and had to get in touch with Michelle when she took a break). Michelle replies that other than a flat tire everything was great. No other problems. No mention of issues with Guiness or the Sanctuary. NO MENTION from someone who had just thrown up because the experience was soooo hard for this seasoned ACO to handle. Remember readers that Michelle never left her killing ways behind when she left San Diego County Animal Services (seeing the horrible work evaluation she got from her superiors) before they fired her.  You are aware the Michelle shoots healthy horses in the lead while joking and making negative disgusting comments about the horses she shoots. Horses shot with malice for no reason other than Michelle didn’t want to feed them. What an asshole Michelle is. Lies, lies and more lies.

So have any of you read Ingrid’s post recently post where she tried to garner support for Michelle with lies and misrepresentations. In it she talks about owing their hay guy $40,000 due to an error in bookkeeping. Can anyone tell us who they are buying hay from. We think he should know that they believe they have several hidden bank accounts that we believe have tens of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in them. You all know there are many secrets at HiCaliber but this one should upset any person who has given them money. Did you know that they have a short time to come up with $2,000,000 to buy the facility they now lease? It’s curious, we think it’s curious anyway, that they never talk about raising money to buy the facility. So lets look at the evidence. They Rescue horses but require donors to donate hundreds and even thousands of dollars above the purchase price of the horse so they can provide vet care, farrier care and feed for at least two months. Then they take the horses to their facility and shoot them. Where does the excess money go. You guessed it! Into their hidden bank accounts. They think you are all suckers. Well maybe you are. The Bells were suckered into trusting Michelle and Romney. Look what it got them. Hay guy, they have your money and a lot more.

Newsflash: As soon as their villagers give them enough money to buy the $2,000,000 facility they are in they will get out of rescue. Just a prediction but we think we are right!

Another interesting question is why did Michelle head for home instead of calling law enforcement to meet her at the Bell’s property to view all the neglected horses. She could also have had the sheriff’s office call Laura to have her get back home immediately to meet with them? Or, if Michelle wanted to “help” the Bell’s and didn’t want to get law enforcement involved, why didn’t she contact Laura and ask her to return home immediately so they could discuss the situation? Why did Michelle instead wait until approx. 6 PM on 8/16/2013 to text Laura while Michelle was still on the road hauling sick horses (the health certificate for Guiness had expired a month earlier, so he was being transported illegally per California livestock transportation laws)?

So many questions, so few factual answers, so many lies emanating from Michelle.

So the Bells want to know, where is the money you raised to save the Starlight Horses Michelle?
They want to know where the vet records are for every horse you bought in 2016 and 2017. You cannot claim to be totally “transparent”, “an open book” with “nothing to hide” and refuse to provide them. Doing so is FRAUD.

We are coming for you and now the Bell’s are going to help full time! Again, anyone who knows how to get a hold of Michelle’s ex, please let him and his lawyer know that we have tons of information proving that she is an unfit mother. Just her alcoholism is enough to get her kids taken away and there is so much more.

Common Sense: Do you have it? Or do you still follow HCHR? If you have it, use it. Lives depend on it!

  1. If you are a follower of HCHR, you know that many of the women that are in the HC inner circle are obsessed with sex. Michelle talks about dicks and vaginas regularly. She refers to the private body parts of others as a regular theme in her writing. She even talks about her poor abused son putting things up his butt in the video where he is wearing a diaper below and one on his head. Did you know that Michelle sued employers for sexual harassment not once, but twice. Common sense would suggest that because of her behavior at HC, the accusations of sexual abuse against her employers was a setup just like she set up the Bell’s. And many of you have seen Michelle. Do you really think anyone would hit on her. Disgusting fat pig who doesn’t know what horses she should not be riding because of her massive size. She still gets on 900 lb horses. After all of her horse experience she can’t even mount a horse properly. Poor horses. If she injures a horses by pulling it’s spine out of place because she is mounting horses that are too small for her obesity and because she mounts them incorrectly her followers don’t need to worry. She can just shoot the poor horse along with the 56 others that should have been safe. An her villagers will just go ahead and give them more money while you forget about the poor horses.
  2. Michelle was an ACO for 14 years, or 12 or 13 depending on how sober she was when she was recalling her past. She also said a few years ago that she was in law enforcement for 17 years. Must have started real young.
  3. Did you know that Michelle slipped and fell while working as an ACO and has used that slip and fall and her supposed traumatic brain injury to collect disability for years?
    Do you know that Michelle had many very bad work evaluations as an ACO? Maybe you could ask Michelle to have her work evaluations released to us so we can prove what a terrible ACO she was. She also states that she has a euthanasia certificate, maybe her followers can get her to post that too.
    Did you know she tried to get permanent disability (after her personal injury lawsuit in regard to her “accident” fell through and was dismissed), claiming a permanent brain injury. How is it HC followers that Michelle can run the most active horse rescue in the world, but not be able to perform the duties of an ACO? More fraud?
    Our opinion is that she is still getting disability because San Diego Animal Services doesn’t want her back.
    At her hearing in a public video seeking permanent disability (she didn’t show up at that hearing), the State Doctors claim she had no sign of permanent injury but did diagnose her with Histrionic Personality Disorder. Mentally ill, narcissist and alcoholic. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. Michelle has gotten a lot of sympathy from her domestic violence accusations against her ex. She even posted pictures and a diatribe telling her faithful followers that she was beaten by her ex. What she doesn’t tell her sympathetic followers is that she got arrested, not her ex. We think she attacked him and got bruised in the fight. You all have seen her, right. What does she weight, 300 lbs? (poor horses). She has been in law enforcement for 17 years (according to her written statement). Is it possible Michelle’s ex was abused? Use your brains people. Children and animals depend on you stopping your support of HC.

Stay tuned because this information is just scratching the surface of deception involving Michelle, Romney and HC.


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  1. It is “liar” not “lier.”


    1. You must be one of the village idiots. Thanks for the heads up on Lier. It always surprises me that HC followers are ok with all the murdered horses and missing horses, all of the fraud, all of the missing money, the total lack of transparency, the constant lies and misrepresentations and they come away with “lier”. Your friends are going to jail. Don’t get caught up in their wake. Your comment caused me to correct my misspelling so while there I added a bunch of stuff. Let Michelle and Romney know please.


  2. I am not a follower. I saw them on Horrible Horsemanship and googled them for reviews and this is what I found. There is quite a bit of information out there.


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