HiCaliber Horse Rescue Liars -True Story About Their Attack Of The Starlight Sanctuary

As Laura and Rick are now members of our group, we have been able to convince them to tell the real story behind Michelle’s and Romney’s attack on them. We are presenting their story with documented facts for two reasons:
First, as Michelle has said over and over, attacking the Starlight Sanctuary  put HiCaliber on the map.
Secondly, even though the attack was unjustified and premeditated, Michelle and Romney continue to blame the Bell’s for everything that goes wrong in their lives and constantly refer to the attack as their “outing” of a major neglect case. The Bells have tried to move on, but Michelle and Romney keep pulling them back in.

It is important for you to read about horse mange to begin to understand what was going on at the Starlight Sanctuary/Hospice. Rick and Laura were struggling to cure their horses and instead of helping them Michelle and Romney viciously attacked them . They even ran fund-raisers to help the Starlight Horses and then kept all the money. Really nice people.

  1. http://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/showthread.php?253812-Horse-s-hair-falling-out-fungus-Mites
  2. http://www.vetstream.co.uk/hampdenvets/html/Factsheets/Horse/24_269966.asp

We will present the Bell’s story in four chapters as follows:

Chapter 1 – The History

Chapter 2 – The Set-up

Chapter 3 – The Attack

Chapter 4 – The Results

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