Are HiCaliber Horse Rescue Vets Unethical, Immoral or maybe they are just plain clueless?

We have watched Michelle and Romney at HiCaliber Horse Rescue commit crimes again and again for some time now. We have tried to give their followers a pass because it is quite evident that most of them know very little about horses or the rescue world. However, there volunteers and their cheerleaders do not get a pass. These are the people that are close to the action, so when they overlook the animal cruelty crimes, we can’t excuse them. In our opinion, they are as cruel and immoral as Michelle and Romney.

They watch Romney diagnose horses ailments, yet she knows nothing substantive about horses. It took her years just to figure out horse colors. Now the volunteers and cheerleader watch and film as she stoles though the sale yard parking lot as if she has gone to vet school. She makes all kinds of wild diagnoses (mostly incorrect diagnoses by the way) about horses that she is likely just setting up for a bullet in the head. We have started preparing paperwork that accuses their volunteers and cheerleaders of the same crimes that Michelle and Romney commit. We feel if you won’t see reason and stop helping them commit crimes you are a culpable as they are.

We can’t say enough about how evil it is for Michelle and Romney to have such a close relationship with Dave Meisner, the man Michelle and Romney call “V”, and identify as a kill buyer. Horse slaughter activity is illegal in California. Don’t any of you think it is wrong for them to deal so regularly and closely with a criminal “Kill Buyer”? They should be having him arrested. That would save thousands of horses. But that would cut into their gravy train of exploiting horses headed to slaughter in a State where Slaughter is illegal. Oh yeah, and for all of you mindless donors who have showered hundreds of thousands of dollars on them, the reason Michelle and Romney don’r really try to help thousands of horses in their own words is “there is no money for enforcement”. What exactly are they stashing their money away for?

The San Diego County Animal Services and San Diego Humane Society SPCA are charged with protecting animals from cruelty. Michelle wrote that she shoots horses in the head with her 22. In California, that is not only animal cruelty, but the use of a gun makes it a felony. We sent complaints to both agencies. They did nothing about someone who admitted committing acts of cruelty. Maybe this can be explained by the following? Romney wrote us twice regarding the relationship HiCaliber has with these two agencies. She wrote that the agencies would do nothing to HiCaliber Criminals about their crimes because they had friends in both agencies. We say what the hell? What they should have done is acknowledge the conflict and send the complaint to the DA. No, they just swept it under the rug. This is disturbing to us, but we are now forced to seek justice for the illegally shot horses with higher authorities.

Now we get to the Veterinarians that get so much free press from HiCaliber. Dr. Grove was HiCaliber’s primary vet for years. He is also a board member. Recently we learned that Dr Grove is no longer the primary vet of HiCaliber. We are wondering why the change in their relationship? Is Dr. Grove too busy for the people who practically made his practice? Or maybe Dr. Grove got tired of the illegal goings on at HiCaliber and decided to create some distance. We don’t think he can put enough distance between himself and HiCaliber. We think he is smack dab in the middle of their criminal behavior. That is why he hasn’t reported their crimes to the authorities. He hasn’t reported HiCaliber, even though he is obligated to report per his profession. We sent Dr. Grove an email showing Michelle admitting her crimes. Like everyone else, he failed to respond. Maybe he thinks its best to go down with the sinking ship than to report Michelle and Romney. How any vet could stand by and watch Michelle shoot innocent rescue horses is beyond our ability to comprehend. Maybe he is just like them?

We will discuss the other vets working for HiCaliber in our next post. They appear to be as bothered by the animal cruelty that Michelle has admitted that Dr. Grove appears to be.

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