HiCaliber Horse Rescue Might Be The Worst Of The Worst.

We ran a poll for a week to see what our readers thought about California Animal Cruelty laws and the behavior of rescues. What became abundantly clear is that most people who answered our questions understood that shooting innocent healthy horses in NON-EMERGENCY SITUATIONS IN CALIFORNIA, or any healthy animal, is a crime.

They also believe that rescues that lie and/or refuse to share documents that they say they have are not only failing all criteria of transparency but are also committing fraud against the public and should be arrested.

There were, however, a few people answering the questions by stating that the behavior of HiCaliber’s Michelle Cochran and Romney Snyder is OK with them. Several even said that when it came to enforcement of the ban on horse slaughter and punishing Michelle and Romney for committing animal cruelty, over and over, they just didn’t care.

This is very disturbing, but it explains the success of HiCaliber. You see, they have a core group of people who don’t care if Michelle and Romney lie. They don’t care if Michelle and Romney commit fraud and acts of cruelty. They don’t care that Michelle and Romney participate in illegal slaughter activity.

They don’t care whether Michelle and Romney act like they are soooo knowledgeable about horses but in reality know very little, certainly not enough to justify them deciding what horses live and what horses die. Certainly not enough for the Tuesday reality show shenanigans at the sale yard where Romney self-importantly strolls around being video taped. Strolling around like some field general inspecting the troops. Strolling around making ridiculous statements about the condition of horses as if she is a veterinarian or even has enough experience with horses to have an opinion. Strolling around exploiting at-risk horses, at an auction yard, to prey on the sympathy and good will of the followers that only see what they want them to see.



Who cares if they have to kill a dozen to make room for a dozen more. Tomorrow is sale day. They can’t take care of the horses they have (shooting them in the head is not taking care of them), but will certainly be at the sale buying more poor horses.

HiCaliber cheerleaders really don’t care about the horses and now they have at least admitted it.

They do think all of the reality show antics are worth supporting HiCaliber. They actually liked the testicle eating episode. They like the swearing and attacking that goes on in almost every episode, at least those that feature foul-mouthed Michelle. They like the episode where they attack people for asking questions. They liked the episode where Michelle shows her bruises and talks about the domestic battery she endured. She was looking for the sympathy of her followers, so she neglected to tell them that the police arrested her. At least that is what we understand. Is it possible that she was arrested because she was the abuser and got hurt when her husband fought back? They especially like all the drunkenness that seems to be escalating into real substance abuse issues. And what about the kids that are exposed to this outrageous behavior.

The HiCaliber villagers also like to hear how Michelle has been in Law Enforcement for 17 years and worked as an animal control officer for 14 of those. She will tell you how she was disliked by her animal control peers, but failed to tell you about all the really bad work evaluations she got from her bosses. Maybe she will tell her followers how many thousands of helpless animals she killed in 14 years. And now, the HiCaliber followers are helping her kill more animals.

Tuesday is tomorrow. Tuesdays are sad days for us. Tuesdays are the days when HiCaliber Horses Rescue, Michelle Cochran and Romney Snyder buy more horses that they just made room for.

For the villagers that do care, please stop financing their crimes. We can’t really make our big push to get Michelle, Romney and anyone else involved in their animal cruelty and fraud crimes arrested, but you could help.
You could help by stepping back, by not funding their activities and by just caring enough about the horses to force Michelle and Romney to disclose the actual whereabouts of ALL the horses they have purchased with your money. Care enough to post Michelle’s Vet Tech license and Euthanasia certificate.

Caring for animals is why the villagers should be villagers. Please just start caring about what happens to them after the crisis-rescue is over and the donations stop coming in. This is one time in your life that you could help by doing nothing. Keep the money you have for your family and force Michelle and Romney to take care of the horses they already have. Thank you.

PS – The reason we keep asking Michelle and Romney to tell us where ALL the horses, they bought with donation money are, is we believe they are using their friend “V”, AKA: David Meisner the “kill buyer” to back-door horses to slaughter. They make all of the grandiose claims that they have 70 horses in training, 90 in foster care, dozens in “secret” facilities where the public and their villagers are not allowed (very transparent! what is going on their that they don’t want you to see). We don’t think these horses exist anymore. We think they are dead. We won’t know, and you won’t know, until they actually become transparent. They claim to be but just another one of their lies.

Please help! Thank you.


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