Michelle Cochran – HiCaliber Horse Rescue Founder Talks About Horses.

We keep trying to convince HiCaliber followers that there is something terribly wrong going on at HiCaliber Horse Rescue. Below you will see a few quotes from HiCaliber Founder, Michelle Cochran, talking about a few horses that were scared and defensive because their lives had just been turned upside down.

First – The Protective Pair – We can’t be sure but we think that the two horses talked about by Michelle in our first example are Lucy and Mara. This cute little pair might be dead now because Michelle is not qualified to handle challenging horses. Even her ability to “psychically communicate” with horses didn’t seem to work. As you all remember, Michelle has told us that she doesn’t train horses and has never learned a training methodology.

We should all know that horses can’t talk, other than Mr. Ed, meaning that she psychically communicates with horses. I fear that Michelle might be hearing voices, but not the voices of horses. We fear the voices are telling her that these two need a 22 bullet in their heads. I’m pretty sure that message is not coming from the horses. The horses, however, might be hearing Michelle’s thoughts about killing them. Thoughts emanating from  Michelle that would certainly make them more difficult to handle. Read how Michelle talks about these two cuties in a post and what encouraging words she has for a potential adopter.

Michelle wrote: “We wish we could tell you more about these little fuckers, but they won’t let us near them. We can tell you that they have vaginas. Beyond that, I love Dr. Anderson took much to even try to have her look at them without being in a shark-diving cage.

We will waive their fee to any bat-shit crazy yet qualified home and send you with a Costco sized handle of Fireball Whiskey.


Now remember villagers, the purported purpose of this post was to save the lives of Lucy and Mara and find them a suitable home. Do you all think she accomplished that goal or did she possibly undermine their adoption with her description. We can only hope that Lucy and Mara are not two of the horses Michelle has admitted to illegally shooting.

Second Case – Here we can see Michelle’s disdain for any animal that is the slightest bit difficult. If we have the best interest of the animals in mind, we always remember that their lives have just been turned upside down. They were just hauled to a sale frequented by kill buyers and were likely owned by people who didn’t care about them and mistreated them. We don’t think Michelle thinks like that. She isn’t interested in learning how to train horses, so if a horse or mule gives inexperienced, insensitive Michelle a little trouble, her thoughts likely go to killing them.

In her own words, here is how she spoke about JD a hinny mule. Michelle wrote “Remember last year when when I offered sexual favors to anyone who would save me from, er adopt, JD the hinny, also (formerly) know as the biggest equine jerkass in history? I’m a horse girl, not a jackass whisperer. I am not exactly sure what drugs she (Romney) was on when she thought I could tame Cujo the long eared asshole.

I get it. Mules are smart. Probably smarter than me. But I am Smart enough to know, I am not the girl for this job. I’ve got the hematoma to prove it. At least I didn’t break a leg! (Silver lining/fireball talking)”.

Third Case – Again Michelle demonstrated a total emotional disconnect from the animals she claims she is saving/rescuing and finding homes for. Great to tell your audience that a horse or mule or burro is too crazy to handle. Is that any way to find an adopter. She should be talking the animals up and making sure anyone that shows an interest is experienced enough to to handle that particular animal. Michelle just can’t control herself. Michelle wrote the following:

“…while darker, cuter and much less of a douchenozzel – (she) is very much a dick. She is not aggressive like her friend Lucifer (JD) but is as stubborn as a…mule. …for the love of all things holy, there HAS TO BE some crazier person than me out there who needs to make a HUGE deposit into their karma bank; a woman with a giant life insurance policy on her spouse; a drunken hillbilly who knows how to communicate with a bucked-tooth, antenna -head, doubled barrel demon or a bleeding heart who just wants to prove me wrong…”

We know, villagers, that you are mostly into the reality show antics, but do the quotes from Michelle above seem to you like they were written by someone who likes animals? Were they written by someone who was trying to give the animals their best chance to be adopted? Or, as we believe, were they written by someone who thinks so much of herself that any animal that defies her must be EVIL.

You know, villagers, Michelle has stated many times that she knows little about horses. She has no learned training methodology. She has limited riding experience evidenced by the fact that she doesn’t even know how to mount a horse properly. She promotes bitless tack because, frankly, she is SO unschooled at riding, her hands are not educated to use even the most gentle of bits. Oh, and she is not interested in learning any of these things. She rides dead broke horses bitless and encourages you to follow her lead because she can’t ride with a bit. When she tried, she exposed her lack of training and riding skill. What will she say when one of your kids or yourself gets injured or killed because a horse spooked and the rider lacked the control to stop the horse.

You have to decide for yourselves what advise of Michelle’s you will follow. But take it from real horse people that are watching the circus freak-show at hchr, she doesn’t know shit about horses. Watch “What the bleep do we know!? Down the rabbit hole”. If water can be affected by negative words salient creatures certainly must.

We are writing to stop Michelle and Romney from illegally killing and disappearing horses. Please help by not donating. Animal Rescues don’t talk this way about their rescues. In Michelle’s world it is all about her. Thank you.


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