HiCaliber Horse Rescue Villagers Need To Do Some Soul Searching And Beg Forgiveness For Supporting Criminals!

See update below!

Michelle and Romney stated that they KILLED 56 horses by shooting them. As defined by CA law THAT IS FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY. We care about the illegally murdered horses and are willing to work hard to see that they are stopped and punished for their admitted crimes. They don’t get to pick and choose what laws to obey.

They are supposed to be a rescue, but act more like kill buyers. They buy horses, then sort them and kill or disappear the ones they don’t want to spend money on. They trade horses with a person that they swear is a kill buyer. We wonder how long it was before those poor betrayed horses were shipped illegally to slaughter.

They have plenty of time for trips to Nashville and Hawaii and to get drunk at Friday night Fireball parties. But they have no time to post documents to prove that the horses they killed had something wrong with them. You see, we care about the horses so much that we are willing to take the constant abuse from the few HC villagers that actually support them. We take their crap so that eventually they will be held responsible for their crimes.

We have only asked them the questions that legitimate rescues are happy to answer. You villagers don’t really care about the horses, so you buy their BS and the horses suffer. Remember, these are rescue horses that other people donated money to rescue. Enough money to buy the horses and to CARE for them. But Michelle, the former Animal Control Officer who personally murdered thousands of dogs and cats, just keeps on killing.

She kills horses even when people reached out to her and were willing to save rescue horses that she had sentenced to death. Even then she still shot the horses because she had already sentenced them to death and it wouldn’t look so good if someone got a horse that she had sentenced to death and it ended up having a long happy life.

Instead of writing books telling us that you have been following Michelle and Romney for months and how wonderful they are, maybe you should at least consider that people who have been following them for years might be right. Don’t the horses deserve HC to answer a few questions and post some documents? Don’t the horses deserve you taking off your blinders and consider the crimes that we are exposing?

Where are all the animals that they have bought with donation money. BTW, Charities have a responsibility to answer questions from the public. They have a greater responsibility to answer questions from donors. That is the law. Ask them to post the vet reports for ALL horses they purchased. Have them tell the whereabout of ALL the horses they purchased with donation money. Tell them to post Michelle’s vet tech license and euthanasia certificate. They say they have them. They use them as the justification for Michelle to self-appoint herself Medical Director. 5 minutes for Romney to post them. Is that too much to ask?

Until you ask the questions and get the answers, stop writing your BS cheerleader crap. If you believe they have over 70 horses in training and 100 horses in foster homes, you don’t know much about animal rescue. If you think illegally shooting 56 healthy innocent rescue horses in the head is normal rescue business, then you don’t know anything about rescue. Sad for the horses, but that is what makes it work for Michelle and Romney…knuckleheads like you!

You owe the horses an apology for your apathy. We don’t expect apologies because we see what kind of people support HC. However, we have been contacted by dozens of people who were close to Michelle and Romney and now support our efforts. They got to see the real goings on and became disheartened, disillusioned and appalled by the behavior of Michelle and the lies of Romney.

It would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that so many horses are being abused, but did you know that Michelle and Romney really don’t know much about horses? Just enough to con the public with Romney’s social media skills. Just enough to be dangerous to the people around them and just enough to convince their villagers that the animal cruelty they commit is OK. Well, it’s not OK. So we will stay the course until Romney and Michelle are in jail.

We read a quote from a guy recently that went”if I woke up without any pain, I would think I was dead”. Don’t let Michelle kill horses because they have a little pain. We all do. Michelle shoots horses that are a little difficult because their lives had just been turned upside down. Stop the killing. Find out where ALL the horses are. Just be ready to get shunned by the village for asking. Thank you for reading.

Update: we received the ridiculous comment below from tinytealpony12@gmail.com. Turns out it is a fake address.

Jane is a blind follower of Michelle and Romney at HiCaliber Horse Rescue and wrote:

Comment: It’s amazing to see the amount of time and energy you’ve put into this smear campaign. Imagine the good you could do if you put the same amount of energy into making the world a better place? Do you have a family? Do you have friends? Amazing to think what kind of person would spend this much of their time dedicated to tearing down another organization. It’s sad and you need help.
Get a fucking hobby and a therapist.”

Our Reply To Jane Is As Follows:

So what you are saying, Jane, in your opinion the horses are not worth your time. We, unlike you, think they matter. They matter enough to us to spend a few minutes each day pursuing justice for the illegally shot and disappeared horses. Sadly, they don’t matter to you.
So what does matters to you Jane? Is it the cooking and eating of drug laden horses testicles? Maybe it’s the drunken Fireball parties? Maybe it’s the shooting of healthy, innocent, betrayed horses that turns you on. Maybe you just like all the swearing, tit talk, pussy talk, fat butt talk and dick talk. Is it just the sight of outrageously obese Michelle struggling to mount a poor undersized horse. Maybe you get off on the abuse handed out to anyone who has the audacity to ask questions of HC. Maybe you can tell us why so many people, that were close to Michelle and Romney over the years, have left HC? You know Jane, really good, talented, experienced people. Do you know why? Well we know and it had nothing to do with time management! After working with Michelle for a while they realized why Michelle has failed at everything she has ever done. HC would be a failure to if not for Romney, who apparently is not obliged to deal in the truth.
Hopefully this reply reassures you that you needn’t worry about us. We are championing the horses and that is reason enough to keep going. I am worried about you though. If you ever develop a conscience or some critical thinking skills, you might have a break down over the realization of how badly you let the horses down. Now go along like a good girl and blindly support the HC criminals. BTW, didn’t you know this is our hobby. As for our therapist, she really likes our blog? She likes our blog because she actually loves animals, unlike you, you HC knucklehead animal hater.




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