Update! HiCaliber Horse Rescue Founder, Michelle Cochran, Has Some “Splaining” To Do!

Update – Still no word from HiCaliber Founder Michelle Cochran discussing or even denying the crimes we are accusing her of! What’s up Michelle? Six office legal team got your tongue?

We have written ad infinitum about the illegal shooting of healthy horses, the weekly lies which amount to fund-raising fraud, the refusal to post documents that any reputable rescue would gladly post, the hundreds of missing horses and your illegal participation in horse slaughter crimes.

Your villagers seem so enthralled by the “reality show” atmosphere that they don’t care enough about the horses, ALL THE HORSES”, to put your feet to the fire and force you to disclose the truths about your horse “salvage yard”. No worries though, we have taken the cause of the horses you abused, illegally killed, and possibly sent to slaughter. We won’t go away until you are in jail and out of “rescue” forever.

That said, what we really want to know is a little information about your disability. Based on what we see, it appears that you are committing disability fraud. So Michelle Cochran, maybe you can clear up some questions we have. If you won’t answer, we will have to assume you are committing disability fraud. Please be advised that Michelle Cochran is also known as Michelle Knuttila.

Our question is this: exactly what tasks would you be required to perform at San Diego County Animal Services that you are unable to perform?
We watch from the sidelines and see you performing the following physical and mental tasks:

  1. You drive a truck and trailer all over California and Nevada transporting horses.
  2. You load and unload horses from trailers
  3. You drag horses that have fallen in the trailer out with a tractor
  4. You waitressed in a sports bar.
  5. You train horses
  6. You mount, dismount, and ride horses
  7. You breed horses
  8. You wear a riding helmet.
  9. You buy and sell horses.
  10. You attack animal owners accusing them of cruelty, abuse and neglect.
  11. You kill healthy horses
  12. You are the self appointed Medical Director at HCHR
  13. You vet tech as you claim
  14. You perform euthanasia on rescue horses
  15. You claim to have a euthanasia certificate
  16. You write long diatribes telling readers to feel sorry for you
  17. You record videos telling viewers to feel sorry for you
  18. You track the whereabouts of hundreds of horses at any given time
  19. You feed horses
  20. You diagnose horse illnesses and injuries
  21. You vaccinate horses.
  22. You de-worm horses
  23. You clean stalls
  24. You have board meetings
  25. You oversee record keeping at board meetings
  26. You find adopters
  27. You bathe horses
  28. You attend conventions and symposiums
  29. You organize fund-raisers
  30. You participate in community fund-raisers
  31. You write scripts to be published in media
  32. You organize and attend weekly and monthly auctions
  33. You trade horses with kill buyer Dave Meisner
  34. You attend and participate in horse expos
  35. You assist farriers
  36. You participate in the maintenance of your facility
  37. You attend social functions like Fireball Friday.
  38. You formed and ran a kids horse camp
  39. You oversee volunteer team leaders
  40. You helped prepare HiCaliber’s strict confidentiality agreement and see to it that all volunteers sign it.
  41. You organized and participated in trail rides.
  42. You solicit photographers for paid photo shoots
  43. You organize tours of your facility
  44. You manage your main facility and your secret facilities.
  45. You self promote the ability to communicate psychically with animals. This skill would certainly come in handy at an animal services facility
  46. You work on a daily basis with vets to evaluate the condition of your horses.
  47. You fill water troughs for the horses

There are probably other things you do, Michelle, but maybe you could tell us what responsibilities an ACO has that you cannot perform?

Hopefully you will respond because we would hate to go incorrectly after your disability as fraudulent.

Also, anyone who has been denied disability by San Diego County should use Michelle’s case as a way to get them to reconsider. After all, Michelle is certainly not disabled by any definition that we have ever seen.

For anyone who would like to see Michelle’s failed attempt to defraud San Diego County with her claim for permanent retirement disability take a look at the video link below.
You will see that San Diego Doctors claimed that Michelle had no permanent head injury from what we can only assume was a staged slip and fall.
San Diego mental health professionals also diagnosed Michelle with Histrionic Personality Disorder. She can make light of that diagnosis, but it really would explain her insane behavior.

sdcera.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=552  (Forward to 38 minute mark of video)

Please note that neither Michelle nor her attorney showed up to the hearing to make their case. Just another reason we think her attempt to get permanent disability was fraud.

Also, we have been told that most of Michelle’s job performance assessments, by her superiors, were quite negative. We believe that Michelle was close to getting fired from her ACO job, so she concocted the staged slip and fall to get disability. Would you authorize us to get copies of your ACO job evaluations? What say you Michelle?

She used what appeared to be a fake traumatic brain injury to justify her disability. Then she wrote that she has a vestibular condition and that was the reason she didn’t wear a helmet when she rides. She said over and over that wearing a riding helmet or a hat made her dizzy, but then suddenly started wearing a helmet after pressure from the public.

Funny though, there are many photos of Michelle wearing ball caps even when she wouldn’t wear a helmet. Now that she wears a helmet too, maybe she just lives with being dizzy when she rides? Or when she drives?

Maybe she just made up the whole thing of a traumatic brain injury and a vestibular condition. Something someone with Histrionic Personality Disorder would have no problem doing. What say you Michelle?

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  1. lindina2 says:

    I have been following HiCaliber’s for a few months, and admire their dedication and transparency on how they run their rescue. It seems to me that they are very well respected in the rescue world and work closely with quite a few, who would probably avoid dealing with HiCaliber if even a fraction of your allegations were true.

    I have seen no evidence of cruelty, and their updates show healthy animals. I have never asked where their pasture pets are, but I read they are at another location where they live out the rest of their lives.

    Since you seem to know so much about their operation, why aren’t you working with the District Attorney’s office to bring charges against them. They are a registered 501 (c)(3), and as such certain tax filings are public.

    At least they don’t hide who the are and what their mission is, unlike whoever is doing this WordPress blog. The closest thing to identifying yourself is a CAHS at the bottom of one of the blogs. I have not seen any negative comments on other rescues I follow, and I truly doubt there would be so many rescues working with HiCaliber if you spoke the truth.

    As far as the “kill buyer” they work with, they seem to have a respectful business relationship, and I don’t see him as a kill buyer. It is his business, and he buys at auction for reselling riding horses. They don’t bid against one another, and quite often he buys one that isn’t what he hoped, so he sells them to HiCaliber. If he was a kb, he would most likely load the rejects on a truck headed toward the Mexican border. It is the first time I have heard positive comments about someone called a kill buyer. From what I have seen online about kill buyers, they don’t always make a beeline for the border, but will travel from lot to lot trying to sell the better horses in the US for more money.

    I admire what HiCaliber is doing. They try to buy the neediest, they are all seen by a vet the next day, and the vet determines which ones cannot be saved. Since I have been following their webpage, I have heard nothing about shooting them in the head. I have no knowledge about what they do with the bodies of the compassion pulls, but in TX auction goats and mini horses do end up on the menus for big cats in zoos and sanctuaries.

    Licenses such as Michelle has are most likely registered by the state.

    I don’t think you run a rescue, but perhaps you are one of those closed down. It sounds like a bunch of sour grapes reading your bitter, vitriolic rant about Michelle, Romney and all their employees and volunteers. I suppose in the long run keeping a tidy little blog like yours would make it easier to file libel charges. Lucky for you, HiCaliber (Michelle and Romney) keeps so busy with the horses, they don’t waste time or resources over people like you.


    1. Michelle and Romney stated that they KILLED 56 horses by shooting them. As defined by CA law THAT IS FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY. We care about the illegally murdered horses and are willing to try to see that they stop and are punished for their admitted crimes. They don’t get to pick and choose what laws to obey. They are supposed to be a rescue but act more like kill buyers. They buy horses then sort them and kill or disappear the ones they don’t want to spend money on. They trade horses with a person that they identify as a kill buyer. We wonder how long it was before those horses were shipped illegally to slaughter. They have plenty of time for trips to Nashville and Hawaii but no time to post documents to prove that the horses they killed had something wrong with them. You see we care about the horses so we ask them the questions that legitimate rescues are happy to answer. You obviously don’t really care about the horses so you buy their BS and the horses suffer. Remember, these are rescue horses that other people donated money to rescue. Enough money to buy the horses and to CARE for them. But Michelle the former Animal Control Office who personally murdered thousands of dogs and cats just keeps on killing. Even when people reached out to Michelle and were willing to save rescue horses that she had sentenced to death. Even then she still shot the horses because she had already sentenced them to death and it wouldn’t look so good if someone got a horse and it had a long happy life. Instead of writing a book telling people that have been following Michelle’s and Romney’s crimes for years that you have followed them for a few months ASK THEM THE QUESTION. Where are all the animals that you have bought with donation money. BTW Charities have a responsibility to answer questions from the public much less from donors. Ask them to post the vet reports for ALL horses they purchased. Have them tell the whereabout of ALL the horses they purchased with donation money? Tell them to post Michelle’s vet tech license and euthanasia cert. as they claim she has. Until you ask the questions and get the answers stop writing your BS cheer leader crap. If you believe they have over 70 horses in training and 100 horses in foster homes you don’t know much about animal rescue. If you think illegally shooting 56 healthy innocent rescue horses in the head is normal rescue business then you don’t know anything about rescue. Sad for the horses but that is what makes it work for Michelle and Romney…knuckleheads like you!

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    2. Read new damning post about HiCaliber.


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