“Ariel” Was Exploited and Abused By The Leaders At HiCaliber Horse Rescue.

What Happened To Poor “Ariel”.

A while back, an evil abusive horse owner hauled poor “Ariel”to the Ontario Livestock Auction. She was in severe pain, suffering from having foundered,  resulting in suspected rotated coffin bones. It is clear from the images posted by HiCaliber Horse un-rescue that “Ariel” was in great pain. To exacerbate the torture of this poor mare, she was walked around on the hard surfaced parking lot. She was made to stand all day on her painful legs. She was then loaded into a trailer and hauled a couple hours to HCHUR. There she was unloaded from the trailer so she could be examined by a vet. She was given a death sentence and subsequently euthanized.
The entire time that “Ariel” was suffering extreme pain she was being exploited by Michelle and Romney and used as a tool to line their pockets. We were told that she was illegally shot in the head by Michelle. We cannot confirm this, but our requests to see her vet report, vet bill and euthanasia report have thus far fallen on deaf ears. No documents, leads us to believe the documents don’t exist.

What should have happened to poor “Ariel”.

The instant the evil abusive horse owner hauled his truck and trailer onto the Ontario Livestock Sale lot, with poor “Ariel” fighting to stay on her feet, the leaders at HiCaliber Horse un-rescue should have called the County Animal Services and reported the owner for neglect and animal cruelty. He should have been arrested and “Ariel” should have been confiscated and euthanized right there in the parking lot. She should not have been put through one more minute of torture.

So why was poor “Ariel” tortured by HiCaliber and why wasn’t the person who hauled her to the sale (what a richard) arrested and thrown in jail? Think about it, HiCaliber followers and cheer-leaders. “Ariel’s” suffering was used by Michelle and Romney to pull at your heart strings so you would part with your money. Michelle and Romney don’t care about the horses. If they did, they would NEVER have made “Ariel” suffer the way they did.

They say that if they had called animal services on the owner other people would not bring their horses to the sale. The fact is that the owner of an injured horse or sick horse needs to take the horse to a vet so it can be humanely euthanized with drugs. That is the law. Michelle, with her 14 or so years as an animal control officer, knows that. But Michelle won’t report an abuser if she can make a ton of money pulling at the heart strings of her followers, especially with a horse as badly injured as “Ariel” was. As Michelle says”they don’t s**t where they eat”. She has a propensity to selectively report. One day she feels compelled to report cruelty, neglect and abuse. The next day she turns a blind eye to the most horrific cruelty.

Shame on Michelle and shame on Romney for torturing “Ariel”. Shame on their followers for not disassociating themselves from this evil organization. “Ariel” and all animals deserve better. Laws, like animal cruelty laws are designed to be deterrents. Enforcing the law is more important that the law itself. Megan’s law didn’t protect Megan but it has protected lots of little Megans since. Cruelty laws and the ban on horse slaughter need to be enforced to send a message to those committing animal cruelty and those participating in horse slaughter activity. So why will Michelle NOT try to get cruelty and horse slaughter ban laws enforced. As a 14 year ACO she certainly would have a leg up on getting the laws enforced. Maybe because she is making a fortune exploiting abused horses and working within the horses slaughter trade. We guess that is all there is to it. Money and greed.

Michelle and Romney are not animal protectors. They are the worst kind of evil animal abusers. Abusers who betray the safe harbor of horses in the name of rescue. They use fraud and commit criminal acts to further abuse animals that have already been abused and are now supposed to be safe. They commit fraud on a weekly basis by lying to solicit donations. They make claims about how the money you donate will be spent but rarely spend as they claimed. They illegally shoot healthy horses in non-emergency situations so they can keep the money donated to feed the horse. They refuse to state the locations of all the horses they purchased this year and in previous years. They refuse to post vet records of horses that they sentenced to death. The assaulted people who try to take rescue horses, that were sentenced to death by Michelle for no legitimate reasons, to give them life and care for them. Those horses were shot anyway. What more do you need to see how evil Michelle and Romney are?

We are not sure how any of their supporters can sleep at night after they read our blog. We only care about the horses. We are sickened by how many are missing and how many were shot to avoid feeding them. No posted vet reports to justify the illegal execution of over 56 horses = no medical reason to kill them. No medical reason = killed to avoid spending money to feed them. Pretty simple if you just take off the blinders.

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