HiCaliber Horse Rescue: A Friend To Horse Slaughter.

Just for the very few HiCaliber followers that call us names and try to deflect from the facts, everything that we have written in this blog has documentation to support it or are our stated opinions based on Michelle’s and Romney’s constant refusals to post meaningful documentation. These will remain our opinions until the missing documents are posted  and while we work to obtain the documentation supporting our charges of fraud and cruelty. We have many former HiCaliber supporters who had become disillusioned by the animal cruelty, the lies and the antics that have become HiCaliber’s routine.

We have in our possession a document where HiCaliber founder, Michelle Cochran, admits to being in favor of horse slaughter in California. Over time she has realized that that position in California is inappropriate. She has received a lot of negative feedback from HiCaliber followers regarding her pro-slaughter stance. So like the true chameleon that she is she has taken a more PC, anti-slaughter approach. She still believes there should be horse slaughter, she just doesn’t say it. What she does is work VERY CLOSELY with her kill buyer friends.

We are absolutely convinced that Michelle is pro-horse slaughter even though she lives in a State where the voters have voted to ban horse slaughter. The ban went into place in 1998. Yet, horse slaughter activity flourishes in California today according to Michelle and Romney.  The claim of horse slaughter activity is why you followers give them tens of thousands of dollars every week while stating to their naive followers that they don’t try to get the ban on horse slaughter enforced because there is no money for enforcement.

There is also the close, no, the very close relationship that Michelle and Romney have with the man that they swear up and down is a kill buyer. A man named David Meisner and his son David Meisner Jr. They swear that Mr. Meisner buys horses cheap and hauls them to slaughter. They claim that they buy and sell horses from and to this man. They claim they trade horses with this criminal. All this and no outcry from their followers. HiCaliber followers, you do know where the rescue horses they sell and trade to their kill buyer friends go. You do know, right?

So, you just don’t care. Like you don’t care about the 56 horses they illegally shot. You don’t care about the hundreds of missing horses. You don’t care about the lies they tell you claiming they have licenses that they probably don’t. California doesn’t seem to have a record of them, but they could easily clear this up by posting copies of their licenses. They have been asked for months, but refuse to post. We can only assume they don’t exist. This, friends of HiCaliber, is fund-raising fraud and any of their cheerleaders who promote this illegal activity are as culpable as Michelle and Romney and your cheer-leading efforts to raise funds for evil Michelle and evil Romney are allowing illegal horse slaughter activity to continue.

Another unintended consequence of Michelle’s and Romney’s fraudulent fund-raising is the new influx of horses being taken to the Ontario Sales. Horses that the owners should have had euthanized at home are now being tortured with long hauls. This is because Michelle and Romney have let immoral horse owners know that they will buy any horse, in any condition.Then they use their followers, by conning thousands of dollars away from them, to buy them the injured and ill horses. Then they haul them some more, where the horses are all too often illegally shot by them or disappeared. We suspect many of the disappeared horses have gone to their kill buyer friend and have been hauled to Mexico to meet a horrible end to their life.

HiCaliber cheer-leaders and donors are enabling all of this cruel, illegal activity. Post the locations of ALL horses that they have un-rescued. Post the licenses. Post the vet reports for all horses. Post what horses have been sold and who bought them. These things are so easy to do. We become more convinced each day that these things don’t exist. If you do care about the horses, you need to demand that they post everything. If you don’t, you are as bad as they are. You are as bad as they are because you care more about their reality show antics than you do about the horses.

Support people who are trying to get the ban on horse slaughter enforced and stop supporting those like Michelle and Romney who conduct illegal horse slaughter activity. In doing so, you will save thousands of horses and end the abuse at HiCaliber Horse Rescue forever.

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