HiCaliber Horse Rescue Indifference

HiCaliber villagers; how dare you be indifferent to the plight of animals that you helped Michelle and Romney purchase! How dare you!

We don’t mind that you villagers at HiCaliber Horse Rescue call us names for exposing the lies, fraud and animal cruelty of their village leaders Michelle and Romney. We accept that when you write, you will always try to deflect from the point of our investigation by claiming we are acting because of some years old grudge.
That couldn’t be farther from the truth. You ask for proof, as if it isn’t staring you in the face on page after page of this blog.
You ignore the requests for information about the horses that were illegally killed, or are missing and that are never forthcoming from the, we don’t know…. the “record keeping team”.
Documents, BTW, that legitimate rescues are happy to provide.

You dismiss the fact that we have proven that shooting healthy horses is illegal in CA but you apparently don’t care.
You keep asserting that HCHR is somehow transparent while they continue to REFUSE to provide the documents that they say they have and which led them to shoot 56 horses.

Horses that other people wanted but were shot anyway. YOU NEVER ADDRESS THIS SAD, BUT TRUE, STATEMENT.

Without that proof we can only assume that they didn’t want to spend any of your money feeding them anymore. We saw the post from Rene explaining the killing of animals, but it still didn’t address the FACT that shooting horses, healthy or not, in the head with a 22 in a NON-EMERGENCY situation is a felony animal cruelty crime in California.

So why no vet records?

Why no trainer names and location showing what horses they are training?

Why has there been no RVT license posted for Michelle?

Why has there been no euthanasia certificate posted for Michelle?

They say they have all of these documents and all of this information and it would be pretty simple to post it, especially for Romney.
Is this stuff not posted because they have been lying to you and it doesn’t really exist? So if they lie about this stuff, what else might they be lying about?

Followers of an animal rescue charity are the first and sometimes only line of defense keeping the organization from becoming fast and loose with the money and abusing and neglecting animals. It is your responsibility to ask questions, connecting ALL the dots. Not just the ones that Michelle and Romney want connected.

At HiCaliber, it seems that those responsibilities have been abandoned by those who the horses need the most, the followers and the volunteers.

We are told by those sharing information with us behind the scenes that most of you are afraid of Michelle.
They are often reluctant to share information with us because they fear being sued or attacked in social media or having their kids, their families and their employers attacked. What honest legitimate rescue would do these things? HiCaliber followers have done these things to people who just asked a question.

Followers and volunteers, it is your responsibility to get to the bottom of the things we are exposing. Stop putting so much Fireball in the Kool-Aid. The horses need your heads on straight.
You need to ask the same questions until they answer them all, with REAL information.

So we think the indifference of the HiCaliber Village is astonishing. You seem caught up in the weekly reality show cycle of crisis donations, feel good home photos, fireball parties, then back next week to buy more (all while mixing in a few shootings), knowing in your heart that HiCaliber can’t take care of the horses they have. And you keep fueling the suffering of horses used as the pawns of the HC con.

On behalf of the horses HOW DARE YOU abdicate your responsibilities.


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