HiCaliber Horse Rescue – A reply To A Comment By “Z”!

We are a growing anti-slaughter group that has chosen HCHR as the poster organization for what has gone terribly wrong with animal rescue in America. They claim to be the most active horse rescue in America and based on that statement (others too) we chose HCHR to expose first. We have dozens of people putting the case against HiCaliber together and we expect to have hundreds very soon. See below.

Our Reply To Another HiCaliber Supporter Who Refuses To Answer Questions and Mis-interprets The Law to Support Their Evil Deeds!

Our Reply “Stop saying shooting horses in the head with a 22 in NON-EMERGENCY situations is legal. IT IS NOT. We have verified this at the highest levels of California government. The only way we will consider the “it’s legal” argument, Zimmerman, is if you get an official to put in writing that it is legal to shoot horses in NON-EMERGENCY SITUATIONS. I know, you pointed to one horse that had a serious problem but ACCORDING TO CALIFORNIA LAW even poor Ariel needed to be euthanized chemically. We will discuss your disgusting abuse of Ariel later. Seeing that you have vets there all the time, it would have been in the best interest of the horse to be euthanized when the vet first examined her. But that would cost money and you ‘wonderful ladies’ weren’t done exploiting her.
You wrote “Also, I might remind you, under CA law, euthanasia by a gun or stun bolt is actually legal, particularly in cases where the animal is in extreme suffering or a vet is not available.” YOU ARE MISTAKEN “Z”. YOU LEFT OUT THE MOST IMPORTANT WORD. THAT WORD IS “EMERGENCY”. You bought Ariel in the parking lot. You walked her, loaded her, hauled her, unloaded her, walked her some more, had her examined by a vet, love on her, etc. You did all those things while she was in great pain. All that torture because you had not finished exploiting her for money. The scenario I just described is NOT an emergency.  We have written this stuff so many times and every once in a while we get a stupid email like this written by some animal hating, party loving girl telling us we are wrong. Well, let us remind you that no amount of deflecting or diverting is going to change the fact that Michelle and Romney (maybe you too) are criminals. We will stay the course until we are satisfied with the outcome.
You are not really as stupid as you are seeming, are you? Proof that there are missing horses….hmmm. Let’s see Z, the totally transparent organization HCHR won’t post copies of licenses they say they have but California has no record of…Oops. They don’t, even, when asked over and over again, post the vet reports and vet bills for horses that they kill. They make statements like “we have over 70 horses in training”. Unfortunately, the fabulous ladies at HCHR won’t name all the trainers and tell us which horses are in training. At a minimum of $400 per month per horses (good trainers charge way more than that) their training bill alone would be $28,000 per month. So you can see that HCHR’s lack of transparency makes it difficult for people to know what’s up with the horses. Maybe the trainers take a piece of the sale price, but based on past indiscretions, with regards to giving people their money, the trainers might be waiting a long time to get paid.
The fraud issue has become a very time consuming one even with all the help we have. We can’t disclose those facts now because we have been noticing a pattern with HiCaliber’s Social Media outlets. When we point out lies or misrepresentations they tend to change what they write. Funny, they (you) are soooo convinced that they (you) are correct in their (your) position, but constantly change their (your) rhetoric in reaction to our blog posts. Suffice to say, Z, I’m sure you can come up with at least one lie that they have told to get people to send money. And might I remind you, that would be fraud. Did you know that just saying you are totally transparent to induce people to donate and then not acting in a transparent manner is a crime? Probably not but maybe you’all can talk to their six office legal team to have it explained to you. When you put something out there to induce donations, especially when you put it out there as much as you have, it’s almost impossible to retract.
Here a few questions maybe you can answer for us. Being that you are in the middle of the action we thought you might provide us with some insight
1. Why do you think Michelle and Romney have stopped talking about shooting horses?
2. Other than your lame, “we don’t have time”, excuse, why do you believe that people who donate to your rescue don’t deserve to know EXACTLY what has happened to the horses they purchased for you and where they are?
3. Why hasn’t Michelle posted the Euthanasia Certificate and the Vet Tech license that your posts indicate she has? BTW. a Euth Cert only allows for chemical euthanasia.
4. Why do you think that people who expressed an interest in rescuing horses that Michelle had sentenced to death were attacked and banned?
5. Really…wink wink…how many horses have they sold to V for slaughter. You know, when Michelle makes her secret trips to the fair grounds with horses and comes back empty. Or horses go straight from auction to V. Just between you and me.
6. What happened to Michelle’s vestibular brain condition. She swore that because of that condition she couldn’t wear a riding helmet because hats made her dizzy. We now see her wearing a riding helmet when she rides. Se her wearing hats in photos. Has her brain condition been cured, and if so, shouldn’t she be going back to work at animal control and stop sponging off the taxpayers collecting disability checks?
7. This is more of a comment, but it does involve animal abuse. Have you seen the size of Michelle? Maybe you guys should stop taking in horses and get your donors to pay for Michelle’s rehab. Until then, she should only be riding draft horses, or maybe lite draft horses because riding some of the poor 1000 pounders is abusive. She should also take a lesson or two on how to mount a horse too.
8. Do you think it is OK to lie to get people to donate?
9. Do you know if it is more dangerous for a horse to be over weight or under weight? Say 100 lbs either way.
10. What do you think about Michelle’s psychic-training and bit-less training?
11. Why do you think a donation funded rescue needs such a restrictive confidentiality agreement?
12. Why do you think Michelle and Romney have gone silent on all this stuff. Why do they ask people like you to do their dirty work? Is it because their six office legal team told them to shut up? Doesn’t seem like they are concerned about you. Just my opinion.
BTW we have a screengrab from a HiCaliber page stating that they have 201 – 500 “employees”. The IRS was very interested in that one. When you put as much stuff out there, as you guys do, it’d difficult to control all the content.
We have a lot of supporters who are finishing up their fall semesters, preoccupied with the crazy election and are in North Dakota supporting the Clean Water movement. Those things will clear up soon and we can become more official in our approach. Michelle and Romney should be in jail in our opinion. Anyone else that participated in the illegal murdering of horses should be in jail too.  Just don’t get caught up in the middle of their crimes.”

5 Comments Add yours

  1. So now we comment on peoples weight? Seriously???


    1. Why is it that the cool-aid, Fireball drinking followers of HiCaliber Horse Rescue AKA: The Un-Rescue ALWAYS disregard the continuing abuse of horses at the hands or in this case the seat of Michelle Cochran? Our remarks were not directed at Michelle for being obese they were directed at Michelle because she never has the best interest of the horse in her damaged brain. You can see that she not only rides horses way too small for her tremendous weight but she doesn’t even know how to properly mount a horse. She needs to only ride size appropriate horses like draft breeds otherwise she is going to injure horses, and we all know what she does with injured horses. Shoots them in the head. guitarluver94 – you should be ashamed of yourself for not looking out for the poor horses Michelle is abusing.


    2. Read new post damning HiCaliber.


  2. phabulous Pharoah says:

    I can’t post the screen cap because you’re not set up for it, but Michelle openly discussed being `open’ to hauling the bodies of their rescue horses that weren’t on meds to animal sanctuaries for consumption. Now, tell me why an animal is being shot in the head if it has zero meds in it. To my way of thinking that means you have given it nothing to see if it can be made comfortable or to treat whatever issue the animals as that makes killing it a necessity. This conversation was in the comments under one of yesterday’s live feeds. I have the screen cap of it because they tend to be delete happy over there once they sober up and realize what they have said.

    HiCaliber Horse Rescue · 17:10 @debbie, after euthanasia, we use a guy who hauls the bodies off. He’s very respectful and a good guy. If we have a horse that is not on meds and needs to be euthanized, we would be willing to donate their body to a wildlife sanctuary. Most of the bodies are hauled off to a landfill. -Rene
    1 · Yesterday at 12:52
    Erin Robillard
    Erin Robillard · I was wondering about this the other day because I have friends who euthanize by gun and donate then to various wildlife sanctuaries.
    I believe Lions, Tigers and Bears (Bobbie Brinks) here in Alpine, may be interested. She owns and runs one of the most highly respected big cat sanctuaries.
    2 · Yesterday at 12:58
    HiCaliber Horse Rescue
    HiCaliber Horse Rescue · We’re open to it


    1. Read new post damning Michelle.


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