HiCaliber Horse Rescue – Comments From The Village

We have been getting many comments from Hicaliber Horse Rescue villagers, and the general public. While most are supportive of our efforts to protect animals from HiCaliber’s crimes, a few have written criticizing our efforts to expose HiCaliber Horse Rescue for their acts of animal cruelty, illegally shooting horses. There tends to be a theme with the criticizing comments. They tend to be written by people without basic critical thinking skills. They always disregard the 56 illegally shot horses and they like to swear in their comments. Oh, I almost forgot. They seem to be written by people with little formal education. The comment we have included at the end of this post is pretty representative a the comments we get from HiCaliber Horse Rescue Supporters.

One comment stuck out last night. It was sent by someone named “Bible” with the email of tbible@me.com. We would like all to see a typical response from us, so we are choosing to address Bible’s comments here.  How she can consider outing criminal behavior related to illegally shooting 56 healthy horses in the head with a 22 a grudge, we can’t answer.
Below is a typical response to a Hicaliber Horse Rescue supporter.

“It’s true, Bible, that we do get a lot of comments. We get comments like “keep the pressure up on them, thanks”and “thanks for looking out for the animals”. About 10 to 1 in favor of what we are doing. You, like Michelle and Romney, have every right to hate horses. Problem for them is that they, and you for that matter, don’t have the right to shoot innocent healthy RESCUE horses in the head with a 22 for any reason, but especially to avoid feeding them.

You mention that we need fresh content. You must not be reading our blog thoroughly. Did you see the great article on narcissism we posted recently? We are not mental health professionals, but we think that the article nails Michelle to a tee. That, combined with her Histrionic personality diagnoses by San Diego County, would easily explain why she is so fast and loose with the truth. And why she can sooooo easily turn the water-works on and off at will. We will repost the link below, JUST FOR YOU!

We digress. The reason we keep saying the same things over and over is to get through to knuckleheads like you. You see, “t bible”, we have shown you over and over again that Michelle, conspiring with Romney, has committed at least 56 felony criminal acts of animal cruelty. They not only commit these felonies, they brag and joke about them. You, however, don’t feel that criminally killing 56 helpless horses warrants an investigation. In your comment you come at us with “you pose (think you meant “post”) the same s**t (this definitely sounds like HiCaliber) each time. Come up with something new for a change”. (see above)     What you should be coming at us with are copies of vet reports and vet bills for every horse that they purchased and sold since 2013. You should be coming at us with copies of Michelle’s euthanasia certificate and her vet tech license. What you should be coming at us with is the address of the locations where every horse they have is located. But even though we and others have asked for this proof of truthfulness over and over again, NOTHING has ever been posted. We know why, and you likely do too, but it would hurt you too much to admit your were wrong about them. Or maybe you have one of those fairytale like minds. You know, where only good things can exist and bad things can’t enter. Well, whatever the reason, you are choosing to believe lying criminals over people who JUST CARE ABOUT THE ANIMALS.
You moved into the HiCaliber village , so no matter how many lies and how many crimes they tell or commit, no matter how many horses go missing, YOU DON’T CARE. YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED LOOKING OUT FOR THE HORSES. You signed on, so by God, pun intended, you are going to stick with the ship until it is completely submerged. Like someone lounging on a ship’s deck listening to the Captain tell her “all is well” as the ship is sinking beneath her.
So you see, Bible, we can’t move on to new stuff until Michelle and Romney admit that the documents they tell everyone are there… aren’t. Tell your buddies to just start off with the truth and we can go from there. You should keep checking back as we may not have new stuff, because we are waiting for answers to the old stuff, but we will keep trying to say the same things in different ways. Maybe some day you will be able to overcome your addiction to social media, take off the blinders and start to give a s**t about the horses that you are helping them acquire.
You ask about what will happen to the 100’s of horses when M&R go to jail. As if you care. You ask this with a straight face while COMPLETELY ignoring the FACT that M&R are killing and disappearing horses illegally at their facility every week.
First “Bible” they don’t have hundreds of horses. That’s way they have secret facilities where nobody can visit. That’s why they say that over 70 horses are in training, but didn’t give trainers names and locations until we questioned their numbers. Then they posted two trainers names, but no idea what horses they have or who the other trainers are. That is why they say they adopted nearly 100 horses this year, but post very few success stories. One would think that they would want to tell the world about those successes, but very few successful adoption stories are posted. Adopters would certainly want to support HCHR by telling about their great adoptions. No way they adopted 100 horses this year.
Then our favorite. The catch all for all missing horses. Secret facilities. Seems odd for a totally transparent organization to have secret facilities. You know Bible, facilities that they viciously attacked because they were not open to the public and because Michelle knew that meant “bad things were going on”. Bible, by Michelle’s logic bad things are going on at their secret facilities. Not surprising when you realize that one of their secret facilities is a kill buyers feed lot. You know, Bible, come to think of it, horse dealers like Michelle and Romney could disappear hundreds of horses by just sending them to slaughter through their secret facilities. Crazy, just thinking about it! All those suffering horses that should have been safe. Maybe you should read yourself next time before you open your mouth. Then maybe you will ask M&R a few simple questions like; Why can’t the public see all the vet reports and vet bills? Why won’t they post copies of their licenses and certificates? Why can’t people know where each and every horse is, after all your followers paid for them? Go ahead and demand that they post these things and see how fast you are run out of the village on a rail.
Why do you think that SOOOO many of their long time friends and inner circle members, officers and directors are no longer associated with HiCaliber? Really, Bible, why do you think? With regard to your thought process, in this matter at least, it seems that you let M&R do your thinking for you. They tell you what to think and what to say. Be really careful that you don’t get caught up in one of their crimes.
This is Bible’s actual comment.
Email: tbible@me.com

Comment: This blog is amazingly stupid. You pose the same shit each time. Come up with something new for a change. Or something new with your life? Your not going to close down that rescue and if you did what would happen to the 100s of horses there? Your pettiness is astounding. Maybe think about horses rather than what ever grudge you have. AND GET A LIFE

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