HiCaliber Horse Rescue counts on follower lack of critical thinking!

I received the email below today. It explains very clearly what is happening at HiCaliber Horse Rescue. We KNOW that many horses have been illegally murdered by Michelle (heck she admits it) and that there are hundreds of horses missing. It would take a little critical thinking for followers of their’s to just consider that we might be correct and we are correct. What do you have to loose by asking Michelle and Romney to post vet records, vet bills and copies of Michelle’s licenses. These are things any responsible transparent rescue provides. What do you have to lose.  What you have to gain is knowing that you did everything in your power to stop needless horses cruelty and disappearance. What the hell reason could there be to not post the information other than THE DOCUMENTS DON”T EXIST! THEY ARE LYING TO YOU. Don’t you want to know if you are being conned? Please just stop giving them money until they show you the documents and PROVE where all the horses are. Thank you! Do you care enough about the horses? Your action or inaction will tell the truth.

“I am glad that you have been holding their feet to the fire because they are feeling the pressure. Today on their Facebook page they made a big deal (in typical HCHR manner of irresponsible mockery) about this blog and posted a link. They asked their groupies to mock this site by writing an over-the-top make-believe story on the HCHR Facebook page and offered a prize for their favorite. They are trying to deflect their wrong-doings by inciting mob jeering from their blind followers so they can add confusion to the facts. This is a defense tactic strategy to deceive and blow a smoke screen to turn the truth upside down. This is evidence of their mentality and state of mind. It shows lack of moral character and restraint and non-professionalism/poor personal judgement, which goes to the big picture. Please provide the authorities with enough facts so they have a solid investigation to work from. Human behavior as a predictor, they’ll be back to killing healthy animals for profit as soon as the pressure is off. Thank you for being the voice of exploited animals.”


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