HiCaliber Horse Rescue Continues to Deflect!

“BREAKING NEWS” – Apparently, by choosing to deflect instead of just posting the documents to prove they are not committing fraud, Romney and Michelle have caused many viewers of our blog to post how they agree with us and how our blog has opened their eyes. Thank you Michelle and Romney!

HiCaliber villagers – just how many more horses have to die and disappear before you start being responsible and stop Michelle and Romney. Now they are deflecting again  having a contest to make up a fake story about this blog and even giving a prize to the best one. Open your eyes villagers. We can document everything written here. Now you are going to deflect from the facts with fake stories. ALL MICHELLE AND ROMNEY NEED TO DO IS TO BE AS TRANSPARENT AS THEY CLAIM. How hard is that?
Villagers, what are Michelle and Romney hiding? Most honest rescues automatically post vet reports and vet bills where money was raised from the public to pay for those services. Not only do Michelle and Romney not automatically post them, but when asked for them, they attack the asker and call them names like “twat”.
Come on villagers, are you so caught up in the HiCaliber realty show drama, drunken parties and “edgy” behavior like cooking and eating horses balls that you are willing to allow them to kill and disappear hundreds of horses.
One rescued horse betrayed by the HiCaliber Village is too much for us, but hundreds this year alone can only mean that the villagers don’t really care about the horses. You appear to only care about the antics and fake sob stories. Shame on you. Michelle has personally killed thousands of animals and you are actually PAYING her to keep on her serial killing ways. You cannot be excused for the evil you do by doing good once in a while!

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