HiCaliber Horse Rescue Changes Behavior… Coincidence? Maybe Not!

One thing is for sure, the arrogant, reckless, narcissists at HiCaliber Horse Rescue have changed their ways. We don’t want to take credit for causing them to change, but it is rather coincidental that when we write a blog posts about things they are doing, they stop doing them.

The point of all this is that if they’re changing the way they are doing things, because of what is being written about them or asked of them. If they weren’t doing anything wrong, why are they changing anything?

A case in point. We speculate that the village leaders at HiCaliber Horse Rescue apparently had their Veterinarians and Vet Techs start to refuse to continually euthanize healthy horses. They were on the inside seeing what was really happening. They kept getting asked to kill horses with no serious medical issues merely because they didn’t fit into Michelle and Romney’s business model. I.E. they didn’t want to spend the money they had raised to care for a horse to actually care for a horse.

This created a dilemma for Michelle and Romney. How were they going to raise the two million dollars to buy the ranch if they had to actually feed the horses they were buying each week with tens of thousands of dollars conned from kind hearted donors.
Enter serial animal killer Michelle Cochran. Remember that Michelle was an Animal Control Officer for San Diego County. During her career she personally killed thousands of dogs and cats. She is so immune to any feelings, feelings that normal people would have, that she can kill animals and feels nothing. She has been diagnosed with Histrionic Personality Disorder which makes it VERY easy for her to turn the water works on and off at will.
Please note that Michelle is now the (totally unqualified) self-appointed medical director at HCHR. She claims to be euthanasia certified (she has been asked several times to post her certification. She has yet to post her certification. For the totally transparent organization they claim to be, it must be surmised that she has no certification. She has also claimed to be a Vet Tech, but California has no record of that license.) Euthanasia certifications, as anyone who has one obviously knows, certifies a person to chemically kill an animal. Michelle claims that it also covers shooting an animal to kill it. To HCHR followers, SHE IS LYING. She and Romney think you are soooo stupid they can manipulate you into giving them your hard earned money. Please become interested enough to just force them to answer questions and post documents. You owe that to the horses.

According to the bitchy, sarcastic, threatening, money loving, horse hating HiCaliber Horse Rescue CEO Romney Snyder, they have killed 56 healthy horses by shooting them this year.  She goes on to write that if they wanted to they could kill 5600 horses a year (dogs too) and it would all be legal.

We are not sure what Michelle Cochran did as an ACO, other than kill animals (and have a suspicious “slip and fall” accident), but she surely didn’t study California Cruelty Laws. Those laws state very clearly that it is a crime to kill a healthy animal and that if a gun is used in the killing the crimes are a felony. California guidelines also state that it is only acceptable to shoot a horse in an emergency situation when the horse is suffering from a SEVERE injury or a SEVERE illness.

We naturally filed complaints with the appropriate agencies. We are having trouble getting them to do their jobs, but we will persist.

Now HiCaliber Horse Rescue no longer talks about shooting horses. No word from Romney, Boom. We think they are still shooting horses because they don’t care about them. They only care about the money that they con away from their followers. They admitted to 56 felonies and need to go to jail. We will not stop until they are arrested for their crimes. We also wonder how many tens of thousands of dollars they have stashed away for their eventual escape.

One final question for those who donate to HiCaliber Horse Rescue.

Do you or do you not care about the horses?
The HCHR village leaders have been asked over and over and over again to provide the whereabout of the 400+ horses they have bought this year with your money. THEY REFUSE TO ANSWER. DOES THAT NOT BOTHER YOU???
56 healthy horses shot this year alone. We know you’re too busy to ask the questions yourselves, but you did donate money to RESCUE horses.
Does shooting them in the head without offering them to their followers, or giving them to people who wanted them seem like the actions of a rescue.
You are being conned and the horses are paying the price for your lack of concern for them.
Stop giving them money until they start telling you where all the horses are. We think some are sent to slaughter using their friend the kill buyer, David Meisner.

Please show enough interest in the horses to tell them you need to know where ALL the horses are. Thank you.