Rotten Apples Spoil Rescue Barrel

Like the analogy that we have all heard “one rotten apple spoils the barrel”, one dishonest, law breaking, fraudulent rescue can negatively affect the entire rescue community. We keep using the example of HiCaliber Horse Rescue because they are in their own words the most active horse rescue in America.

Their fraudulent fund raising, combined with the illegal killing of rescue horses by shooting them, and their TOTAL lack of transparency with important facts and documentation, makes them a very dangerous organization.

They shoot horses in the head with a .22 claiming the horse had some physical or mental issue. As they are never willing to show vet reports and bills to justify euthanizing animals, one must assume that they just don’t want to spend money feeding it. Money by the way, that they conned out of their donors to pay for board, vet care and farrier work. Yes, they won’t buy a horse unless their donors cough-up money for at least two months board and vet and farrier bills.

Here is how sick the leaders at HiCaliber really are. They will buy a horse with donation money. They collect enough money to, in their own words, “responsibly rescue”. That means that unless they get donations of $650 over the purchase price, they refuse to “rescue” the horse. They tell their donors that the $650+ is to cover the cost of board for two months, vet care and farrier services. Now all this sounds reasonable, almost responsible. But when you follow what happens next like we have, you see just how evil the leaders of HiCaliber Horse Rescue are.

Sometimes, within days of purchase, horses are shot and killed by the founder of HiCaliber Horse Rescue. First, it is an animal cruelty felony in California to kill a horse in a non-emergency situation by shooting it. If you are going to euthanize an animal, you must do it chemically.

Why do we think the leaders at HiCaliber are evil people? First they brag and joke about shooting 56 healthy animals in the head with a .22 this year. They go so far as to insist that they could shoot 5600 horses (and dogs) a year and it would still be legal. Not according to CA law.

You say that the horses were probably not healthy, but their actions belie that theory. You see the horses they shoot are NEVER offered to their 30,000 plus followers. They are just shot in the head. Then you might say that maybe they offered the horses to their followers secretly and nobody wanted them. But hear this, we are aware of several horses that were wanted by followers but were shot anyway. Rescue horses should be safe! They kill them so you don’t have to feed them? That is sick and evil.

Maybe you are right. Maybe there was something wrong with a particular horse that made it necessary to euthanize it.  Well the mere fact that they went ahead and shot horses that even when people had expressed an interest in it makes it clear that they operate with different motives. Why have they come to illegally shoot horses? Is it because their vets and vet techs wouldn’t kill healthy horses any more?
Anyway, it would be easy to prove why they had to euthanize an animal. Remember, they collect extra money to have the horse evaluated by a vet. They go so far as to state publicly that every horse they purchase, with donation money we might add, is evaluated by a vet.

Being that the CEO, Romney Snyder, is an Internet/Social Media expert, we are sure it would be VERY easy for her to post the vet reports, the REAL vet reports, on the Internet, or at least post the ones people ask for. Until now, the leaders of HiCaliber Horse Rescue prefer to ignore those requests, and in some cases, even attack the person who asked to see it.

Here are a few things to also consider;

  1. Michelle Cochran does not have a paying job. Your donations pay for her excessive partying lifestyle, her nails, her expensive eye lashes, her rent, her gas money, her tattoos, her $80 sunglasses, etc. Money that should be used to rescue and care for horses.
  2. There are hundreds of horses that have gone missing just this year alone while under their care.
  3. They are completely non-transparent regarding important information and documents (vet reports, euthanasia reports, vet bills, accounting documentation, etc).
  4. They are trying to complete their rags-to-riches story by getting their followers to buy them a $2,000,000 facility.
  5. They have secret facilities where the public is not allowed.
  6. Horse slaughter and related activity are illegal in California. Yet, the leaders of HiCaliber Horse Rescue carry on an obscene relationship with David Meisner, a man they have identified as one of the most law breaking kill buyers in California. They even go so far as to trade horses with him where they are likely hauled to slaughter.

You don’t get a pass for doing a bunch of evil things because you do some good things along the way.

Please call or write any of the agencies below to get them to do their jobs.

We were told by HiCaliber CEO Romney Snyder that they had friends at all of the agencies that enforce animal cruelty laws in CA and there was nothing that they would do about their crimes.

San Diego County Animal Services – 619-767-2675 or (bottom of page is complaint form)

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA – (619) 299-7012 or (760) 888-2275

West Coast Equine Medicine – 760-723-3606 – Tell the vets at West Coast Equine Medicine to stop providing paperwork to justify the illegal shooting of health horses at HiCaliber horse Rescue.