Are the leaders at HiCaliber Horse Rescue “Rescue-deviants”?

Maybe they are “rescuephiles”? Whatever you want to call them, they are the most active blight on the horse rescue world. We have contacted every law enforcement agency in California who are responsible for protecting California’s animals from abuse and disease, but we have been stonewalled by the agencies every step of the way.

The law enforcement community refuses to even answer the simplest questions. When we write them about admitted abuse, they share our confidential information with the abusers. We then get threatening communications from the abusers. Many of our allies are fighting the fight against tyranny in the Dakotas, but when they win justice in that battle, they will join us in our battle to protect animals.

Until then, anyone who can help push law enforcement to enforce the cruelty laws in California against HiCaliber Horse Rescue, and other rescues that abuse animals, will have their place in Heaven secured.

Below you will find the contact information to call or email law enforcement agencies to get them to do their job.

Simply put, HiCaliber Horse Rescue has admitted to shooting healthy horses in the head, with a .22, 56 times this year. The only reason….so they didn’t have to feed them and so they can make room for yet more horses they collect donations from naive donors to buy at the weekly livestock sale. When this outrageous behavior was discovered and they were confronted with the fact they they were breaking the law, CEO Romney Snyder replied that they could shoot 5600 horses a year (and dogs too) and it would still be legal.

Rescued animals are supposed to be safe, but that is not the case with HiCaliber Horse Rescue and several more of the new breed of “social media driven” rescues. Lies, misrepresentations, puffing, and embellishment are the backbone to their social media activity. They stroll through a sale parking lot with some village-idiot filming them while they convince their followers to send them money to save horses with issues, when in fact they are just lining up future horses to kill that can’t be adopted/sold for enough money.

The horses they shoot, by the way, were purchased with donation money (part of running a successful rescue scam is to NEVER spend your own money rescuing animals). This particular rescue requires that their loyal followers donate $650 more than the purchase price to cover vet, farrier and feed for at least two months. They claim that ALL purchased horses are examined by a vet. Within days of purchase, many horses are shot. They never had farrier work done or saw a vet. We know this because no vet reports AND vet bills are ever produced for ALL of the horses they shoot. This is true even when people who donated money to save a horse ask for them to be posted.

OK, you say that we are wrong and that you see all of the good things that HiCaliber does for the animals. Here is where we would normally give kudos to them for the good work, but in their case, we cannot because of the atrocities they are committing to the animals that don’t fit into their money making scheme. But how can we be sure that we are right and their followers are misguided?

Five reasons:

  1. Killing a healthy horse in a non-emergency situation in California is an act of cruelty and doing so with a gun makes the cruelty a felony.
  2. NEVER are any of the horses that are shot offered to their tens of thousands of followers. This should be cause for concern for anyone who REALLY cares about the animals.
  3. No vet reports AND itemized vet bills exist for ALL of the betrayed animals. None have been offered as proof that a particular horse needed to be euthanized because the horse was never seen by a vet, even though they collected money for a vet examination. FRAUD!
  4. The immoral and obscene relationship that the leaders of HiCaliber Horse Rescue have with a man by the name of Dave Meisner. This is a man that has defied the ban on horse slaughter activity in California for 18 years and who HiCaliber refers to as “V”. The leaders at HiCaliber actually trade horses with him, so it stands to reason, if HiCaliber’s leaders are to be believed, that they have rescued horses with donation money and then sent them to slaughter.
  5. Vets and vet techs (as well as most of the knowledgeable horse people) are vanishing from the HiCaliber scene. Business is business so why is this happening? Could it be because they can’t support breaking the law and doing harm to the animals any longer?
  6. Where are all the missing horses? Shot? Sold to slaughter? Sold for profit to defraud the IRS?
    Our team has been in the rescue business for over 300 years combined. One thing that we know for sure is that the numbers just don’t add up. When you ask HiCaliber where the over 400 horses they came to purchase this year are, you get replies like “over 70 are in training”. You do get that reply with a big slice of Romney attitude and sarcasm. But never do they tell you the names and addresses of the trainers. So let’s examine just this one element of where Romney said the horses were.
    First, a trainer might train a horses for HiCaliber for free. We suspect, however, that the trainer would at least want the publicity from training for America’s most active horse rescue (their claim, not mine). So why not tell us who is training what horse? If you buy a horse, trained by a HiCaliber trainer, wouldn’t it be nice to know who the trainer was and what their methodology of training was? There are beginner trainers that would charge as little as $400 a month to train and board a horse. But 70 horses in training at one time would cost HiCaliber at least $28,000 per month. You hear their constant cries for money. Do you think they have $350,000 a year for outside training? We sure don’t.

Finally, we would like to touch a little on “transparency”. There have been many claims by HiCaliber leaders that they are totally transparent. In the old days it was said that saying it was so doesn’t make it so. Unfortunately, today, with social media, if you claim to be something enough times, people will believe it is true.
For the record HiCaliber Horse Rescue is one of the least transparent rescues we have ever looked at. It’s not enough to claim you are transparent if you REFUSE to provide the whereabouts of hundreds of horses that you bought with donation money.
It’s not enough to claim to be transparent if you REFUSE to provide vet reports and vet bills detailing the reasons you killed horses.
It’s not being transparent when you claim to have licenses and certificates, then REFUSE to post copies of them when you are asked to do so.
It’s not being transparent when you have secret dealings with criminals like Dave Meisner, someone you have identified as a kill buyer MANY TIMES in writing.

We will not stop contacting law enforcement to get Michelle Cochran and Romney Snyder prosecuted for their crimes and get them told to stop fund-raising.

Please call or write any of the agencies below to get them to do their jobs. We were told by HiCaliber CEO Romney Snyder that they had friends at all of the agencies that enforce animal cruelty laws in CA and there was nothing that they would do about their crimes.

San Diego County Animal Services – 619-767-2675 or (bottom of page is complaint form)

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA – (619) 299-7012 or (760) 888-2275

West Coast Equine Medicine – 760-723-3606 – Tell the vets at West Coast Equine Medicine to stop providing paperwork to justify the illegal shooting of health horses at HiCaliber horse Rescue.