Please Help Us Stop “Rescue” From Shooting Healthy Horses.

Fellow Facebook Friends and Lovers of the Four Legged                                                  10/12/16

Please share this email or contact the authorities to complain about the following crimes. Thank you!

There is a tragedy unfolding in Southern California. This tragedy is ongoing and more horses are needlessly dying every week. A horse rescue is buying horses with donation money and then killing them so they don’t have to feed them. 56 healthy horses shot and killed this year alone. Hundreds of other horses missing. A number of the murdered horses were formerly free roaming wild horses. While this is a crime of animal cruelty in CA, it seems that the people who are charged with stopping these heinous crimes are in bed with HiCaliber Horse Rescue, the kill buyers posing as a rescue. We have filed complaints with the appropriate agencies, but they have been unwilling to communicate with us. We have been trying to get them stopped by reaching out to the lovers of the four legged using social media to get the word out. Unfortunately, the kill buyer rescue has friends inside Facebook that keep getting our information taken down. If you are appalled by this behavior as much as we are, maybe you could email or call the following agencies to report these crimes. Also, if you go to you will see proof of these crimes. Thank you for caring.

San Diego County Animal Services:

Deputy Director Lieutenant Dan DeSousa of San Diego County Animal Services (this is the official that the kill buyer rescue claims told them it was legal to kill healthy animals in non-emergency, non-life-threatening situations by shooting them in the head with a 22) 619-767-2675

Lieutenant Jennifer Hill of San Diego County Animal Services (This is the officer that shared our confidential complaint with the very people we were complaining about which led to us getting harassing emails from the horse killers at HiCaliber Horse Rescue. In the email below they not only said they could kill 5600 horses (and dogs) and it would still be legal, they also said that people who are charged with stopping cruelty are their friends, so they are untouchable.), 619-767-2675

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA – 619.243.3443,

San Diego County District Attorney –, 619-531-4040, fax 619-237-1351

Thank you so much for anything you can do to get HiCaliber Horse Rescue to stop killing horses. Today, if you are really good with social media, as HiCaliber Horse Rescue is, and are willing to say and do anything, you can con lots of people into supporting you.

For the sake of the horses, please help. (To dispel any concerns that the horses needed to be killed, the shot horses were never offered to their tens of thousands of followers, and when they have sentenced horses to death, people have reached out and asked to get the horses to take care of them. They were shot anyway.)

This is the arrogant email sent in reply to our asking them to stop shooting healthy horses.

Sent by CEO of HiCaliber Horse Rescue, Romney Snyder. “Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 6:07 PM
From: “HiCaliber Horse Rescue” <>
Subject: Poor, poor, Max
Hi Dave! (Cool fact: we know another horseman named Dave Meisner. What are the chances, huh?! The Dave we know doesn’t even have an email yet, so you’re super lucky you snagged the account first! ) Did you forget Michelle used to work for County Animal Services? If you’re going to troll, do your homework. We’re actually here with Lt. Dan DeSousa of County Animal Services at an ASPCA conference. According to him, it’s legal to shoot your horse ( or dog if you want to! ) so long as you do it humanely. I’m sure Officer Hill told you that though. I’m flattered that you think it’s me who does the attacking. You should know, it’s actually our six firms legal team. If you need any pointers (no pun intended) on Max, just let us know. Lucky number #57! 😉 Love, Romney PS- You should know your numbers are a tad inaccurate… Nonetheless, even if we shot 5,600 horses a year, it’s still legal. Boom.”

Thank you,

Rod Marcus