HiCaliber Horse Rescue Reaches Out

See original comment from HiCaliber Horse Rescue to which Louis Marcus wrote the following reply:
Louis Marcus wrote: So, whoever wrote this post, what makes you think that San Diego County Animal Services ever answered the simple question; “is it legal to shoot a healthy horse in a non-emergency situations?” We have never received an answer from Jennifer Hill (law breaker) or Dan DeSousa (possible law breaker). We have filed a FOIA request to get to the bottom of this. Maybe, whoever wrote this post will ask them to answer the question. Michelle, after 14 years as an AC officer, should know that it is illegal to shoot a healthy horse in a non-emergency situation in California. Just so the HiCaliber villagers can make up their own minds, the California animal cruelty statute states “you can euthanize livestock by shooting them only in a EMERGENCY SITUATION WHEN A VET IS NOT AVAILABLE AND ONLY WHEN THE ANIMAL IS SUFFERING FROM A SEVERE INJURY OR FROM A SEVERE ILLNESS”. You see villagers it is not legal in California. Maybe in your state but not in California. SACAS won’t answer the question (because Romney already accused them of condoning/approving this illegal barbaric act.). The failure of SDCAS to answer a simple question leads us to deduce that it is illegal. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they just answer the question. As far as San Diego Humane Society what we are understanding from your comment is that employees of theirs are helping you commit crimes. Looks like we need to expand our FOIA requests. Maybe we are better off taking the investigation Federal. Michelle uses her 14 year experience as a San Diego County Animal Control officer to justify her ridiculous behavior. We have been interested for some time in seeing her employee evaluations. We were told by someone that she was a bad officer. Could one of the Villagers get Michelle to authorize us to see her employee job evaluations? Nothing to hide right? She says she IS certified to shoot horses. Let us remind her that she is no longer employed in as an Animal Control Officer. It is our understanding that things she was authorized to do as an ACO she is NO LONGER authorized to do. Public records indicate that the only certification she still has is one to care a baton. So if she wants to kill horses with her baton it would still be illegal and very cruel. Seems like some of the agencies in So CA are colluding with Michelle and Romney. One final thing, Laura Bell has nothing to do with my page other than being my respected friend. So to clarify for all those reading this, when you talk about someone starving 70 horses you are talking about Laura Bell, yes?

Original Comment –

HiCaliber Horse Rescue Oh Jesus Christ. We also kick puppies and children. STFU LB.

Dawn, no need to apologize. We were admittedly distracted with Viola, our old mare who was impacted and we were dealing with that from afar. Thankfully after 5 days in the hospital she pulled through. It would have been so much easier and cheaper to just shoot her, right Louis Marcus? Explain how our spending thousands of dollars on a senior mare to go into the hospital fits into your foil hat theories you batshit crazy desert kook. Go feed your horses. Remember the 70 that were starved a few years ago? Don’t think we aren’t aware of true identities. We’re happy to go to court… AGAIN. And win…. AGAIN. Ready for round 2! We can play this game as long as needed.

PS- get your facts straight about California cruelty laws. We could shoot thousands of healthy horses if we wanted to to keep them from going to slaughter (which we DON’T because, HELLO they are here with us asshole)… BUT just as you were recently informed by San Diego County Animal Services, it is absolutely legal to shoot your horse so long as it’s done right. Does that mean we are doing it? Nope. But I’ll tell you this, if it comes down to facing slaughter or lead to the head, I know which one I’m choosing.

BTW, did you think calling San Diego Humane would render any different results? Their officers are also volunteers and fosters here. Keep trying.

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