HiCaliber Horse Rescue Slaughter Connection!

shooting-horseWe believe it is illegal for HiCaliber Horse Rescue to actively participate in the prohibited horse slaughter industry. We have asked California agencies to investigate their illegal involvement. First they con well meaning donors out of their well intended donations by claiming that they need money to out bid kill-buyers to buy horse headed into the slaughter pipeline. This is done at the Ontario, CA livestock sale. The owner of the sale yard contends that he has no kill-buyers working out of his yard. Therefore, HiCaliber Horse Rescue is lying to get animal lovers to give them donations to rescue horses from a threat of slaughter that doesn’t exist. (All HiCaliber donors, you do realize that you are being scammed into buying their $2,000,000 ranch and once you buy it for them they are retiring from rescue. Right?) Back to their illegal slaughter participation and con. Dis you know that HiCaliber Horse Rescue village leaders work all the time with a So Cal kill buyer. They stopped using his name because of follow complaints and gave him a pet name we will identify as “V”. They buy and sell horses with this supposed kill-buyer. They party with him. And they trade horses with him. So if “V” is a kill buyer as Michelle and Romney claim how do they guarantee that horses they sell to him or trade with him are not sent to slaughter. That right no guarantee! So all of this begs the question, why don’t HiCaliber Horse Rescue village leaders try to get State and Local Agencies to enforce the ban on horse slaughter, especially considering that they apparently are operating smack dab in the middle of it? Well the village leaders of HiCaliber Horse Rescue have spoken. The reason they do not try to get the ban on horse slaughter enforced is….drum roll please…They say there is NO money for enforcement. But there is no money for enforcement because…drum roll…they never asked for money for enforcement. But what about ALL the money that they took in for the horses they decided to shoot? 59 dead horses. That could be as much as $59,000. What about all the money they took in for the missing horses? That could be hundreds of thousands of dollars. So all of the HiCaliber Horse Rescue Villagers should see that there is PLENTY of money for enforcement and likely lots more if they just asked for it. And just think look at how many more horses would be saved from slaughter if the law were just enforced. So now we can deduce that the village leader at HiCaliber Horse Rescue don’t want the ban on horses slaughter enforced. Why, you ask? Because they are getting rich off the the backs of horses illegally in slaughter pipeline. Villagers, please stop giving them money until they do the right thing.

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