HiCaliber Horse Rescue Immaturity!

drinking-3It is sad but there has been an outreach from the “Village Leader” at HiCaliber Horse Rescue in an effort to make light of our efforts to get them to obey the law. Some of our pages are showing up when one does a search on Facebook using the word HiCaliber. So while not directly associated with HiCaliber Horse Rescue our pages are right next to their main page. People are looking at our pages and that appears to be causing HiCaliber’s “Village Leaders” to be stressed. New pages have appeared today when you search using th word HiCaliber. The titles of these pages are somewhat bizarre and even profane so if you are squeamish about profanity read no further.

One page is called “HiCaliber Horse Rescue Pissed In My Cheerios”. A couple of their animal cruelty supporters thought this was funny. We thought it was very junior highish and VERY immature. Maybe they were drunk again when they posted it.

The next page was “HiCaliber Horse Rescue Got Me Pregnant”. Again, just juvenile and immature.

Then we get to “HiCaliber Horse Rescue Encourages Hairy Pussy”. Sorry for posting this but why are people still supporting them. Are they drunk? Are they on drugs? We don’t get it but we will keep trying to save horses from being killed unnecessarily. Thank you.


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