HiCaliber Horse Rescue Fraud

Update 6/2/17: the California state vet let HiCaliber skate on the “turn the truck around” sham by not insisting they show health certificates and coggins reports for 9 horses that supposedly left CA and then 11 horses came back from Arizona. Getting away with it emboldened them to run the Louisiana Purchase hustle. Hopefully concerned horse lovers are flooding the state vets inbox wanting to know where all of the legal travel documentation is for ALL 37 horses they hauled across country recently from Louisiana and into California.

In order to make sure she’s doing her job this time and not dropping the ball (again), please send emails to Dr. Annette Jones at annette.jones@cdfa.ca.gov insisting that they be investigated. She should also be sending documentation to the FBI as was the case with Another Chance 4 Horses when they were doing the con-artist shuffle that involved fraud and other crimes. You can read about that at the link below:


People that are concerned about animals must keep up the pressure with the government agencies vested with protecting animals and the public from scam-artists. If they don’t, the grifters  in animal rescue who prey on animals and people will continue to run scams because they must keep generating income in order to have the lavish lifestyles their con games have acquired for them which they don’t want to give up.


Here is a crime that Romney Snyder and Michelle Cochran conspire with others to commit every week. They go to livestock sales where they claim to be rescuing horses from the non-existent horse slaughter kill buyer, tug on the publics heart string and get generous people to donate as much as $2000 per horse to buy and care for the horses. Then they take the horses somewhere, not always to they ranch, sort them and shoot them. Shooting health horses for which they have been paid handsomely to care for and not spending the money on the horse that the money was donated for and not returning the money to the donor is fraud plain and simple. Makes me want to puke. They are very accomplished on the Internet and are even more accomplished liars. For those reasons they are able to con people into give money to their scams.

We will talk about the “Turn The Truck Around” scam later. If it wasn’t such a serious problem it would almost be funny. Convince their cult followers to give them $17,000 to by horses that were in Arizona on their way to slaughter sale only the horses were never in Arizona. How does it feel to get scammed.

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  1. Do your due diligence as a rescue supporter. They should be posting their financials monthly to be responsible as they claim. They should respond to requests to see documents by posting the documents not by calling people twats or telling them to suck a dick. They say they are transparent and it is up to you, AH, to make them be responsible. You however choose to attack people trying to make them act responsible. So in the words of your fearless go suck a dick.


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