California Rescue’s HiCaliber Drinking and Partying

drinking-3We are pretty sure that everyone reading this post has had to deal with someone who was an alcoholic and drank too much. So it wouldn’t be news to you that people who drink too much become belligerent, disrespectful, and even violent. It would not surprise anyone if I said alcoholics suffer from memory loss and blackouts. They drink to cheer up. They drink to fit in and to be normal. They are prone to having problems with friends and family members. They suffer from anxiety, insomnia and nausea when they stop or are unable to drink. They are often incapable of rational thought or critical thinking when they are drinking. This manifests in rude and irrational behavior.

What we see are rescue leaders, such as Michelle and Romney at HiCaliber Horse Rescue, talking about drinking way too often. They party way too often. We don’t think they are responsible enough to make life and death decisions when they are shooting healthy animals. The fact that they choose to sell custom shot glasses to raise money is very telling with regards to their relationships with the bottle. How often do they drive after just a few? Haul horses after just a few? No telling! We hope that the people close to them can help them quit drinking and deal with their alcoholism.

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